Thursday, 31 December 2009

Absolutely Certain says General Petraeus

General Petraeus 'absolutely

certain' that Peter Moore was

held in Iran

The former US commander in Iraq is “absolutely certain” that Peter Moore was
held secretly in Iran for part of his 31-month kidnap ordeal.

Mr Gardner told Radio 4’s Today programme this morning: “He didn’t hesitate.
He said ‘I’m absolutely certain. I’m 90 per cent certain.’

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Just read, it says it all.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Stolen from Guido's comment section

I had to copy this as it made me smile, and it is a New Year coming.

Not Now Cato says:

Sh*t Politician of the Year

This is a tough one, it has been a hard-fought competition with many excellent entries from the Labour party alone. In the final analysis, I nominate Jack Straw, because:

- he championed the freedom of information act then tried to amend it to cover up the MPs, including his, expenses.

- As the head honcho of the Orwellian “Ministry of Justice”, he not only failed to halt the process of extradition of Gary Mckinnon to the USA, he actively encouraged it.

This from the man who allowed General Pinochet, the mass torturer and murderer to go free.

This from the man who freed Ronnie Biggs and the Libyan bomber al-Megrahi (the terrorist who has killed the most on British soil).

(p.s. Nice to see Gordon Brown starting a war with China over the execution of an asian opium smuggler).

Thanks Guido for a year of enlightenment and humour, and to your contributors for some wonderful wit. Did I really say wit when I meant...

And thank you Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn, who sanctioned the most despicably biased report on the murder of Andy Miller in his neighbouring constituency. I hope the War Crimes Tribunal has your deviant approach to JUSTICE.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Born in East Lancashire, but still in the Punjab

East Lancashire reaction to Shahid Malik expenses probe

ADVICE: Gordon Birtwistle
ADVICE: Gordon Birtwistle

THE Burnley-born MP at the centre of an expenses and rent row has been slammed by Burnley Council leader Gordon Birtwistle.

Shahid Malik has stepped down from his role as a Justice Minister but called for the media "bloodfest" to stop.

But Coun Birtwistle said Mr Malik "must be joking" if he thought the real issue was the media response rather than the attitude of MPs towards their expenses.

He said if the allegations against Mr Malik were true he was "using the system to his own advantage".

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Shahid Malik is the type of dross who can insult veterans as he hides behind Parliamentary pivilege. As the Labour spin machine gets into full turn, this poor excuse of a public official will bounce back stronger than ever.
With so many young men dying for him to abuse his position, I will risk the wrath of the courts by pointing out that Maliks’ benefactors will do anything to rehabilitate him. But they will not join the British Armed Forces. Have you noticed how few of his people are actually in the Forces? Why should they? They can foster their own positions whilst Lancashire Lads are dying. And this MP in Yorkshire can continue to insult veterans and the types of Gordon Marsden will not take up the cudgel on veterans’ behalf.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Muslims marching and threatening in Newport

If the soft minded Liberal intelligentsia cannot see the intimidation in this crowd, then 7/7 was and is the worst case of mass suicide in this country.
I keep reiterating that I am not a BNP supporter, but at least they have the courage to bring these incidents to public knowledge. A few days after a fruit cake tried to murder a plane load of ordinary travellers, it might be timely to remind everyone the religious leaning of the would-be mass murder. It is the same as these people who abuse the freedoms some of us have fought all our lives for, along with the thousands of young Britons, Canadians, Americans, Australians, Fijians et al fighting today in foreign lands.
With the march taking place in a public area it is completely legitimate for any member of the public to video it. It is only bad policing that intimidates a member of the public doing a perfect legal activity. She should be reprimanded immediately if the Minister of Justice can determine what side of the law he stands.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bent Labour all over the show.


Guess who I found sneaking and skulking around leaving comments on an old post that he probably thought I wouldn't notice? Just to set it up, this all started over at Grumpy Old Twat's blog - Gatward has commented as Guest, probably because he couldn't work out the new log-in system and this is his response to my previous comment where I told him to "fuck off and leave me and my friends alone!" Note the hurried lack of punctuation and bad grammar as he tried to sneak in and out quickly - anyway, here it is - enjoy!!

