Saturday, 29 September 2012


"You know why a politician is like a banana?"
"It comes in and first it is green,then it turns yellow and then it's rotten."

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blackpool Council Jobs Ad

Employer: Blackpool Council
Location: Progress House
Salary: £39,855 - £44,309
Salary Grade: H4
Working Pattern: Full Time
Working Hours: 37 hours per week
Contract Type: Permanent
Closing date: 12/10/2012 17:00
Job Type: Social Work/Social Care/Family Work
Blackpool Adult Social Services are creating exciting opportunities for three Social Work Professional Leads who will act as professional advisors to Team Managers, Senior Practitioners and Social Workers across all the areas of adult social care provided by the Council.
The post holders will:
·        Embed high quality practice standards into front line service delivery in the areas of mental health, generic adult social care and learning disability services to promote and develop evidence-based and outcome-focussed practice
  • Support the Principal Social Worker and the Head of Service in developing and enhancing social work practice standards in accordance with the HCPC requirements
  • Support the supervision and practice development of social work professionals within Adult Social Care - including newly qualified staff - in line with the Professional Capabilities Framework
·        Be willing to undertake other additional training to support the work of the service and their own Continuing Professional Development
·        Support the quality and service delivery of safeguarding adults practice and carry out quality audits of a range of social work recording and activity
·        Embed learning from complaints and serious case reviews into practice to improve outcomes for individuals, their carers and their families.
For further details regarding the post, please contact Lynn Gornall on 01253 476580
Blackpool Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children/vulnerable adults. This post is subject to satisfactory references, CRB and medical clearances, evidence of essential qualifications and proof of legal working in accordance with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.
Blackpool Council welcomes applications from all the community. 
£133.000 with no guarantees that out children will be safe.  Just remember what it cost for one council to sack Sharon Shoesmith, and Blackpool does not have the financial clout of Islington!
Is this really cost effective?  
Will it get the results it needs to protect our children or         Redacted                                                                     .  
There are questions we are advised not to ask whilst criminal cases are being pursued.  All the more reasons for the council to cease its dependency on poor police recommendations and ask the good people of the town for their views, without threat of racial or criminal sanctions for voicing concern.

Why spending a penny costs a fortune

Some of the atrocious council work carried out in disabled peoples homes?  Actually not.  Blackpool Council workmanship is often much worse than this.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Florida Exodus

Hooray for Florida!

It looks like I-95 and I-75 will be jammed for the next month or so with druggies and deadbeats heading North out of Florida, because this is the first state in the union to require drug testing to receive welfare!

Hooray for Florida! In signing the new law, Republican Gov. Rick Scott said, "If Floridians want welfare, they better make sure they are drug-free."

Applicants must pay for the drug test, but are reimbursed if they test drug-free. Applicants who test positive for illicit substances, won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until they undergo treatment. Those who fail a second time will be banned from receiving funds for three years!

Naturally, a few people are crying this is unconstitutional.
How is this unconstitutional? It's a legal requirement that every person applying for a job has to pass drug tests in order to get the job, why not those who receive welfare?
Only 49 more states to go! 

*Welcome to Blackpool.  Get your drugs as you enter.*

Disgraceful police response to Child Grooming

  Victoria Darbyshire - 5 live morning radio, exposed the porosity of police spokesperson Det Sup Martin Bates's defence of the indefensible.  Immediately after a victim had the courage to tell her version of events and the whole Nation ought to be an uproar, but nothing will happen, except that some of us will be accused of RACISM.  The English face legal sanction but the immigrant rapist will get immunity from prosecution.  Now that's fact.

 Police chief faces wrath of MPs over grooming

MPs have summoned a chief constable to explain his force’s apparent failings during a ten-year child-sex scandal exposed by The Times. David Crompton, of South Yorkshire Police, will appear before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to face questions about the extensive use and sale for sex of young teenage girls by organised networks of men. Confidential documents revealed that for more than ten years police and social services held detailed knowledge about numerous victims and offenders in the town of Rotherham. Rarely was effective action taken to protect children. Internal police reports and intelligence files, shown to this newspaper, identified links between several hundred girls and predatory groups of Rotherham men…

And the authorities will do nothing.  A statute of limitation has probably past on fetching charges of rape and the useless CPS will be laughing all the way towards their ill-gotten pensions.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Blackpool South NHS - not safe in their hands

The government’s plans to privatise and fragment our NHS are taking shape in Blackpool South.

