Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Colonel David Watson, Royal Marines rtd.

David's funeral is on December 7th at 1400 St. Nicholas church Ringwold, Kent.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Colonel David Watson, Royal Marines rtd. RIP

Dear Members,
It is with much regret that I inform of the death of our President Col. David Watson. He died on Saturday in Malaysia and should be home in a day or two, as soon as I get any details I'll let you know.

notyetavet says:
Received 10 minutes ago from the Secretary of the Green Beret Association. A sad message to all true Commandos. It was with regret that ill-health prevented my attendance at this years meeting. Saddest and sincerest condolences to family.










packaged in a brown envelope

payment by cash on in a mutually agreed back street, used notes only

and no Northern Rock cheques either.



A legacy of ignorance

A picture tells a thousand stories. The day after ignorance will try and condemn a great man to the history of lies and falsehood, just look at the inheritance that collective stupidity has forced on a once wonderful country.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ian Smith. A Great Man Gone. How Right you have been proved.

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Ian Smith, Ex-PM of Rhodesia, Dies at 88

Smith unilaterally declared independence from Britain on Nov. 11, 1965. He then served as the prime minister of Rhodesia from 1965 to 1979 during white minority rule. The country failed to gain international recognition, and the United Nations imposed economic sanctions.

Smith had imprisoned Mugabe in 1964 for 10 years, calling him a "terrorist" intent on turning the country into a one-party dictatorship.

Zimbabwe's state television and radio briefly reported Smith's death on late night news shows Tuesday.

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From a country now run by corrupt mediocrity, it is a pleasure to say that I fought alongside this great man, and thank him for giving me back my self respect and dignity.
I have heard that the Blacks in Rhodesia said that it was the worst type of racism, living under the Smith regime. I never heard that from Black Rhodesians. In fact, my house servant said to me, on the eve of the 1979 elections, when it was obvious that British monitors had turned a blind eye to the flagrant voting irregularities that eventual selected Mugabe, "I am a Malawian, Iche. I don't like Black Africa..."
In my Regiment, to a man, Ian Smith was a hero, a straight man, a good man. I served with the Rhodesian African Rifles and was one of a tiny handful of Whites who can honestly say so. My Black comrades would corroborate this, if they had not been massacred by the 5th Brigade in the early 80's. There was more respect between the racial groups, the military and civil authority in Rhodesia than can ever be replicated in this artificial and false environment. And 90% of the Rhodesian Army, small as it was, poorly equipped as it was, under enormous pressure as it was, was BLACK.
When the story of this hero is finally told, I wonder if many will tell of his exploits in the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. My dad told me he was a Smith's ground crew member at Biggin Hill. That will do for me.
It was not political pressure that destroyed Rhodesia. It was when South Africa stopped supplying essential weapons and ammunition. FACT.
Smith own farm was established on marginal land, nestled among TTL's, and thrived because of his hard work and desire to thrive.
This is his humble ranch house.

Sorry! This is Robert Mugabe's swimming pool.

Monday, 19 November 2007

MoD mismanagement again?

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Troops lose out in wages glitch

Members of the Special Boat Service who fight the Taliban daily are being short-changed by more than £400 a month and some face defaulting on mortgage payments.

Some SBS troops, who are recruited almost exclusively from the Royal Marines, are having to rely on help from a welfare fund set up by friends of the unit.

An MoD spokesman admitted "issues" with JPA. "We would like to apologise to any individuals who may have been inconvenienced."

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Possibly, with the exception of Ann Winterton. I have read or seen nothing that convinces me that Government has the welfare of its troop to heart.
Whilst MP's elect themselves enormous pension increases, massive unaccountable expenses and a £10K bung for "communication" when the average PC and broadband cost about £200 with free service, this illuminates the poverty of Labour's argument that they are fit for office.

Is there a politician listening?

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Troop shortage warning amid decline in morale

Troop shortage warning amid decline in morale

The Armed Forces will face a substantial manpower shortage next year because of a major struggle to recruit and retain personnel across all three services, according to a Ministry of Defence report.

The MoD's latest statistics on personnel numbers show that the Army will be 11 per cent short of trained recruits for the front line by April. The Royal Navy will be 10 per cent short and the RAF 14 per cent short of new officers, according to the MoD quarterly review.

