Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sick, I know....

A man with  a bald head and a wooden leg is invited to a Xmas fancy dress party.
He doesn't know what to wear to hide his head and his wooden leg, so he writes to a fancy dress 

company to explain his problem. A few days later he receives a parcel with a note:

Dear  Sir,
Please find enclosed a  Pirate's outfit. The spotted handkerchief will cover your bald  head and 

with your wooden leg you will be just right as a Pirate. The  man is offended that the outfit  
emphasizes his disability, so he writes a letter of complaint..  A week passes and he receives 
another parcel and note:

Dear  Sir,
Sorry about the previous  parcel. Please find enclosed a monk's habit. The long robe will cover 

your wooden leg and with your bald head you will really look the part.  The  man is really 
incandescent with rage now, because the company has gone from emphasizing his wooden leg 
to drawing attention to his bald head.  So he writes a really strong letter of complaint.. A few 
days later he gets a very small parcel  from the company with the accompanying letter:

Dear  Sir,
Please find enclosed a  tin of Golden Syrup.
We suggest you pour the tin of  Golden Syrup over your bald head, let it harden, then stick 

your wooden leg up your arse and go as a toffee apple.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Great Gold giveaway

To all those pro Lieber supporters, I thought you'd like this:
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Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain's gold at a knock-down price – Telegraph Blogs
A great deal of Gordon Brown’s economic strategy would strike a sane man as troubling. Not a great deal was mysterious. The orgy of consumption spending, frequent extensions of the cycle over which he would “borrow to invest”, proclamations of the “end of boom and bust”: these are part of the armoury of modern politicians, [...]
Now Ed Bollocks plans more of the same.  His limp hand is out to Wonga and all the other PayDay Loan companies.  Recent history has shown it does not work but worse, Lieber cannot learn from THEIR mistakes.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Future Prime Minister throws in the towel

Muddiwaters in Fylde will soon be thrown into an election frenzy when that well know child diddler and local MP Larie Menchmitkinder- O' Bluddy 'Ell - is to resign for 'family reasons'!
Larruping Larie, as she is referred to locally down amongst the numerous lesbos bars of this now notorious haven for child molesters and cannibals, and not OBE as stated in the nations scum papers, is rumoured to be entering a Moroccan hospital for a gender change operation. 

 NARG can now reveal that she has been seeking a set of testicles ever since her past lover, her elder brother Billy L'iar former PM and MP for Broon Ail in tha' Nor East, was seen replacing Monika Lewdinsky at the Flies of a Once Great American President. Larie refutes the rumour that she said she would suck the devil's cock if it would get her into The Cabinet. NARG has started a fund to pay for a special cask to ensure she gets her desire sooner rather than later. Crate Bros says they don't need to measure her up as they will use a cardboard replica straight off the shelf.

NARG can also reveal that Ms Menschmitkinder was in consultation with Frau Bo'llocks, the Welsh Secretary in waiting, as to the suitability of using her husbands as it is widely rumoured again that the former PM Dirtie Blew has put a price on his head for all the bad advise he gave during his administration. The Welsh Sec said they are not worth a toss. So LL will be getting a brace of large black ones. They actually once belonged to the Lieber candidate for Bradfordistan but have gone a dark hue of purple after the good kicking the immigrant population of that once Yorkist Rural Area gave them.
Just like everything that comes out of Westminster, this is another false report from your bogus political editor.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The silent majority

To David  Cameron (Prime Minister) & Ed Milliband (Leader of  the Opposition) ...

