Tuesday, 28 June 2011

HEARTless football

Stupid season is out again in force. Sex Offenders are manipulative and devious and reprehensible to every ordinary decent parent. All of a sudden, because a man can kick a piece of leather around a grass patch, he is a decent role model.

What absolute tosh!!!

The Heart Fans are right to have been outraged for HIS "lewd, libidinous and indecent behaviour". Sexual predators are not generally caught until they have committed the ultimate sin and destroyed the life of a young fellow human being, whether by murder or in the case of the Catholic Church by corporate acquiescence.

Have not we just witnessed the destruction of an ordinary family by a multiple murderer and his vocal paid assassin in robes and wigs? Nobody can fail to have sympathy for Robert and Sally Dowler, whose 13-year-old daughter Milly was murdered by Levi Bellfield nine years ago. They are suffering is for life unlike the murderer who is amongst his peers probably plotting the death of other "innocent" children.

Hearts suspend sex offender Craig Thomson

Hearts defender Craig Thomson

Thomson was fined for his "lewd, libidinous and indecent behaviour"

Hearts have suspended Craig Thomson, who was convicted last week of indecent behaviour towards two young girls on the internet.

Last Friday the club said it took Thomson's conviction "very seriously".

But Hearts stated Thomson, 20, would remain at the club since there were "mitigating circumstances" surrounding his "grave error of judgement".

Pressure had since grown on the club to sack or suspend the defender, who was placed on the sex offenders register.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Polish man stops Ambulance from carrying patient

This must be one of those wonderful immigrant Poles that Joan Humble was so welcoming. Like Mssrs Humble the public got sick of her artificial angst and got rid. So to those who do not belong here, Ryan Air awaits. Her Government also said that those who needed to be removed from this country should be and would be. Just more claptrap from a politician.

999 crew halted by refusal to move car

editorial image

A SERIOUSLY ill patient was forced to wait almost half-an-hour for Blackpool’s Air Ambulance – because a man refused to move from its landing space.

An elderly patient awaiting urgent transfer from Blackpool Victoria Hospital to Royal Lancaster Infirmary was kept in an ambulance for 24 minutes while its aerial counterpart was trying to land.

He died at the Lancaster hospital later in the day.

Air ambulance chief pilot John Taylor said: “We thought we were dealing with a lunatic at the landing site but it turned out to be a very aggressive Polish man who refused to move from the landing zone. He had also parked next to the gate access to the site.

“It looked like he was doing some sort of exercise with his shoes off and was there with his family and dogs.

“He just shook his head at us.

“We couldn’t land because we weren’t sure what he’d do – if he had thrown a shoe at the rotors, the ambulance would have become a £5m death trap.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Doctor not in charge

Doctors cost the nation a fortune to train and employ. When one takes umbrage at politicians usurping their authority it is the doctor who is censored. Listen Mr Politician, that's what you are supposed to do, LISTEN!

Veterans Day in Rip Off Blackpool

Whilst almost four hundred former 42 Commando VETERANS were paying £4.00 a pint in the Norbreck Castle’s expensive front bar, a selective ELITE under the umbrella of the Fylde Ex-Services Liaison Committee were treating themselves to highly subsidised food and drinks – in the same Hotel but in adjacent rooms.

42 Commando Association have used the Norbreck for a few years and the rumbling of dissatisfaction at the expense and poor state of the Hotel is growing. This was amplified last night with the plethora of commemorative gongs on show and the high number of non veterans being subsidised whilst the former Commandos emptied their pockets and spent their well deserved pensions away from the subsidised gathering.

Some 42 Cdo members chose to attend a reception at the Guards Club and praise cannot be heaped high enough on Dek Taylor and his family for the hospitality given to fellow former Royal Marines.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fakes everywhere

Will they swoop on the Gasjet and prevent them from calling fake heroes former Royal Marine Majors?

And will they ensure Charities are displayed as Charities and SHOPS as businesses?

Sponsored by
Vow to continue fake goods raids

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Counterfeit CD's seized at Norcross Lane car boot sale

TRADING standards officers have pledged to continue their raids after the latest swoop netted thousands of pounds of fake goods.

Counterfeit designer jewellery and DVD’s worth £10,000 were seized in the raid at Norcross car boot sale in Cleveleys.

Steven Brimble, a trading standards officer at Lancashire County Council, said the amount seized at last weekend’s swoop was ‘typical’.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Did the FESLC commit contempt?

Tuesday, Nellie Deans Piano Bar, Blackpool

THE SHOP does a roaring trade in collecting money for the troops, hoorah!! Why then does it send a chill down the spine? Is it something to do with the Old Soldier on Bank Hey Street who remonstrated to a local standard bearer about not knowing that an event was on for Help for Heroes, last night? “Where was this?” he was asked.

“At Nellie Deans,” he supplied.

Some telephone calls made and eventually a site was found on Facebook which had the party night. Concerns are confirmed. No matter how the management explain it, too many people think that THE SHOP is being run for Help for Heroes. It is not, never has been and never, perhaps, will be. It is a CIC, a Community Investment Company . The link will explain all about it but I add this taken from the CIC guide. A CIC cannot be formed to support political activities and a company that is a charity cannot be a CIC, unless it gives up its charitable status. However, a charity may apply to register a CIC as a subsidiary company. As there is an ongoing investigation into THE SHOP every effort is made not to contravene the sub judice rules.