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The situation goes from bad to worse.
I watched the Panorama programme on Afghanistan with a comrade of nearly forty years and was astounded at what we witnessed. It is the arrogance of perceived victory. Not wanting to give the enemy succour, it reminded me of a recent visit to a specialist training establishment, where a weapons instructor was giving a demo on hand guns. Like everyone brainwashed into believing that British procurement is best, his narrow narrative exhibited many flaws. The comment, "then only good them pea shooters is for is for shooting yerself" was complete misread by the expert instructor. "How long have you been an instructor?" was another question. "Ten years plus,"he replied. "That puts my forty years teaching ballistics to shame," retorts the greyish gentleman, who withdrew in disbelief from the demonstration.
If people are wrong, they are wrong.
The magnificent effort of young Nato troops is undermined by an arrogance of infallibility. There are too many with no clue to what soldiering is all about, tell those who do how they should be doing it.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Will there be an Army left when Labour has finished?

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'Frustrations' ... Lt Col Tootal

Image Flag

Para quits over troop treatment

Lt Col Stuart Tootal, 42, commanding officer of 3 Para, penned a bombshell
resignation letter spelling out his reasons for quitting his £70,000-a-year

Soldiers’ POOR PAY,

A lack of training EQUIPMENT;

Appalling Army HOUSING;

Shoddy TREATMENT by the health service.

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This blog has been saying all these things since conception. Having listened to many of the remarks of fellow members of the Sgt's Mess, I am in no doubt why they -the Government and politically appointed Officer Cadre - have got away with untruths for decades.
This blog has been saying all these things since conception. Having listened to many of the remarks of fellow members of the sgt's mess, I am in no doubt why they -the Government and politically appointed Officer Cadre - have got away with untruths for decades.
Once upon a time the country could rely on young men who had a spirit unknown in Civvie Street. They could endure hardship, neglect and poor pay because they got the adventure they sought in life. If they were injured there were magnificent medical facilities and even more magnificent medics. Netley was a 'Nuthouse' to be proud of, but where is it now?
This reminds me of a soldier injured on exercises in Turkey in the early seventies. A letter from MoD advised him that his serious injuries were not of MoD fault and that he ought to find the Turkish civilian driver and take out a private prosecution to sue for damages.
So much for the Covenant!

Is the message getting home?

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Our forces can't carry on like this, says General Sir Richard Dannatt

General Sir Richard Dannatt, our forces can't carry on like this, says General Sir Richard Dannatt

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, reveals in a top-level report that the present level of operations is "unsustainable", the Army is "under-manned" and increasing numbers of troops are "disillusioned" with service life.

The head of the Army has warned that years of Government under-funding and overstretch have left troops feeling "devalued, angry and suffering from Iraq fatigue", The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

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Soldiers have been, for many years, first class servants but second class citizens.
The insults inflicted on the soldier are coming home to roost. Finally, the Top Brass is taking note, and about time too.
The majority of former soldiers do not belong to Associations, a fact that Associations ignore. Charities who claim to have Soldiers, the RAF and the Navy personnel and their families interest to heart, let them do with down with monotonous regularity.
Next week an undertaking is to begin that will identify the shortcomings of a large service charity. This Royal Charter body gives the impression of wanting a public facade untarnished with the CHARITY of conscience, whose most serious indictment is that it does not allow their volunteer helpers to assist in some of the most tragic cases of neglect imaginable. Correspondence will be published that proves that PC had taken precedence over the need to CARE for vulnerable former soldiers and their families.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Browned Off!

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Security minister slapped down by Gordon Brown

Admiral Lord West, the security minister, was today forced into an abrupt and humiliating U-turn after publicly opposing Gordon Brown's bid to raise the time limit on holding terror suspects without charging.

Lord West and Gordon Brown
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One aspect of life is that your boss is unfortunately your master. Walking the diplomatic line has been an ancient art in Britain and has kept the three elements of Government separate- although it may not seem so after Tony Blair complete politicization of the Civil Service.
If Mr West thinks the PM is wrong then he has the right to tell him. He will get the sack and away will go another huge pension!

Cyber Wars

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Reaper takes to the air in Afghanistan
The Royal Air Force's new Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle takes to the skies at Kandahar airfield [Picture: MOD]. Opens in a new window.