You BOTH Worry me ! ( In  fact both of your Political parties worry the hell out  of me !!!)
Over the last three years, I find  myself becoming more and more fearful of the pair of  you, and between you, you are turning this country  into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel  a part of! I watch you in parliament, and no, not just  the two of you, but every politician that I see, stand  up in parliament sneering at each other, and acting  like children !! (..and if you were my children, I  would be ashamed of you all . What an example to  set!)
Although you would like us all to believe  that you are putting the needs of this country at the  forefront, NEITHER of you are doing that, you seem  more interested in "one-up-manship ", in scoring off  each other, & denigrating each other, to the  detriment of this country & its people !!! It  seems to be all about YOU as individuals, and not  about what you can DO for this country !
It is fast  becoming a place that I do not recognize, as the place  I always thought, was the best place in the world to  be !!!   But no longer !!!
You are  not listening to the people of this country !!!
I  am watching the deterioration of living standards in  this country, (and according to you, on a world stage  we are doing better than most countries . REALLY ???)  ... And yet the gap is widening between the "haves"  and the "have-nots" . I see our homeless on the  streets, our hospitals under-funded, and understaffed,  our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace  ... And yet I see multi-millions of dollars being sent  offshore, in aid to other countries, before attending  to this country's needs !
I see the "selling  off of water rights to foreign interests,  WHY...?  Especially when you go to great lengths  to tell us that water is a finite resource, &  supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it,  so that we ensure we have it for the future ? A Carbon  Tax,( which you KNOW is just another tax ) which will  make NO appreciable difference, to carbon emissions,  AT ALL!
A tax, which in spite of all your arguments  FOR it, you are doing alone, when other major  countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it, or believe  in it  ! All that it will  do for this country is put working families and small  businesses behind the eight ball, .....what planet are  you on, if you think that the tax we must pay will  make even a scrap of difference to the effect of the  carbon tax on people? Anyone can see the holes in that  argument !!! Do you really think we are that  dumb ???
Let's talk about Multiculturalism  ......People have come here from other countries, for  a better life, for more years than I have been alive (  I am 65 years old !)  Pre & Post  war immigrants came for a better life, and settled in  and became wonderful contributors to this country, ...  all have contributed to the rich diversity of this  country, and some descendants have even fought FOR  this country, and they have become  U.K.citizens and were  glad to be ...and they had NO handouts from our  Government either, ...they worked hard for  everything!
I have never before had a problem with  all, or any, race of immigrants coming here. However,  I DO NOW !!!
Please tell me why we have areas  in towns and on large estates all over the country,  where police do NOT, & will NOT go, for fear of  their life ?
Please tell me why we can no longer  have religion in schools for fear of "OFFENDING"  someone ? (The latest little gem is that they are not  having or being funded, for chaplains any more, but  Counsellors!)
Please tell me why religious  Christmas observances are no longer allowed in some  schools for fear of OFFENDING someone ? Please tell me  HOW Christmas decorations in some stores might OFFEND  someone ? Please tell me why we have to have  segregated days in some swimming centres for fear of  "OFFENDING" someone ? Please tell me why we have some  RADICAL clerics demanding Sharia Law in this country  when if we were in THEIR country, this would NEVER be  allowed? Please tell me why our laws need to be  changed, so as not to OFFEND someone ? Please tell me  why we are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own  country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ? Please  tell me WHY Britons cannot legally wear a bike  helmet covering their head in a bank and yet it  is ok to wear a Burqa which covers the whole of the  face ? And please tell me WHY, when those people who  want asylum here can wreck our detention centres and  STILL be accepted here ?
What does that say  about just who and what are this government's  priorities ?
The British people that I speak to  have genuine concerns about becoming a second class  minority in our own country, and the reasons for it  are some of the above. Are you so blind that you  cannot see this ? And no, I am NOT racist !!!  If  I did not like Catholics or Protestants would I be  considered racist ? Of course not!  Why is it, that  if we object to what is happening in our country we  are immediately labelled RACIST, in an attempt to shut  us up ?
We are fighting Radical Muslims in  Afghanistan & Iraq , are we not ? I hear you say,  yes but the Muslims we have here are "Not like that "  . Well how would we know ? Do we hear ANY of them  coming out & speaking AGAINST radicals ? I  haven't, have you ? Islam is not compatible with ANY  of the values that we hold here in Britain ! Are not  the experiences of France and the Netherlands a  examples of that? Why do you think it would be any  different here ? We even have a British born "radical  ", whose message is that Britain WILL become a Muslim  country, under Sharia Law, & that we had "better  get used to it ".
Will both of you grow some  "balls", and start sticking up for this country and  its people ? We are the people who put you where you  are and PAY you to look after our interests !   And you are NOT doing that by any stretch of the  imagination !!!  I would appreciate an answer  from both of you, if only to convince me that once  again I am not talking to a brick wall !
In case it  has escaped both of you I would like to remind you  that, in the U.K. Government is FOR THE PEOPLE ... OF  THE PEOPLE ... &  BY THE PEOPLE .   Never  forget that because you sure have up till now  !

This is another mass circulation email. As I own this blog I reserve the right and risk the wrath of the authorities by publishing it. If you don't appreciate it, go elsewhere. Unfortunately the only off switch I cannot get my hands on is that at immigration control.

The youngsters of Warrington have been telling the police for many years now that an immigrant family murdered their beautiful daughter because she was assimilating into society. Like so many heious crimes the police appear to have been more concerned with their own image rather than this vile murder. On the night that Paul Newlove was murdered by British trash there were but a handful of police officers available in what is an ancient part of Lancashire, but some now say it is Cheshire. We are not allowed to say these things because it offends, a criminal act for which I could be prosecuted.

