Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saudi national being lauded and rewarded for possably being a terrorist?

The British Bullshit Corporation is 100% behind the importation of a possible terrorist into these islands already overcrowded with Jihadis British.   Given VIP treatment, we are also told VIP medical attention, he is being offered £ms in compensation because it is alleged he may have been interviewed by British Security Officers when in a prison camp in Afghanistan? This is what the foreigner, Shaker Aamer, last British resident held at Guantanamo Bay, married to an immigrant with a British Passport, is anticipated to receive whilst Sgt Alexander Blackman 42 Commando Royal Marines languishes in a British prison for doing OUR DUTY.

According to whomever one wants to believe, Shaker Aamer, a highly educated Welfare Worker, voluntarily employed to dig water wells in a part of the World where labour can be bought for pennies, was subject to a vendetta by Afghan Nationals who sold him to US army sources for +/- $5k. That means if I report the expected/suspected 4000 known Jihadis to be resident in the UK, I could expect a remuneration of over $20m. Now that looks like a sound business enterprise...

Having spent many years in a US prison, designed to house combatants who do NOT fall under the Geneva Convention, horrendous sadists who use every means to disguise they identities as they commit the most heinous of atrocities, we are now expected to believe that the millions of taxpayers pound sterling can legally be wasted on appeasing a foreigner who just happens to be married to the child of an immigrant. I cannot ever remember being asked if it was viable or even reasonable to open the floodgates for people from any part of the Universe that Wilson's Labour deemed could/would vote to keep Labour in POWER(?sic) for the foreseeable future?

Let us face facts. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia.[1]. A quick perusal on the Internet gives the pictures of the 7/7terrorists and their victims. The media and Government calls them British Muslims. Strange how foreigners can be designated British just because they were born here, yet true British people as Professor John Tulloch have to go cap in hand to a Politically Correct part of the Establishment just to maintain his rightfully divine legacy of home country residence. And finally, the terrorist who tried to attack Glasgow Airport were two practitioners in privileged occupations and lauded professions. I leave the last words with the Great Comic Billy Connelly.

 If you don't appreciate the language, don't watch. Thanks Billy for making me laugh even though you touched on the very topic that Politicians will not allow us to approach.