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I don't often publish anything derogatory, but after listening to Eddie Izzard, supposed comedian, waxing on about the wonderful Labour Party, let me add my pennyworth.
If there is a hell on Earth, Labour has put us through it in the past decade. The Blackpool South Arse Licker extraordinary, MP Gordon Marsden, has already started campaigning and is using Parliamentary funds to circulate his constituents with a letter containing nothing but a whitewash of the facts to suit Labour hounds. The letters are illegal as they come out of Parliamentary funds and cannot be used for electioneering.
Will Gordon be taken to task let alone charge with improper use of funds? NO. Even though he is well aware of the Misfeasance in Public Office laws and has just ignored them. Just like so many politicians...
And Labour supporters will keep voting for them because of DOGMA and because they have not the brains or the will to tell their corrupt masters they are wrong.

Happy New Year

Birds first, not your pesky moggie.

New estate bans cats and

dogs to protect birdlife

A property developer has banned homeowners from keeping cats or dogs to protect birdlife on nearby heathland.

Residents on a new estate who fail to comply with the ban could ultimately face eviction.

The heathland is home to the endangered Dartford warbler as well as nightjars and woodlarks.

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It will never be enforced. Blackpool Council withdrew the mandate for Fishers Field in South Shore where it was said to have been left to the council for children to play football - if there are any Americans reading this that is the gentlemans' game played by overpaid children, sorry soccer.
I bumped into a former professional footballer who was taking his little boy and their dog on the field for exercise. Well not really! The child would get his exercise and the dog would have a shit. Okay, perhaps picked up by the intelligent soccer player. But the Parvo Virus cannot be picked up in a plassie bag!!!
There are a few dog owners who actually carry cleaning fluid along with all the accessories for cleaning up after their pets. Unfortunately they are so few, and the irrepsonsible so many.

Religious Christmas cake

Airline bomber Umar Farouk

Abdulmutallab was barred

from Britain

Former student who allegedly attempted to blow up US jet had UK visa request refused in May

Abdul Umar Mutallab

THE son of a prominent Nigerian banker, who allegedly attempted to blow up a transatlantic flight over America, was barred from returning to Britain earlier this year.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, graduated from a university in London last year but his visa request was refused in May when he attempted to apply for a new course at a bogus college.

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Now let's get the reporting accurate. Was he barred from the UK? Did he, or did he not graduate from university?
Is it the same Security organisation who reported on Saddams' supposed WMD - in this man's case lessons in maths instruction - those who want Carte Blanche on every former soldiers identity by forcing us all to carry dubious ID cards, and who couldn't sit straight in cinema if given a free ticket?

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Fairy on the Christmas Tree

Gracie, you'd get us all arrested today!!!

For those who believe, Merry Christmas, for the rest wrap yourselves in goodwill, not a bomb vest.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Fleetwood Member of the trough

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MPs' expenses investigation in depth

Joan Humble claimed up to £1,900 per month to rent a second home in London.
She also put in a claim for £1,195 for decorating and charged a further £663.92 for curtains

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If you wonder why I have repeated this, it is because the young Fleetwood Royal Marine killed in action earlier this year, paid for his own food and lodgings whilst in barracks, and got but a pittance of these expenses whilst on active service in Afghanistan.

Tony Blair today

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Tony Blair: It's only in Britain

that people don't like me

Tony Blair has claimed it is only in the UK that he is disliked and that he is much more popular abroad.

The former Prime Minister has blamed the British press for his image at home and has defended his lucrative second career that has netted him millions since he quit politics.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair has defended his second career after he left politics

In an interview in today's Sunday Times Mr Blair said: 'It’s not true that nobody likes me. Reading the papers in Britain, you’d end up thinking I’d lost three elections rather than won them.

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What do I think?

Saturday, 19 December 2009

What Planet do WE come from?

When our European neighbours are questioning the sanity of the British government in paying the equivalent monies to European Fat Cats as we are loosing through poor governance, surely something stinks in the World of Reality?

Don't do a thing, vote Labour again you poor demented morons.

You voted these in

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MPs' expenses: six figure

profits from sale of taxpayer-

subsidised homes

MPs have made hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit by selling homes they
bought with the help of taxpayers' subsidies, it can be revealed.