Local doctors are forming a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the area. They’re going to get new powers to decide what health services you and your neighbours are able to access and who provides them. [1]

Whether it’s treatment for diabetes, skin conditions, a broken arm or depression, profit-hungry companies like Virgin Care and Serco are circling, ready to bid for contracts by promising to slash costs. [2]

The doctors on your local CCG will be under pressure from the government to hand out contracts to private companies. That could put vital services at risk. [3] But the last thing most doctors want is to carve up our NHS for private profit. Plus, the new CCG has a legal duty to listen to local people. [4]

So right now, we’ve got a big chance to ask local doctors to use their new powers to protect our NHS, not privatise it. Together, we can make sure they hear from hundreds of local people as they make these crucial decisions.

Can you add your name to the petition to your local CCG now?

If you are wondering why Notareargunner is raising this matter in Blackpool, read the article in the Financial Times about SERCO, one of the leech companies making a fortune on Government contracts.
In today’s FT there is a detailed account of criminal tagging and an acerbic remark about the new MoJ’s association with a group calling itself Policy Exchange, and the whole debacle costing the tax payers fortunes whilst making the companies millions with no tangible positive results for the beleaguers non-criminal majority.  Of the two companies, G4S and Serco, one is after the lucrative contract with Blackpool South NHS.  Until they can prove they are an ethical and reliable company there should be no contract with them at all.

Are you going to allow private greed to usurp community need?

Sign the petition at the top and do something for the community.

******Only today listeners to 5Live will have discovered that hundreds of schools have been duped into paying out fortunes for IT equipment that they were thinking was free.  The lack of Close Scrutiny of high priced schemes has cost Blackpool tax payers a fortune, with no improved services.   The poor quality of Councillor suggests that this debacle will go on ad infinitum.  Fortunately there is the internet...

Friday, 21 September 2012

Front page of today's Manchester Evening News

Front page of today's Manchester Evening News

This headline irrefutably proves that large sections of so-called lawful England have now become No-Go areas for the Queens Law Enforcers.  How can it be that such a face could be hidden from the public for so long? Where are the community police that supposedly meld together the needs of the vulnerable with the powers of the state?  Is there really a community that can say that the Rule of Law prevails?
And what about the animals who laud  this man as a Hero?  Their reactions are viewed by all reasonable persons as contemptible as the legal process that allowed a killer out on bail before a trial, on serious charges, as heinous maladministration as with Julie Clough's assailant!

Nick Clegg Apology Song - Sorry

Nick Clegg Apology Song - Sorry

Brilliant and thanks

Pt 6. Questions need answers

I have taken this section below from the Mail blog to corroborate what I have been saying since I started to write my own blog. The questions are simple but illustrative of the malaise that the System relies on to confuse and hoodwink the Masses.

Final thoughts
It would be neat to end with the thought that such deaths as Mark Evison’s, and the mutilations of so many, must lie on uneasy consciences but, as the first article in this series explained, there are no people in the MoD to take the responsibility.  Our men and women are killed and mutilated, it will be said, by ‘The System’ – intangible, inhuman, inhumane and unaccountable.
        The coroners find the deaths from IED-ambushes to be “unlawful killing” but have yet to name ‘The System’ as complicit and to state clearly that it is an accessory to unlawful killing.  Yet for the last five years the clear message from the MoD to the Taliban has been:
“We shall continue to send out our boys on foot patrol without air cover – you know that – and you will continue to kill them with ambushes of daisy-chained mines and snipers – and we know that.  So, okay, business as usual.” 
 – while ultra-low-cost air Buddy Cover for foot patrols and road convoys has been persistently refused by the MoD.  Is this not more than Criminal Negligence?  Is this not Collusion with the Enemy? (read all)


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The truth about procurement by MoD

The Daily Mail has been running a blog for a week and it is a must read for all former service personnel.

