Thursday, 29 October 2015

Blackpool Council Leader writes

 This is written on the Internet and as a public document has been replied to. @JeSuisCharlie

As I write this, the issue uppermost in most people’s minds is the global refugee crisis.
Both the UK and Blackpool have a long, proud tradition of helping those most in need – Blackpool having welcomed Polish migrants in the 1940s, Hungarians in the 1950s, and Kosovans in the 1990s.

This is the latest opening epistle from Simon Blackburn, Leader of Blackpool Council.  It is very telling and ultra informative.  But what I would like to know about this statement is, Simon, how do you know?  What piece of fiction have you been reading?  Like that picture your Party uses of VE Day celebration in 'Th'Old City'; sorry your not from Blackpool so you won't know it is what residents once called Queenstown, Layton:it can be interpreted any way one likes.

 The current focus is on people in Calais, and people fleeing Syria.  But the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees states that at the end of 2014, there were almost 20 million people, or an average of 42,500 people per day forced to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere.

By Jasus, Mr Blackburn! You certainly write a load of bollocks, but then he was the last Labour Chancellor who just so happened to have bankrupted the UK.  My listening to the concerns of people on Blackpool streets are, high rates, unemployment, especially since Joan Humble then Labour MP for Blackpool North, welcomed the 15000 Polish workers into town at the expense of the annual influx of native Scottish/Irish/Welsh seasonal workers; but there again its a subject Labour chooses to ignore. Oh! Yes.  We British do know something about living in war torn countries and facing extinction.  If your family did not, most of ours stayed and fought for the future of THEIR children.  They were rewarded by being forced back down mines and back into the Armed Forces, away from the privileged jobs, free education and a health service paid for by them but given by you to anyone who just so happened to WANT it from abroad!

 I have also spoken with colleagues at the council, constituents, friends and others, as well as keeping one eye on how the media is reporting the crisis.  As in any situation, opinions vary – but generally speaking people are overwhelmingly positive about the idea of us helping out in any way we can.

This is most distasteful, misleading and obviously false declaration imaginable.  The majority of indigenous people are terrified because Politicians have invented HATE CRIMES to stifle open and free debate.  If you have not read it, perhaps you should ask the Council to provide, at the rate payers expense, a copy of the latest security reports.  That says, we, the Country as a whole, is at its most tenuous risk of IS attacks of all times.  Again, if you were in Tenerife or some other warm, foreign seaside resort, at those times it is excusable, whereas the rest of us endured 7/7, the Glasgow Airport attacks, the murder on the street of Fusilier Lee Rigby, and the warning that 3200 attacks had been foiled by the Security Services?  That's not to remind you of the lamentable conduct of Labour Councils and other Party activist who have somewhat let down the children of Blackpool - the failed Child Welfare Report - Rochdale, Rotherham et cetera, just to name a few.

And just to add petrol to the flames, Simon Blackburn writes:-
 I have noted that at our meetings of the Lancashire Leaders (the specifics of which must, of course, remain private) party politics are rarely a factor when we discuss devolution, or the potential formation of a Combined Authority.  Did not the last Government Executive promulgate laws that permitted the recording and publication of ALL Meetings for Local Governance, the use of recording electronics and video for assistance with the dissemination of information and participation?  Or are those Rules/Laws only for a selected few?