Wednesday, 28 September 2011

David Fairbrother, Blackburn and 42 Commando RM

I stole this from a Royal Marine website because it reminded me of what MP Gordon Marsden professed to the world about ten years ago. "I know about terrorism because I was about two hundred yards from a terrorist bomb in London."
My reply then got me barred from representation and is probably now unprintable as it would add insult to a brave man and bereaving family.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Graham Jones MP Accrington

The Accrington MP's blog looks great until you are a constituent and have a REAL problem. Mr Jones was approached by the family of the murderer Andy Miller with a whole plethora of information and facts not exposed by the defunct "Straw Inquiry".
His response. "I can't comment on the law as I am not a lawyer."
No! Mr Jones. You are an MP with responsibility to scrutinise law and vote it into action. If you cannot sit as an impartial arbiter where the law has obviously been usurped by evil and devious government administration, then what use are you?
So please, publish the letter I posted on your web page, or do you not have the courage? Something very missing in the lieber party.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Police warning to Cafe owner

Blackpool police warn Christian owner of Cafe over displaying Christian Messages

Was there a complaint that the cafe was dirty or that it was unhygienic? No it was homophobic! It was probably a member of Gordon Marsden's inner cabinet. Well done Lieber. Stand up for traditional English values.

Just wonder whatever happened to the Iron Cow that stood on the Cafes forecourt? Now! That'll test the Sandgrown'un!!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bailiffs do more damage than good

For those who disbelieve this blog, I suggest a short sojourn through the MIND site and see what catastrophic illegality is being done in the name of the LAW.

ITV is doing a programme "Exposure" on the bailiff situation to be broadcast on Monday the 10th of October 2011 at 10.30 pm.

To add insult to an illegal regime, not only does local MP Gordon Marsden completely ignore his responsibility to the Miller family, a family still well ensconced in the area with tracks going back many generations, but newly elected councillors seem happy that this subject is above their heads. WRONG. The bailiffs come from the local authority and it would take but a few seconds for our elected representatives to discover who and where the local authority lies.

The final insult is that the New Government has abandoned any idea of regulating this murderous industry irrespective of whatever they have promised in the past. It just proves that political promises are pure flights of fancy.

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Better regulation of bailiffs

Bailiffs came to my home while I was very ill and would not leave until I wrote out a cheque for council tax for a full year. The cheque will not be honoured so I await their return. I live most of my days in my bedroom afraid and lonely.

Mind's In the red campaign found widespread evidence of bad practice by bailiffs and debt collectors, including excessive fees and heavy-handed behaviour, which can lead to further mental distress for people struggling with debt.

The new research that we compiled between December 2009 and January 2010 found that over half of those who responded had experienced suicidal feelings after a visit from the bailiffs.

We have heard cases of bailiffs forcing their way into homes, threatening people with prison and even intimidating people’s children. Without regulation, bailiffs are free to exaggerate their powers with no repercussions; currently there are no binding rules for them to abide by.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Marine David Fairbrother 42 CDO

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Marine David Fairbrother Killed In Afghanistan

It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Marine David Fairbrother, of Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, was killed in Afghanistan on 19 September 2011.

Early on the morning of 19 September 2011, Marine Fairbrother deployed as part of Combined Force Nahr-e Saraj in support of an Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol into the village of Old Khorgajat.

Just under two hours into the patrol they were engaged with small arms fire from close range and Marine Fairbrother was fatally wounded. Despite the best efforts of his colleagues to administer first aid, Marine Fairbrother died of his wounds.

Marine David Fairbrother was born on 23 February 1987 and grew up in Blackburn with his mother, Julie, and sisters, Ruth and Emily. He attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School where he completed three A-levels in Geography, Geology and Classical Civilisation before studying a BSc degree in Geography at Leeds University.


Cheapest Electricity Prices - today

Prices as of 23-September-2011:

Supplier Tariff Name Price
British Gas: WebSaver 12 £316
E.ON: E.ON SaveOnline 9 £302
EBICo: Equipower £310
npower: Sign Online 23 £264
Ovo Energy: New Energy Fixed £289
Scottish and Southern Energy: Standard Energy Online No Standing Charge £304
ScottishPower: Online Energy - No Standing Charge £336

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Marstons - Enforcement team at work

Enforcement Team of the Year 2009 and 2010 Let us examine just one case. Andy Miler was just two weeks out of hospital after suffering a stroke and having been in a heart attack induced coma. He was discharged prematurely because it was his birthday and some thought that he would recouperate better if his children could access him easier than in hospital. Just before his discharge his eldest son had discovered that he was in contravention of a speeding fine, which he was contesting, and emailed the Court to inform it that he was caring for his father and would attempt to sort out his situation.

15th December 2008 E-mail received from Michael Miller (son) saying his father has suffered a heart attack and stroke and that he (Michael Miller) is dealing with his father’s affairs ... 31st December 2008 E-Mail passed to bailiff to investigate claimed vulnerable status... 7 January 2009 Bailiff makes visit to address given on warrant and eventually traces Mr Miller via relatives. Mr Miller agrees to pay the outstanding fine and agrees to the bailiff driving him to the bank cash machine. Mr Miller suffers fatal heart attack - (Parliamentary Library -Report of the Investigation into the Enforcement of a Warrant against Robert Miller).

The above passage is taken verbatim from the Parliamentary lead report. It is so flawed as to be risible. Nowhere does it mention Mr Cache, the bailiff, arriving at the wrong home, so attired in a knife vest and looking suspiciously like a policeman for another victim to call the police and complain; nor the threats and intimidation metered by the bailiff to obtain an address already supplied to his masters, the Courts. Nor during this much heralded inquiry was the prime witness to this illegal act ever interviewed. They relied for evidence on testimony from two people who were only available at that incident on their mobile phones because they were both at their respective places of work.

At a subsequent Police Complaints procedure the investigating officer was more interested in the dilapidated state of Accrington Police Station than the fact that Marstons were getting away with Corporate Manslaughter, a law brought into action only a year earlier and obviously well beyond the scope of a local police service. But the most sickening factor of all is that not a single politician has had the courage to publicly address the incestuous relationship between the Courts and her paid servants, Marstons. Blackpool authorities, from where the murderous thugs of Marstons were commissioned and dispatched, are playing tennis with this issue with such alacrity you would have thought the new leader of the council, Simon Blackburn - how inappropriate a name - was Tony Blair. His only response to the Miller Family is to direct them to their local councillor. Two years of protest with councillors have proven how meaningless that exercise is.

As for the Ministry of Injustice one has to wonder if two highly placed public servants will be handing over more awards to this self publicist company. That good lady doctor of law, Dr Sue Raynor Jacobs, (note I haven't mentioned that avoider extraordinary Ann Marie Goddard also from the MoinJ) down to address Marstons on the 4th October of this year and perhaps hand out the medals and applaud another wonderful year, must have been sleeping well when the laws on corporate manslaughter and homicide (Scotland) were passed. She obviously sleeps soundly when emails and letters from the Miller Family pass across her desk, straight into File 13. Now we know what the families of Hillsborough, Herald of Free Enterprise and any other avoidable death feel when faced with bureaucratic indifference and illegality.

So Marstons will pass through Traders Gate into the Tower? Sorry, irony is lost on a public incapable of getting angry or vocal about anything not initiated from the masters in Westminster. Our history has been destroyed, not taught in school because it shows the lies being perpetrated today were used to subvert the nation before. Whatever happened to that lady with the scales? Well, she will not be attending the Tower Hotel, that's for certain.