Rational Defence First
William Forbes is the pseudonym of a defence analyst who flew in the RAF but spent so much time with the Royal Navy and the British Army that his colleagues see him more as purple than light blue. In more recent years he has worked with NATO in Eastern Europe, with the MoD on counter-insurgency, and with the Defence Departments of the United States and Australia on frontier security. His long career in defence has tied him into a multinational network of maverick analysts and veterans by whom he is continuously briefed on procurement blunders in London and Washington, and to this network he hopes many of his blog readers will become attached, effectively as associates, to enhance its lateral thinking. He accepted the invitation to write this blog in the hope that it will prompt wider discussion and lead to a greater public awareness of what the MoD has been doing with the security of this country, and of how the MoD threatens to continue its waste of our human and financial resources.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hillsborough disaster - Prime Minister apologises to victims families

Hillsborough papers: Cameron apology over 'double injustice'

David Cameron says the report found that police tried to "impugn the reputations of the deceased"

Hillsborough papers

The prime minister has said he is "profoundly sorry" for what he called the double injustice of the Hillsborough disaster.
David Cameron was speaking following an independent report into previously unseen documents about what happened on 15 April 1989.
Ninety-six fans died after a crush at Sheffield Wednesday's ground.
Mr Cameron said a "swifter, more appropriate" response from emergency services could have saved lives.
He said the panel found the safety of the crowds at Hillsborough had been "compromised at every level".
He said there were three main areas highlighted in the report:
  • Failures by the authorities in protecting those at the ground
  • An attempt to blame the fans, and
  • Doubt cast on the original coroner's inquest
He added "deficiencies" at the ground were well known and it failed to meet minimum safety standards.
Relatives of the Liverpool supporters who died at Hillsborough were briefed on the report on Wednesday morning.(Read full statement)

A quarter of a century of lies and falsehoods perpetrated by authorities trusted to CARE and PROTECT only adds fuel for the death of Andy Miller to be investigated properly.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Murray Minted

I departed the local in a torrent of late summer sunshine, determined to watch the US Open Tennis final on the wireless.  As I tucked into bed and turned on 5Live, I got troubled so sneaked out to watch the match through a neighbours window with my high powered sniper sights commandeered from a Gook in foreign parts - a Terr in Yorkiestan.  It took some manoeuvring but I eventually zeroed in to James Bond and scanned the screen for Ursula Indress but the faggot cameraman kept showing an Aberdeen Sheep Herder urinating down the side of his chauffeured Roller.  Bet his lawyer has an ex kuse for that!

Well done Andrew.  The first athlete from the Hee lunds since the inimitable Jockey Wilson was World mini Javelin Champion.  Could you ever envisage Jockie throwing his assagais for five hours on Tennants Larger and deep fried Mars Bars?  No wonder he couldn't ride a Derby winner.

Let's hope that Dunblane prospers on this legacy.  Get the Highland Spring out and have a great celebration.  One never knows, the RanGers might learn that success has to be earned and not a Presbyterian God given right.  Aiyee, Andy, Laddie.  Yea can hate the Enlgeesh as much as yea like as lang as yea keep on winnin'.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Meg Munn MP for the family. Hers.

Meg Munn MP – Heeley’s voice in Parliament
We can't afford an Army in Afghanistan, but we can afford MP's who employ only their family as aides.  Tell us Meg, exactly how much does it cost to have you as an MP in the North of England?

Why do you have to employ your husband and sister?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

RIP Alan Raymond Strange

Alan Raymond Strange, former Bootneck.

At Lytham Park on Thursday 13th September 2012, at 1030hrs.

No other information available at this time.

Kebab time: This is the only thing you need to remember about ...

Kebab time: This is the only thing you need to remember about ...: Pic via thespyglass

A must for every politician in the Land.  Convince me that this is right let alone legal.  When you vote for a politician you could well be getting a thief.

Who can be called British

The home of a British man shot dead in the French Alps along with his wife and two others is to be searched by police.
French prosecutor Eric Maillaud said British and French officers would enter the home of Iraq-born Saad al-Hilli, 50, in Claygate, Surrey.
Brother Zaid al-Hilli has denied a family dispute over money, which is one line of inquiry in the investigation.
Relatives of Mr al-Hilli's two young daughters, who survived Wednesday's attack, have arrived in France.(read more)

In a week when this atrocity justifiably receives full media coverage, it asks as many questions as it answers.  Horror is acknowledged for this heinous crime, but it also highlights the criminal activity of politicians when set against the story below.  An assassin uses a gun to eliminate this Iraqi family, British bureaucrats use some stupidly crass promulgation of an illegitimate past government to the detriment of a brilliant British family, the Tullochs.  By definition it means that Jesus, a Jew born in a stable(?), can be called a domestic animal?  Bullshit will always be bullshit, unless you call it fertilizer!
It is so true that 99% of all troubles are caused by politicians. The other 1% is caused by being caught shagging your neighbour.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Politicians insulting Briton's, again

Prof Tulloch being helped from the grave that could have been his, only for the idiot bureaucrat and politicians to add insult to his injuries by denying him his birthright.  You do not have to be born in Britain to be a natural Brit.  It is within your genes and your history.  Professor Tulloch's is exceptional and wonderfully British, not like the Warsi's and Vaz's of Westminster infamy.

