Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blackpool Ukip mass email drop

This email arrived in my post, wholly unsolicited, so I assume it is for public distribution.  

UKIP Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South Newsletter

Firstly, a thank you to all members who had made donations to help attribute to helping our newly elected Member of Parliament; Mark Reckless win the  Rochester and Strood by-election this month. This seat being of vital importance to our party as it was rated as our 271st most winnable seat, as Mr Reckless has said in his acceptance speech "if UKIP can win here, we can win across the country". Currently, many of the mainstream parties have tried to discredit UKIP since the European elections, and in recent developments it can be seen that Labour are starting to adopt UKIP policies such as: their new stance on immigration which is claimed as ‘two-faced’ by some media corporations due to their flip-flopping policies towards immigration.

Recently, quite a lot of members have asked if the branch could organise a social evening, where members have a chance to meet other members along with their UKIP PPC’s Peter Wood (Blackpool South) and Simon Noble (Blackpool North & Cleveleys). The venue will be The Kings Hotel addressed at 553 New South Promenade, Blackpool, FY4 1NF. The date and time of the social evening will be the 11th December 2014 at 8pm. We would like to ask for a minimum donation of £2 on the door to help fundraise for our campaigning next year.  On the night you will have a chance at winning several raffle prizes and be able to take part in a general knowledge quiz. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic will be sold at the hotel bar. The Branch would like to Paul White for his support in helping arrange our Holiday Social. We would like to encourage all members to bring either their partner or a friend as everyone is welcome.

Since the last newsletter was sent out we have held our AGM (Annual General meeting) and have voted in our new executive team which goes as follows:
Branch Chairman for Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South - John Braithwaite
Branch Deputy Chairman for Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South - Warwick Howlett
Branch Secretary for Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South - Spencer Shackleton
Branch Treasurer for Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South - Warwick Howlett
Branch Membership Secretary for Blackpool North & Cleveleys and Blackpool South - Warwick Howlett

A reminder to all our members; our party does not stop at Westminster, our party stops when we secure every seat on our local council. UKIP is the party of the working class and as the working class in a seaside tourist town we rely on effective and useful decisions made by our elected town councillors. However, over the most recent years it has been shown that not only are we being failed in Westminster but we are also being failed in the centre of our community by our Labour Council who would rather fund an £11 million hotel as opposed to helping Blackpool Victoria Hospital get back on their feet. We as a party need to be out there and winning the council so that Blackpool can prosper and no longer be rated as the 2nd most deprived area in the United Kingdom. The general election is barely 6 months away and so are the council elections; we need to make sure that not only can we improve Britain from Westminster, but we can improve Blackpool too. If you would like to help campaign next year please contact your Branch Chairman at we would appreciate any and all efforts you can offer.


All members are invited to a Blackpool and Cleveleys Branch meeting on Thursday 15th  January  2015 at 7.30pm at 16 Queens Street, Blackpool FY1 1PD

John  Braithwaite
Chairman UKIP Blackpool and Cleveleys
Tel: 01253 310368