Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pleb email

I would not normally publish a piece that may be covered by the subjudice laws, but this email is as toxic as it is enlightening.  The venom has to be tasted along with the evidence, that of the CCTV footage taken at that time and relevant to the veracity or otherwise of these statements.
The reason why I have published is the "Stephen Nolan" (5Live radio, Sat 2200hrs) discussion last evening with the Labour bigot and bully.  All I can say Stephen is that your contributor must have been sat on his face because his contribution came directly out of his arse.

Some have been directly effected by Police actions and not to the good - so when the families of 96 Scousers have to wait 23 years just to get an impartial investigation into the deaths of their loved ones, it is tantamount to the owners of the Spirit of Free Enterprise declaring that their victims were cult figures partaking in a mass suicide.  The allegations, evidence and the police involvement in these as the only Investigating Authority with credibility, has become risible as the Police again protect themselves against substantiated allegations.

The Police Defence League immediately form and use every trick in the book to protect those guilty of some heinous crime allowed to hide within their ranks.  Take the Officer who was responsible for the death of the London alcoholic Ian Tomlinson.  I deliberately use the inflammatory description of a deceased man because he had a debilitating disease and the media and the police used this information irrespective of the fact that the Police had employed a known thug.  Where is/was the Duty of Care that the police hold to Ian Tomlinson?  It was quickly and conveniently hidden under the more palatable truth(sic) of the dead man's failings rather than the culpability of the Met.

Let me just counter that with one instance, as the Police keep reminding us that they are the only ones protecting society from all the ills of terrorism and such like.  I was on deployment to Ulster and was tasked to overlook one of the most incendiary parts of that wonderful province.  We were six as a unit, not all from the same source.  We spent ten weeks or more in cramped and hostile conditions spying on the then IRA under the leadership of Seán Mac Stíofáin, a London Mafia figure with his own agenda.  Needless to say that the task was dangerous and it is probably illegal for me to retell as it will still be covered by the Official Secrets Act.  What I remember more than the deployment was the speed with which the MoD dispensed with three of the group and they disappeared into the ether.  It wasn't unusual for service personnel to get sudden drafts, but when I was driving back from Scotland after a subsequent deployment to the Burning Province, I happened to pull alongside one of the trio on the Old Road leading into Bristol.  It was not what he told me that stuck in my mind, but what he omitted.

Have things changed so drastically that the Police are no longer answerable for their misconduct?  That Toothless fairy the IPCC is about as much use as the Press Complaints Commission and the Charities Commission.  There is NO independent scrutiny into the Police and what redress there is goes through the Police's own vetting system, like a alcoholic being given the keys to Bargains Booze.  It is akin to the Parliamentarians running the rule over their own expenses, it is bound to lead to further problems.  The Tommy Atkins syndrome is as vicious today as it always has been and the culpability lies with politicians and those who give them blind obedience.