Friday, 28 November 2014

Fisher's Field Blackpool under threat from Council and United Utilities?

Residents of property near and adjacent to Fisher’s Field are again being blind-sided by a Council that thinks nothing of not telling the electorate anything.  Many years ago they ignored their legal obligations and allowed the illegal building of a large place or retreat for ‘Old People’.  Then they compounded their infamy by passed planning for Foxhall Juniors Football Club to redevelop their clubhouse right into the windows of one set of residents of Lennox Court. No consultation and no apology for misleading and misrepresenting residents.  Once they had been advised, by irate neighbours, that no public notices had been published anywhere near the development, Council officials were seen putting up belated notices in the area- after work had already started on the structures alterations.
Now, in conjunction with United Utilities, it is rumoured that Fisher’s Field will be closed for up to three years while United Utilities undertake massive development of an overspill facility for flood water?

Will someone on the Council have the courage and decency to tell the effected residents what they are doing with the legacy of Fisher’s Field? A legacy they have already undermined by loosing the original paperwork that established the ownership of this valuable piece of greenery?

If United Utilities are going to build on Fisher’s Field, what disruption to a peaceful life will this have on the old and infirm owners and tenants of the immediate area?  Considerable, if past history is to be repeated.  For this reason alone it is imperative that not another piece of slight of hand and lack of honest dialogue be forced upon the local people. This lack of consultation and openness is endemic ‘Laissez Faire’ arrogance that moves the bureaucrats and petty politicians of Blackpool Council away from the people who pay their salaries.  Let there be no illusion, these are people in receipt of public pay who once again are blighting this once wonderful town. Just look at the monstrosity they have produce on the Promenade with the redevelopment of the highway disaster for no-ones advantage. 

Yes, we need modernisation and decent infrastructure.  But people deserve honesty and an explanation why the Victorian masterpieces of sewerage and road/rail development are badly inadequate for today’s volumes of overpopulation that Westminster is forcing upon the people.