Unlike the Committee of the FESLC.

A charge has been made against an employee of THE SHOP so all public debate has to be guarded in case it can be construed that someone is trying to influence or affect the course of justice. This is not the USA. It has been publicly announced that the person charged is innocent and all efforts are to be made to achieve this aim. This cannot be done by trying to influence proceedings that a jury may want to consider. The sub judice rule regulates the publication of matters which are under consideration by the court. Matters are considered to be sub judice (Latin for 'under judgment') once legal proceedings become active.

Criminal proceedings are deemed active once a person is arrested, a warrant for arrest has been issued, a summons has been issued or a person has been charged and remain active until conviction. Civil proceedings become active, in England, when the hearing date for the trial is arranged and, in Scotland, when the parties' pleadings have been finalised and the record is closed.

Publication of material which is sub judice comprises contempt of court, a crime which is punishable by a fine of unlimited amount and/or imprisonment for up to two years. Third party costs orders may also be awarded against the media organisation, enabling the courts to recover the costs of any trial aborted as a result of the prejudicial reporting.

In the minutes of the Meeting of the Fylde Ex-Services Liaison Committee on the 7th April 2011, the Treasurer made reference to monies and an investigation and added a statement which could clearly prejudice any impartial trial, and by doing so implicated… I will end there in the hope that the investigating team, or the Crown Prosecution services look closely at this flagrant attempt to interfere with a police investigation. This is all the more sad when the Chairman on the night is a JP and he and his deputy are also under investigation. If they are not then any concerned citizen would ask why not?

The Minutes of the Meetings are public documents and are accessible to all members of the RBL and member Associations. You can guarantee there is NO wholesale distribution of this most misleading record.

Blackpool Sky at Night

The Wendy Lewis Playground. Can someone tell us what all this means?

Hamburgers. 55,000 DEAD?
Wasn't the freezer cold enough or had someone forgot to plug it in?

Is that what eating fatty meat does?

Or is this a subliminal message to those aliens flitting around from Mars?

If it is supposed to have something to do with the RAF Raids on an enemy city during WWII, then it is insulting to the survivors of London, Coventry, Portsmouth, Glasgow and all the other British towns and cities that were attacked by the Luftwaffe during the War. It is also a double insult to the young British airmen who died by the thousands delivering retribution to a regime that was mass murdering its way across the European Continent - or is that something that the PC Brigade want to eradicate from recent history?
Has no-one taught today's youth that Uncle Adolf was only cheated by time and the efforts of a generation willing to sacrifice everything so that we could remain free, building missiles that devastated London well into 1945. Russia sacrificed millions of its own subjects and was for a short period our ally, not the people of Germany. It is not unreasonable to speculate that Germany was only a short time off developing its own atomic weaponry and together with its advances deliver system, the VII rocket, could have changed the fate of history.

Or should we all parade under the Pink Flag, dressed in our finest frocks and be grateful that the Cabals allow us to look at the Promenade?

If you are interested there has been nothing about this "PARTY" on the FESLC web site, so it appears that the CIC now runs the FESLC, which may or may not have been the intention of the directors all along?

Dead Royal puts Charities to shame

Marine killed in Afghanistan left friends Vegas fund

David Hart

A Royal Marine who was killed in Afghanistan set aside part of his insurance money to fund a trip to Las Vegas for his friends.

David Hart, from Poppleton in York, was 23 when he was killed by a bomb in Helmand Province last year.

He left a letter telling 32 of his friends he wanted them to spend £100,000 of his life insurance on the holiday.

He also left part of the money to several charities.

Newsbeat has been speaking to two of his friends, James Barrett and Craig Theaker, who'll both be taking the trip.

"I can speak for anyone who ever met Dave - what a true legend he is. He had all friends and no enemies. He made everyone's day a lot brighter," Craig said.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Free meal for Veterans

Free Carvery MEAL for heroes

Crown Carveries is supporting the 2011 national Armed Forces Day by offering a free carvery meal to all Armed Forces, past and present, between Monday 20th and Saturday 25th June.

With 117 restaurants nationwide, Crown Carveries plans to salute the thousands of Service people enlisted to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, by offering them a free carvery meal in the week leading up to, and on Armed Forces Day itself (Saturday 25th June). The offer is also open to all forces veterans.

Enjoying the free carvery couldn’t be easier. All past and present Service people simply need to visit www.crowncarveries.co.uk/armed-forces-day-mod to download the ‘free carvery meal’ voucher and present this along with their current ID card (or veteran lapel badge) to staff at their local Crown Carvery restaurant.

Martin Gosling, Retail Operations Director for Crown Carveries, said: ““As the UK’s only regal carvery brand it is only fitting that we support the Armed Forces on such a momentous day. We hope a meal on the house will provide a hearty morale boost for all our hardworking troops and proud veterans in the week leading up to and on Armed Forces Day itself, Saturday 25th June.

“At Crown Carveries we pride ourselves on delivering a right royal welcome for all of our guests and at £3.69 for a roast with all the trimmings on Monday to Saturday there is no better reward for our heroes at any time of the year.”


Notes to editors:

  • The UK’s official 2011 Armed Forces Day is on Saturday 25th June.
  • Armed Forces day supports the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community, from currently serving troops to service families and from veterans to recruits.
  • Offer open to over 18’s only.
  • Only one ‘free carvery’ voucher can be redeemed per ID card or veteran lapel, per visit.


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