The Reaper capability is still being developed. Training will continue alongside operational missions and there will be a steady build up to a full UK capability. The Reaper UAV is currently unarmed. It is capable of being armed and the MOD is investigating arming options.

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Better late than never.
With typical MoD efficiency, Britain has purchased a US weapons system with no idea of how it will work.
Instead of letting all the Regiments play with this toy and coming up with ideas, the brains at the MoD will pontificate, deliberate and ruminate over their latest innovation. All the time soldiers in the line will die through poor intelligence.
Have they not heard of the RLI, 22 Sq. SAS, the Selous Scouts, the RAR. These regiments worked without the aid of these modern miracle machines and confronted an enemy vastly more numerous than themselves.
It's called soldiering.
For those who do not know, the aim - objective - of a soldier is to destroy the enemy - physically, morally, intellectually.
Whilst Nato uses the Fighter Bomber to destroy supposed strongpoints in Afghan villages, their score is currently none out of three of their main objectives.

Another Hero.

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Lance Corporal Jake Alderton of 36 Engineer Regiment killed in Afghanistan
Lance Corporal Jake Alderton, 36 Engineer Regiment . Opens in a new window.
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Monday, 12 November 2007

Gagging debate?

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UK terror tactics 'create unease'
Muhammad Abdul Bari told the Daily Telegraph the amount of debate relating to Muslims was disproportionate.
He cited Nazi Germany in the 1930s as an example of how people's minds could be poisoned against a community.
The Home Office said it would not allow terrorists to undermine the UK's long history of strong community relations.
Muhammad Abdul Bari
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Again a senior BRITISH Muslim has challenged the country and insulted every Brit in the process. To even contemplate that the disquiet shown by an indigenous population for mass murders and plotters of such atrocities, can be equated to Nazi Germany in worse then insulting. I shall quote this the next time I talk with my Uncle Arthur who was one of the British soldiers who first entered Bergen-Belsen. If our love of moderation, fairness, equality and ancient justice is not to this New Britons liking, Heathrow is next to London. Instead of his people plotting to bomb planes there, they should use them for their original purpose.

More pigs in the trough

WYRE MP Ben Wallace cannot control his Parliamentary expenses as is proved by the increase of £20,609 last year. An increase of 13.5 per cent on expenses, some of which are "controllable" is a damning indictment of a man who is supposed to represent the people of Wyre, an area with a large number of pensioners whose increase next year is going to be in the region of 3.9 per cent.
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Politicians rant that they need more expenses to do their job properly.
Pensioners need more to survive.
If they cannot scrutinise Parliament properly, they ought to have their benefits removed, not increased.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Silence Please.

For All the Wee Jimmy's.

Wee Jimmy Clark

Jimmy Clark. Gordon Highlander/Royal Marine

Wee Jimmy has crossed the Bar

To have a word with God

“Nah listen ‘ere, Christ Almighty

There’s nae mild on draught, top tables full o’ tossa’s,

An wha’ the f*ck yer game?

Nae, Laddie. I kinnae wear that soot.

That’s fer pufters an posh bastards.

Is the pub open? Who wants a pint?

I’d die fer a ciggie.”

Short silence in the gateway of eternity.

“Jimmy, my son,” said the Gaffer. “You did.”

Farewell Wee Oppo. A GENTLE man to the last.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Law raps MoD

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Coroner criticises MoD and army in ruling soldier unlawfully killed after logistics failure

A locket showing Gordon Campbell Gentle
A close up of a locket worn by Rose Gentle showing a picture of her son, Fusilier Gordon Campbell Gentle, 19, who was killed on patrol in Basra on June 28, 2004. Photograph: Tim Ockenden/PA

She criticised the MoD's policy on disclosure of evidence at inquests into soldiers' deaths in Iraq, saying the ministry had delayed the release of documents, issued heavily redacted versions and "unnecessarily limited" the information given to Fusilier Gentle's family.

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For once I am not complete in accord with the direction of the Coroners bile. The attack should be firmly directed at Parliament for its lamentable disregard for its duty to scrutinise the Government of the day.
How come, Rhodesia, with a tiny population, could provide the Army with some of the latest an innovative hardware to counter a massive incursion problem? The allowed the individual, with masses of experience of the problem, to provide solutions. And they did not allow people with no idea of the problem to prevent those who were fighting it, it interfere.
Can we expect this from the politicians in this country? Not a CHANCE IN HELL.

