Friday, 26 June 2015

Muslims honouring Ramadan

 Victims of the bomb attack on a Mosque in Kuwait.

Three independent attacks on innocent people in three different parts of the world?  What morons think this is random and does no affect us all?

Oh!  The Greens and the Liberals!  If, as PM Cameron is correct and Islam is a Religion of Peace, then those in the Minarets are conspicuously silent with that message.

We are busy trying to discover if a close member of the family had started her holiday in Tunisia, grotesquely, to avoid the devastation in her native Ukraine! 

We have learned nothing from 40 years of confrontation with the murderous IRA?  They only have to be lucky once to be, in their delirious minds, successful.  The more proliferate we are with these people by harbouring, educating and housing them, the more inevitable it will be that their lunatics will get bolder and eventually more successful.  That is the burden of our Democracy.

One Lee Rigby is an assault too many.