MPs' expenses: six figure profits from sale of taxpayer-subsidised homes
Mark Oaten MP for Winchester (L), Gisela Stuart MP for Birmingham Edgbaston (C) and Sir Peter Viggers MP for Gosport

At least six MPs have sold their homes at a profit in the past year, after
years of claiming on their Parliamentary
for their mortgage interest payments.

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The evidence stands for itself.

Who voted them in? YOU.

Fat Cats pay

Daily Telegraph: Town hall ‘fat cats’ to be named and shamed

According to the TaxPayers’ Alliance, who produce an annual Town Hall Rich List, the highest paid council officials last year were:
1. John Foster, Chief Executive, Wakefield, £545,000
2. Robin Hooper, Chief Executive, Shrewsbury and Atcham, £335,848
3. Peter Gilroy, Chief Executive, Kent, £255,000
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Openness should lead to honesty, but it will not. It is the likes of these people, but not necessarily these immediate persons, who pontificate over the pennies that means the differences for old and vulnerable people to be cold and fed at home.
Having met these types on a regular basis, I hold no reason to think they are some form of ultra-superior being. Like so many of the senior officers in HM Forces, they have gone along with the tide and feathered their own nests, where the general population struggles with the ineptitudes of their offices. I offer just one example, the insidious 1975 Social Security and Pensions Act which stole from hundreds of thousands of former regulars their legal entitlement to an equitable pension. Note that senior offices and politicians ensured that their pensions were secured, are secured and will always be secured. If I am wrong, then why has Parliament not implemented the Hutton recommendations in full, and gone one further and blocked the excessive pensions of the politicians fleeing their corrupt craft this coming election?

Friday, 18 December 2009

Nailing the Brown weekly PMQ lie

Ben Broadbent, an economist at Goldman Sachs says “… periods of fiscal tightening in the past 30 years — the early 1980s and the mid-1990s — saw quite strong economic growth.” Britain’s budget deficit will peak next year at 13.2%, the worst in the G20 according to the IMF. Yet Alistair Darling says a quicker reduction in the deficit risks “putting the recovery at risk.” History shows that both Margaret Thatcher and John Major cut spending and boosted economic growth…

*From an article by Reed Landberg and Andrew Atkinson (not online).

For all those who cannot read a timetable, this is about how much Labour's ineptitude and incompetence will cost us now, and our children in the future?

Answer: LOTS more than Brown and his Darling are add-mitting.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Copenhagen, what a mess

It's the poor who will

pay for Copenhagen's circus

MORE people attend UN conferences than make a meaningful contribution, but even by UN standards delegates are describing the Copenhagen climate conference as a circus.

Twenty-odd thousand green activists predominantly from developed countries are overwhelming the 8000 government officials and demanding meetings with delegations so they can push their proposals into any final agreement.

A motley crew of negotiators representing Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ghana and India have put into technology transfer negotiating texts the scrapping of intellectual property rights necessary to attract private investment in the development of climate-friendly technologies that are needed to cut emissions.

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If it wasn't serious it would be a laugh. I just wonder how many of the two sides can read a bus time-table?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Humbled she ought to be

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Joan Humble Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP's Expenses Claim

Whilst there were no moats cleared or duck houses erected for the benefit of Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP, her expenses claims do paint an interesting picture.
Accountancy fees: £1891.75 - almost all of which was for Tax Return completion.
13 x 2 kg of hot chocolate powder - 26 kg
Approximately 7500 tea bags
360 toilet rolls
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Other sites of local interest have realised that Mssrs Humble is not the angel her Labour supporters make her out to be. She is in fact dangerous. The reasons? Too numerous to count, but I will give you one.
1 It is the responsibility and duty of a local MP to hold the Executive to account. Now look at her voting record. With this corrupt, inept legislative assembly probable the worst in British political history, she has never once voted against the plethora of bad law, rules and regulations pouring out of Westminster.
If she is not doing her job, then what the f**k is she doing taking her £67k plus expenses plus perks plus plus plus for none representation of her electorates problems?