Why the Conservatives are unfit as a Party

Andy Coulson ought to know a bit about the importance of a clean and well-timed resignation. After all, he did wait until his assistant editor at the News of the World was jailed for phone-tapping before standing down. And so it proved. By Sunday morning, Andy had drafted a statement for Nigel Hastilow to sign that would have enabled him to stay on as the candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis - which, according to his "About Me" biography, he still believes himself to be. "Although I did not - and do not - support Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' comments, I accept that some of the wording of my column was incredibly stupid," Andy had written. In addition, any columns Hastilow filed for the Wolverhampton Express and Star would have to be approved by Tory campaign HQ first. "It was this, even more than the 'incredibly stupid' line, that I couldn't stomach," Hastilow wrote on his blog ( ) yesterday. "But I felt that if I were to agree to these demands I would lose not just my honour and integrity but my credibility as both a journalist and politician." Oh, Nigel, how naive! "That's why I resigned. We agreed the licence I have as a journalist to speak freely is not compatible with a politician's responsibility to stay 'on message'." Quite right too. It takes an ex-NoW journalist to know how to phrase an anti-immigration rant properly. Leave it to the big boys, Nigel.

Notareargunner says: This article is taken from the Guardian Backbencher email list. It illustrates that political niceties supersede intelligent debate and there is no intelligent debate within political circles.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Should this man be sacked for this speech?

Terrorist threat to UK - MI5 chief's full speech

I speak not as a politician, nor as a pundit, but as someone who has been an intelligence professional for 32 years.

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If a prospective Conservative politicians is ordered to stand down over remarks - which are muttered by about 8 out of 10 indigenous English- then this public servant should be taken to the stocks and pilloried.
The speech is relayed on the Times webpages and well worth reading.
Ironically, 5live BBC radio has today been inundated with attackers of this news, and I repeat what Victoria Darbyshire said to one contributor. "Why is it I have never spoken to a Muslim who had witnessed an Imam preaching hatred (sedition and treason if they say they are British)?

Monday, 5 November 2007

Former Royal Marine bugler beats Yanks to the Call.

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Military Tests Electronic Bugles to Honor Vets

N E W   Y O R K, Nov. 11

The simple, evocative, and haunting notes of "Taps" were composed by Major General Daniel Adams Butterfield of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

Its lyrics: "'Til the light of dawn shineth bright. God is near, do not fear. Friend, good night."

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At last one former Royal Marine bugler has demonstrated his prowess on this instrument ahead of the US of A.
Sgt Small George, playing taps(that's for the Americans- Last Post to the Brits) at a comrades funeral, astounded onlookers by forgetting to put the mouthpiece to his lips, but managed a magnificent rendition of donkey serenade -the Cavalry charge- instead of Reveille. It was not until later that it was learned that Father Christmas -standing unobserved in an quiet alcove - had stuffed the penny whistle up Sgt Georges backside. Whilst mourners stood head bowed, tears rolling down faces, Sgt Sticks tried to extricate his beloved trumpet, his face soaked with endeavor.
Sgt Sticks, it goes dah dee dah dee dah d' dahh...
Well done Sticks! Unfortunately no Deal to rely on.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Drugs in the Forces

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Alarming Rise In Defence Force Drug Use":

Colonel Blimp (Patrick Mercer) believing "There’s nothing more important to troops than a medal" and "To have a chest full of medals and to be in a prestigious fighting unit is the business" voted for the invasion of Iraq regardless of the fact, he also believed, Iraq was not a threat and had no connection with terrorists.

However, he said that if we want peace (we already had peace) then we must have war and with that war came the threat of terrorist attacks upon this nation, according to a minister, for the next thirty years.

The troops knew that it was not the will of the people to invade Iraq, they were fighting for their very lives because it was the will of the likes of Mercer and when they became few so that it looked like they would have to be withdrawn never wanting to die in the unnecessary illegal and unwarranted invasion of Iraq, Mercer requested a guarantee of more "boots and bayonets" but the box of soldiers was already empty, they would have to do and die.

