Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ex-Tower boss in child probe

Ex-Tower boss in child probe - News - Blackpool Gazette

Bank Hey Street must now be a No-Go area for children.

It is known that these people are devious, but when organisations are too eager to embrace political correctness instead of common sense, then the whole world suffers.

It is not surprising that child molesters, for so long apparently pillars of the establishment as they live in cabals and secret associations.  Dare to challenge the concepts and reasons for such groups and the weight of bad legislation can be used against the individual rather than prosecute the insidious perpetrators of such vile activity.  Complain to the ineffective and almost stupid MP and you are met with a barrier of office obstruction and total indifference.  MP Gordon Marsden sat in Parliament and helped pass some of the worst laws ever promulgated into legislation, incapable of reading and understanding the significance of the nod and wink to legislation that has been drafted by illiterates.  The damage done by the introduction of the 1998 Human Rights Act will live with us until it is consigned to the rubbish bin along with so much of the laws of strict liability and Acts that make indigenous Britons criminals for nothing more than stating a honest held opinion.

It makes one wonder in which charity shop anyone can be safe in?  Oh!!! silly me.  There is no Charity Shop on Bank Hey Street.  Just a dubious CIC?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Armed Forces Week with another disgraced charlatan.

For more information feel free to contact us:

Julian Mineur
079000 86761

John Whittam

Blackpool Council still supporting the unsupportable?  I leave it to the readers to make their own minds up about whom I refer.  This was this years advertising run by Blackpool Council.  They have no idea why real former soldiers are outraged.
Can we all have Blackpool council email addresses?
And this is almost a year after the entire council was furnished with irrefutable evidence that there was malfeasance amongst those who say they work for Ex Servicemen and women.  The evidence says otherwise.

Now Simon Blackburn, re-affirm your confidence in these people and their insidious groupings?  And please, listen to those who oppose the false praise and accolades for a cabal which does more for itself than it does for those it purports to represents.

 At a Meeting of the FESLC, the Chair suggested that of 42 Commando annual reunion, its members would appreciate and partake in the celebrations.  The membership was so outraged by these suggestions and the attempted manipulations that many requested a removal from Blackpool altogether.  Subsequently the date was moved so that another debacle would not see councillors and friends drinking from subsidise bars whilst 42 Cdo members were paying a fortune for shit beer within the same hotel.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shop of Shame

I wonder if all these Veterans know who they are Marching for?
Is there a secret paedophile group active under the banner of a charity in Blackpool?
How wide is the filthy cesspit and who are hiding these perverts?
Has everyone forgotten that an infamous character was responsible for the former RMA President not being able to go to Normandy where he had fought and left to die in the freezing waters of the Channel?  The name slips into the bullshit of infamy.