 Prof Tulloch, who still suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, said the problems with his citizenship had worsened the “sense of uncertainty he had suffered since the bombing.
“7/7 is not hard to go back to,” he said. “I can talk about that. What’s hard to go back to is that I am about to be thrown out of the country.
“There I was, hailed as an example of British courage, British pluck and the British spirit, an iconic image of British resistance. I get blown up in the media as a British patriot, then I get kicked out.”
What makes Prof Tulloch’s plight so hurtful to him is that it is a direct consequence of his family’s very service to this country.
He was born to a British Army officer in pre-independence India. Unknown to him, this conferred a lesser form of British nationality known as a “British subject without citizenship”.
He was, he says, never told about this status and was issued with a British passport in the normal way.
“Neither I nor my parents ever received information from the Government that this was somehow an inferior passport,” he said. “In particular, the passport itself explicitly said that you could take out dual nationality without risking your British nationality.”
After a degree at Cambridge, postgraduate study at Sussex and a career in UK academia, Prof Tulloch took a job in Australia and was granted Australian citizenship.
Unlike with a full British citizen, and again unknown to him, this automatically cancelled both his British nationality and his right to live in Britain. When he applied to renew his British passport, it was confiscated.
He was able to return to the UK, where he has held a professorship of communications at Brunel and was head of the School of Journalism at Cardiff University, under a work permit and has spent the majority of his time in recent years in this country.
But as he moves into semi-retirement, he has now been told that he can no longer permanently remain here and can only visit for brief periods as a tourist. The Home Office has also told him that he cannot apply for naturalisation.
“It is getting to crisis point now,” he said. “When I came back from a trip to Vienna, two or three months ago, I got a really hard time at Heathrow. I am worried that if I leave again, I might not be let back in.”
There is no question of Prof Tulloch being a burden on the country. He owns a flat in Penarth, near Cardiff, and has tens of thousands of pounds in savings here. He has always been treated as British for taxation purposes, if not for immigration purposes.
His brother, who does have full British citizenship, is unwell and needs looking after. As even the immigration officer at Heathrow told him, he is exactly the kind of person the country should be welcoming.
But, to him, it is the insult to the generations of his forebears who served Britain that is most troubling. At his home, he shows us the pictures of his father, a major in the Gurkha Rifles who was fighting the Japanese in Burma at the time of his birth.
His grandfather was one of the Empire’s first foresters, his great-grandfather served in the Indian Civil Service, too. “I look back now, on the verge of being thrown out of residence in the UK, at something like 120 years of my family’s distinguished service to Britain in India,” Prof Tulloch said.
“This isn’t simply an insult to me, but to generations of my family, and beyond them to the thousands and thousands of people in India and other colonies who believed that they could call Britain home.”
In July, this newspaper exposed the extraordinary story of Lance Corporal Bale Baleiwai, the soldier British enough to risk his life for this country in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, but now facing deportation for a technicality that no civilian would be caught by.
Just as with L/Cpl Baleiwai, the Tulloch family’s service to the country might seem to qualify them for special treatment. In fact, it causes them to be treated worse than anyone else.
Indeed, as British immigration law stands, Prof Tulloch would almost certainly have more chance of staying here if he had been a perpetrator, rather than a victim, of terrorism.
Last year, Ismail Abdurahman, a Somali convicted of providing a safe house for the would-be 21/7 bomber, Hussain Osman, was excused deportation after serving his prison sentence on the grounds that his human rights would be at risk if he was returned to Somalia.
Abdurahman is one of at least 11 convicted foreign-born terrorists allowed to remain in the UK under such provisions.
A UK Border Authority spokesman said: “It is the responsibility of an individual to check that they will not lose a previously acquired nationality or citizenship on acquiring an additional one.”
However, Home Office sources said that it was still open to Prof Tulloch to apply for leave to remain in the country if he wished.

When I wrote to Gay MP Gordon Marsden telling this will happen, no reply came.  He is still silent on the subject.   I wonder what his reaction would be if this British man was a homosexual Somali mass murderer?