Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blackpool MPs absent from debate on CSA and FGM

Yesterdays debate in Parliament into the Serious Crime Bill  only reinforced all the angst I have over today’s politicians playing around with The Law.

Quite simply, they have made a simple matter technically difficult. The laws on assault and battery are precise and well exercised, so I do not intend to go over them again as I have written several articles on the subject in the past.  Female Genital Mutilation under any definition is assault, as is Male Genital Mutilation.

The standard defence appears to be ethnic and religious.  As we have established norms within society, it is time that all those who live in these Islands either accept that British Law is the only arbiter or leave for the Utopian paradise from whence they came.
 Sir Bill Cash MP
Yesterday there were several notably contributions to the debate.  Again Sir Bill Cash led the way with a harrowing and sound attack on the dismal performance in England and Wales’s record of Care for vulnerable children, predominantly girls.  The figures of those vulnerable would give any compassionate person nightmares.  Hansards will eventually report and I will convey the debate to readers, but from memory Sir Bill was talking about 66,000 FGM cases and only 2 prosecutions, both unsuccessful.  
 Nicola Blackwood MP
 He was admirably supported by the erudite and articulate Nicola Blackwood MP Oxford West who is a champion in this cause. Labour MP John Mann weighed in with an emotional and damning attack of authorities and agencies that covered the much understated CSA.  Unfortunately they pleaded to an almost empty chamber; both Blackpool MPs were conspicuous by their absence.

 John Mann MP
So what is so wrong with this legislation?  It is but another layer of legalese that will only make lawyers richer and busier, and police happy that they are ignorant of their responsibilities.  Common assault and the threat of assault and mutilation are covered within existing laws.  All the legislature has to do is to remove all religious defence and add that violation of British Law under the guise of religious abeyance should be treated as aggravated assault and carry a mandatory higher tariff than for common assault.

Parliament will never do this because it is cow'd by the masses of immigrants that keep certain Parties in Westminster.  Britain's voice is being muted by the Defence of Alien Culture and Religion.  That is not hate mongering.  That is pure fact.

If you do not want British Law, do not live here.