Monday, 22 June 2015

Muslims blame everyone in UK for their Woes, except themselves.

Akhtar Iqbal, husband of Sugra Dawood (L), and Mohammad Shoaib, husband of Khadija Dawood, during a news conference to appeal for the return of their wives and children. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images 

What is wrong with the media, the intelligentsia and the ordinary folk of these islands that we have to listen to the murderers of 7/7, Lee Rigby and those responsible for English children being sexually abused by immigrants, without the right of reply?

You enter an ancient, established and stable society, dislike everything about its freedoms, generosity and history, do noting to assimilate into the ethos of openness and debate and run off to join a murderous and thoroughly primitive regime run by religious bigots and ignoramuses.  Then you have the audacity to blame those you want to destroy for your inability to understand progress and tolerance.  You are aided by weak minded politicians whose only contribution is to tell a brave and feisty people that we have to cower on the Prayer Mats of those who behead infidels and murder young mothers for wanting nothing more that a future for their children.
If the Muslims really want me to rally to their cause, then let them throw of the yokes of their religious repression and join me in the 21st Century where their young women can FREELY express their desires and individuality in a modern and joyous civilisation.
These British immigrants who want me to bend to their religious chauvinism destroy all the good will I learned at the meal tables of those wonderful Malay (Muslims) I fought alongside of, all those many years ago.  If you really think the police are to blame for all your ills, then leave and go to a place where real intolerance and hatred govern every factor of life, such as your beloved Afghanistan, Pakistan or Isis Syria.  I note with derision that so few of you do not go to places like Russia to spread you EVIL!

If the diatribe against the British, coming from the soft minded families of those “escaping to join Isis”,  are not enough to electrify the feeble responses from the political elite, then it is time we unite against Westminster and reinvigorate the British peoples in defence of what we fought for almost 5 centuries ago?