Enough of choking on Political Correctness. That message continues with this letter.

This has been sent to my MP, for all the good it will do. But it was sent.

Friday, 3 August 2012

‘Mindless vandals’ target park boats

‘Mindless vandals’ target park boats - Local - Blackpool Gazette

Mindless vandalism is as bad as mindless law enforcement!

In the central area near the Old Revoe district, the police compounded a serious assault by threatening to arrest the victim of a female 17 year olds savage attack.  You must be really blind not to see the violence which is part of the youth agenda.  It makes things worse when there are so many great youngsters around willing and wanting better.  Not all groups of youngsters are violent but they often lack a quietening influence.  Small indiscretions by them can be and often are more poignant to victims of these seemingly victimless crimes.  But when society has to pay as a group by not concentrating on what ought to be really important; the removal of ignorance, the fighting of corruption by public officials; then we all suffer.

What makes matters worse is that those who can contribute and make society better are often neglected or not socially acceptable to run an office because of perceived lack of social class.  I remember with affection the late Norman Allen, for many years with Blackpool Boys Club, who was a lynch-pin of youth activity in the 60's and 70's, but was overlooked continually because he was a manual worker.  Those of us who met him and played in one of his sides have a lot to be thankful for.

Stop treating vandals as part of society and ostracise them as they ought to be until their behaviour makes them acceptable to society as a whole and not a criminal element.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Former councillor appears at court

Former councillor appears at court - News - Blackpool Gazette

Can our children really be safe with creatures like this *****,  "another hero" and revered Catholic, priestly, ordained flotsam of fetid subhuman detritus trusted to their service?

Blackpool cannot see the damage poor management has done to children's services which will not improve whilst the council panders to the self righteous crap offered by self interest groups.  And there are no more self interest groups than those that prey on children, be they immigrants or failed army cooks. 

Simon Weston and friends should be taken to task for their public endorsement of such an odious person.  Any  defence of such detestable actions are indefensible.  To be charged with the making of abusive videos demands a response from those closely associated with the supposed perpetrator as no such actions are ever done in isolation.  Shooting is too good a punishment for those who have backed anyone with an inclination to harm kids.  How low does it go?  Furthermore, how high up the social strata do these activities run?  Who else amongst the coteries of pseudo Armed Forces Charities are involved with this evil trade?

The Fylde Ex Service Lusting Committee will open one of their secret accounts to pay for development of this pervert's -allegedly-  photographs.  He was last seen with a Help for Heroes collection box under his arm, ferreting down passed the Town Hall, blowing kisses at his admiring, drooling entourage of fat, sycophantic dumbwits who were calling out, "we love you, Julienne de Manure", whilst fellow could be child molesters have been released from their civic duties as Council Officials, preparing a reception room by painting cells in Blackpool's Most Public Hotel a stunning shade of PINK.  Outside the Court apologetic CPS lawyers cursed the investigating body for discovering malfeasance against such a saintly soul whilst in the background a pyre of incriminating evidence wafted ashes of clarifying smoke into the strong westerly breeze, ignorant that the internet abounds with incriminating articles and videos against "the Charity Coolecter" extra-ordinaire.

There must surely be red faces amongst Magistrates as at least one senior JP has been a staunch supporter of this alleged child, collection box abuser, which surely beggars questions as to the competence and or impartiality of those within the judiciary.  Can you imagine a magistrate heading for the Bench with the cries of "got any child porn, Guv?" ringing in his/her ears?  It is bad enough to be smeared and tarnished with allegations of theft, charges that ought to have been placed before a jury, but the giving of full backing from the FESLC, an organisation that ignored every warning and on voice recordings acknowledge complicity in some highly irregular affairs, by backing nefarious activities that ought to have led to criminal charges against more than just one of this self appointed yet council sponsored collective.

Councillor Simon Blackburn has written that this body has"his full support"!  Just goes to show you can't trust the judgment of politicians.  Peter Callow at least distanced himself.  Perhaps Peter had an inkling of more that just a piece of political indiscretion?

As to the CIC on Bank Hey Street, who is now signatory to the cheque book?
There has to be two directors and as one is dead and the other gone"for personal reasons", have they moved the goalposts and designed a CIC of their own invention?  And as the FESLC has nothing to do with this Shop, will there be a distancing of a body that supposedly represents all that is best of society but is proving to be an absolute disgrace!