Thursday, 20 December 2012

Councils pry into War Pensions

Why are councils all round the country sending this request-form to Britain’s most vulnerable, our disabled War Pensioners?  They want to know something they already have access to, Private Information.  So why are they asking for permission to go to the MoD for all the details on registered War Pensioners?  If there is nothing untoward then perhaps the councils should include a complete explanation as to why they need this extra and intrusive data?  If they are not willing to undertake this, then they ought to answer a more simple question, how much is this needless exercise costing the tax-payer?  With most council’s placing a “disregard” on War Pensioners entitlements, and the details annually updated by those WPs claiming allowances, what possible need is there for this further intrusion into Private Affairs?

How much do councils spend in ensuring that the large number of War Pensioners in particular and pensioners in general get their true entitlements?  It is guaranteed that there are whole swaths of council offices detailed to ensuring that immigrants, illegal or otherwise, are not confronted with intrusive paperwork that every indigenous pensioner dreads.  If they are there are paid legal advisors waiting in the wings to protect the interests of the immigrant.  Where are these professional scavengers when it comes to Former Servicemen’s Rights?  And where are the officers of the council when a War Pensioner needs assistance?  Learning how to make applications for promotion so to get the Sharon Shoesmith handshake?

What is more insidious and explains the great angst amongst former and recently dismissed Royal British Legion workers is that the charity has -according to those discontent former employees - taken its foot off the pedal and allegedly for increased personal pensions and salaries, for the few at the top, appear now are no longer fulfilling their commitments to the Veterans.  Is there some secret deal going on between the Government, local councils and sleeping MP’s to have War Pensioners Rights summarily made public before being revoked to pay for past Governments massive welcoming to the Abu Hamza’s and Abu Qatada's, whose families appear to  gain all the benefits of Veterans sacrifices.  Those who worked in welfare for Veterans share the anger and utter dismay that the open door policy has exposed into Britain’s welfare system that it does not extend to those whose efforts provided the security and stability for Governments excesses, the Armed Forces and especially the wounded veterans.

Has anyone asked their MP to inquire why or even what this intrusion into veteran’s privacy is all about?  Blackpool South’s MP was until recently a government spokesperson on Veteran Affairs.  Let’s wait and see just what he will say on the subject.  I have a ten pound bet with William Hill that he will say nothing.  Afterall, former Blackpool veteran Andy Miller fell under his remit and the family are still waiting for answers let alone an acknowledgement of correspondence. Well, it only took the Hillsborough Families 23 year to get a proper investigation into the 96 deaths...