Monday, 14 December 2009

Fylde MP's expense - what a larff

MPs' second homes cost

taxpayers £80k

Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP Joan Humble
Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP Joan Humble
THE Fylde coast's four MPs claimed just over £80,000 between them for their second homes in the last financial year, according to figures released by Parliament.
Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP Joan Humble, and Wyre MP Ben Wallace, claimed the maximum allowance of £24,006 for the 12 months from April 2008 to April 2009.
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Justify this to the homeless soldiers of this once Great Nation.

Headlines not allowed in Britain

Tiger initiated into the club after singing Christmas song to children....
"I'm dream - ing of my White Mistress la la..." (At least Bing made sure he was sitting in his rocking chair.)

It took a Swedish female to find decent use for a two (timer) wood...

Heard screaming at back of a SVU, "I'll show you vot de ir-ron is for.."

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tory thief?

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MPs' expenses: Tory claims

£57,000 to rent flat from

own company

MPs' expenses: Tory claims £57,000 to rent flat from own company

Brian Binley claimed £1,500 a month to rent the flat for more than three years, despite House of Commons rules forbidding MPs from renting properties from themselves or their companies.

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There are so many former soldiers who will have a horrendous Christmas while the likes of this Tory will be going toward a retirement of plenty.
Not if Notareargunner can help it. Charge them now with fraud and straight forward theft - to permanently deprive you, the owner, of YOUR money.
If you really do not care just continue to vote Labour and let them all prosper at OUR expense.

I Spy Strangers

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MPs expenses: Shahid Malik

said he was 'a high profile


A minister who faced intense criticism over his expenses insisted on claiming thousands of pounds for doors and windows earlier this year, despite facing queries from the House of Commons fees office.

MPs expenses: Shahid Malik said he was 'a high profile Parliamentarian'
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It hasn't taken the immigrant long to fall in with the graft and corruption of British poitics. There is another odious character who speaks like an English upper-class twit, treats the electorate like idiots and walked unmolested through one of the longest inquiries in Parliamentary history. Not bad for an immigrant from Aden. I wonder if he was shooting at us during the sixties...because he couldn't have been dodging bullets with us, could he?

Saturday, 12 December 2009


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The reform of MPs' expenses is mired in muddle

When it comes to reforming MPs' expenses the answer is simply to keep it simple: show us receipts as they're claimed and, where there are abuses, enforce the law.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hey diddle diddle - it's all within the rules.

Why does access to YOUR MP's expenses need clarification?
Within a hundred yards - tells my age -of Blackpool South's MP Gordon Marsden's tax payers expense freebie flat on Highfield Road is a pensioner, in reality many pensioners. One in particular, a former regular Royal Marine, a former member of the ultra elite Special Boat Section along with the likes of Captain Paddy (JJD-John Jerald Durham) Ashdown. Except that the pensioner lives in poverty because his ethics will not allow him to claim his full entitlements, because of the intrusive nature of means testing.
Yet the Blackpool Labour stalwart has no problems of getting all the freebies he is entitled to, under his own rules, unlike former public servants who drift away in silence. To add insult to injury, a former labour government removed the safety net of a decent pension, paid for by his own donations, by changing the rules by which serviceman's pensions were calculated DOWNWARDS. To gain a full pension pre the 1975 Social Security and Pensions Act, one had to complete a full 22 years of the 22 year contract- the standard contract for servicemen and women, which only came into force once you were eighteen years of age. That meant all those who gained medals before their 18th birthdays got NOWT, NOTHING, ZILTS, KISS YOUR POLITICIANS FAT ARSE for service served and lives lost. Then all contributions to your pension was arbitrarily cut from a 22 full part to 36. That is to say that if you did 21 years six months, instead of getting 21.5 of 22, ie, almost a full pension once your entitlement kicked in, you got 21.5 of a 36 full part. A third of your contribution went towards MP's expenses and not towards your pension.
AND YOU VOTE FOR THEM??? And I haven't even mentioned that not only would Marsden never probably have got into the Marines, why mince words, he would not have got into the Forces because -rightly in many's the opinion -homosexuals were barred from HMF. It is doubtful if he had the moral fibre to do a Commando course then the Swimmer Canoeinst rigours, though he may have become an assett on 2S messdeck of the old Albion - or Kiss Company on the Rusty B.