So, it came about that the only solution was to test positive for drug use and since the start of 2006 more than 1,500 have tested positive and lost the chance of a chest full of medals, crippled for life, nightmares and mental illness, but they get to keep their lives, along with the experience that their lives will all ways be spent like small coin by any politician with an agenda or money grabbing corporate bastard that feels it serves their best interests .

Notyetavet replies: The only concern I have with this letter is that the contributor decided to remain anonymous. I was against the invasion long before it happened although I had no qualms, if during the First Gulf War, the allied troops had then removed Sadam. It is the dithering and inconsistency of politicians that really boils human blood. It is also the unsustainably stupid standpoints of MP's like Mercer.

War Crimes gone unpunished

Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000 Allied seamen in cold blood.

Crewmen on the submarine I-8, where Allied prisoners were slaughtered.

By NIGEL BLUNDELL - More by this author » Last updated at 17:53pm on 3rd November 2007.

The perpetrators of some of the worst atrocities of the Second World War remain alive and unpunished in Japan, according to a damning new book.

Painstaking research by British historian Mark Felton reveals that the wartime behaviour of the Japanese Navy was far worse than their counterparts in Hitler's Kriegsmarine.

According to Felton, officers of the Imperial Japanese Navy ordered the deliberately sadistic murders of more than 20,000 Allied seamen and countless civilians in cold-blooded defiance of the Geneva Convention.

Half a century on and this is important

Conservative Jelly-fish.

Cameron in race row as Tory claims that Enoch was right.

Nicholas Watt, political editor
Sunday November 4, 2007
The Observer

David Cameron was drawn into a row over race last night after a candidate in a high-profile Parliamentary seat praised Enoch Powell for his notorious 'rivers of blood' speech, which warned that Britain was 'literally mad' to allow widespread immigration.

Days after Cameron was praised by the head of the Equality Commission for tackling the issue of immigration in a non-racial way, Labour called on the Tory leader to remove Nigel Hastilow as a prospective Conservative candidate for declaring that Powell was 'right'.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears told The Observer: 'It's not unreasonable to be concerned about the impact of immigration, but it is unacceptable to say Enoch Powell was right. David Cameron should reconsider his support for this candidate.'

Hastilow has been summoned to a meeting today with Caroline Spelman, the Tory chairman, to explain his column in the Wolverhampton Express and Star newspaper in which he complained about how immigration has changed Britain and placed great strains on housing and public services.

Full story

Notareargunner says,

Cowardice still lives in the heart of the Conservative Party. So many Britons think Enoch was right and too many detractors talk with no knowledge of what Mr Powell had actually written or said. The Rivers of Blood speech is accessible here and it is up to you to make your mind up.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dark Times

"This is an all-ports call from the Backbencher to Peter Hain. Seeking any acknowledgement on any government website that those migration stats might have been a bit out. DWP? No. IND? No. Communities'n'local government? No. Tucked away in the GNN news feed? No. Still, several counties and cities did get the benefit of separate Home Office press releases informing them that, "with Halloween approaching, people in" - Rutland/ Harborough/ Sheffield etc - "are being reminded that 101 is the number to call to get advice on dealing with antisocial behaviour." from the Guardian Newsletter dated 1st Nov 2007.
Confused? Remember her who said it was a good day to release bad news? Not only is Labour still at it, they have almost perfected the art of deception, and the voters swallow it wholesale.

Secret War laid open by Times report.

SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners

BRITISH special forces have crossed into Iran several times in recent months as part of a secret border war against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds special forces, defence sources have disclosed.

There have been at least half a dozen intense firefights between the SAS and arms smugglers, a mixture of Iranians and Shi’ite militiamen.

The unreported fighting straddles the border between Iran and Iraq and has also involved the Iranian military firing mortars into Iraq. UK commanders are concerned that Iran is using a militia ceasefire to step up arms supplies in preparation for an offensive against their base at Basra airport.

Read More: press the underlined titles and go to the Times report.

If there is an escalation of hostilities it is sad that the Times has reported it. Not that they are doing anything illegal, unlike the American and British Governments, but it takes a newspaper to tell the truth. Are we heading for another Watergate? When the truth of this matter really comes home, will anyone have the courage to indict this awfully smug Labour regime for the harm and immorality it has engendered into normal life.
Does anyone outside the families of those doing the fighting, care?