Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Immigration Street - review Channel 4

This extract is taken from lasts night's programme review in The Independent.

Take Rafique, for instance, a British shopkeeper of Pakistani descent, whose parents first arrived here in the 1950s. He gave us a taster of the kind of entertaining but moot analysis we could have expected from a full series: "If it wasn't for immigrants after World War Two, your country, our country, wouldn't be where it is today. You'd all still be living in fish-and-chip shops." Ah, yes. The good old days of Empire when every Englishman had his own chippie to call home.

 Last Night Channel 4 inadvertantly revealled what so many have been saying for years.  The above insult by an immigrant is allowed because he is not British. Had a Brit said the same about an immigrant they would be charged with a hate crime.  Had viewers watched the programme all the way to its climax they would have seen wholesale intimidation against those prepared to talk in public.  The spirits that murdered the French Journalists in Paris still goes unchallenged in British Streets.  Those spirits are not the indigenous people of these once great set of tribes, but the threatening, missile and abuse throwing cowards in their masks.

What is the Police waiting for?  To arrest me for exprssing facts?  Or another Lee Rigby to left headless on another of the Queen's Highways?

In the 1950's my father was working on a pit face in Yorkshire, after losing his youth aboard LCI's freeing the Continents of Europe and Asia from Occupation.  Strange, as how the son of a liberator and also a former regular Forces Member, it is me who feels like an alien in the Country my parents and many past ancestors fought to Make Free. Oh! and myself.

"Make Free" in a Nation Fit For Heroes!  That is why, supposedly, WE served OUR Nation, for my family and my kin?  Not the alien despots and takers the film makers and media as a whole exposed to a sleeping nation paralysed for fear of antagonising the Correction Police.