Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blackpool Conservatives accused.

Deputy leader Councillor

Ian Fowler, in cash gift probe

Coun Ian Fowler
Coun Ron Bell, who is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives in Blackpool South, has been referred to the national Standards Board, along with his Tory colleague Coun Jim Houldsworth.

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The sweet smell of hypocrisy wafts round Blackpool like a ruptured effluent pipe out into the Irish Sea. For years the public have ignored the murmurings of ‘irregularity’ in local politics because not a single body appeared to have the stomach or authority to confront dubious activities.

The imagination with which politicians interpret rules to suit themselves is farcical and responsible for the moral cesspit that governs public perception. Where are simple ethics of Right and Wrong? Definitely not in Westminster and the country might say, not in many council offices. It is this perception that prevents perfectly decent people from entering politics and playing an active role in society.

When Steve Flanigan resigned as Treasurer of the Blackpool South Conservatives, there was not a murmur. The fact that a leading councillor had received donations of £250 from the late George Thompson of the Pleasure Beach and had chosen not to immediately declare it to the Treasurer is and was indicative of British politics at all levels. What happened was not illegal, just morally indefensible. If a political figure cannot hold the moral high ground then how can they make the hard decisions which affect the most vulnerable in society without being accused of, in the least, double standards?

Not that what Mr Thompson did was illegal. In fact it is the individuals’ duty to assist financially whichever party one supports, but within rules. The fact that Labours’ National Treasurer Jack Dromey, Teflon Jack to the media, proved morally corrupt during Labours’ period of revelations can be contrasted with the speed with which the local conservative treasure departed his post. How anyone would want to be associated with that level of deceit emanating from the Labour Party is laughable, but we have all witnessed this in the past with the arrogance of the ever righteous Conservative hierarchy.

The proof of the public’s isolation is obvious for everyone to see. Attending any meeting where a councillor or council official is supposed to listen to the concerns of the public is worse than the inquisition. All that is missing is the crucifix, the wrack and boiling oil; small wonder Joe Public does not complain. The professional malcontent gets all the attention and the silent needy get ignored. Within a few homes in South Shore there is the alcoholic, 50 plus years of age, never worked a day in his life, who has been allowed to turn his flat into a slum and who claims every penny the state allows, just a few yards from the disabled ex serviceman who has recently retired, who gets a few coppers over his entitlement (sic) and is harassed continually by Town Hall, Inland Revenue and all the agencies that are suppose to assist. Not much consolation for over forty five years of work? Yet local councillors ignored the serviceman for years because he worked, even though he is disabled. This is the future of the wounded servicemen flooding out of Afghanistan, fact.

The Tory names banded about in these latest accusations have their detractors rubbing their hands with glee. Much of the chagrin is that the dissenters are probably all natural conservatives, disillusioned hard working people who gave much in time and effort to the welfare of former service personnel. That insidious sinecure, the Ex Service Liaison Committee, appears to have been bequeathed from one sycophant to another; another subsection of Blackpool Conservatives? Senior charity service workers wonder at precisely what the role of the Ex Service’s Committee is as they seem to have no idea of the scale or proportion of need amongst former service men. For example, rumour has it that Audly Court is in difficulty with finances but nothing is said of the potential problem. More, several former soldiers are very visibly in desperate need of help, but rarely is there an arm around their shoulders since Ssafa ceased to be an entity in the region. So what does the Ex Service Liaison Committee do, apart from silencing any former serviceman who dares tell their own perception of fact?

Councillor Fowler was witnessed ignoring a group of kids damaging a public toilet in Highfield Road Park, choosing to telephone rather than act, casting the die. What is galling is that Councillor Sue Fowler is on the Police committee and a stern word was probably all that was needed. Not exactly the reaction you would expect from a senior political figure, but there again obfuscation seems to be the by-word of the day.

Politician, don’t you just love them?

Friday, 30 October 2009

Jack Straw a letter to the Mail on Line.

Question Time on the BNP

There have been many remarks about the capacity of Jack Straw in this debate. In January of this year he was asked to be arbiter in the untimely death of an 80 year old, Andy Miller of Accrington, the heart attack and coma victim who had not paid a speeding fine, who subsequently died whilst in the 'custody' of a bailiff who was illegally enforcing an inflated payment from the dementia suffer.

What you saw on QT was precisely what the Miller family got from the Minister of Justice, obfuscation, avoidance, irrelevance and superiority. “I will not prosecute Mr Griffin…” was as arrogant a remark as any minor solicitor might pronounce and said much of Jack Straw and the selectivity of an audience picked for their bias, irrespective of what the BBC says.

Any working family who thinks that this facade is nothing more than political foreplay should exercise their memory and ask, when did Jack Straw and his party delivered on a single promise to the people of these islands?

All the promises that Labour make to the wounded being repatriated from War Zones are as meaningless as their promises to guarantee the pensions of soldiers’ pre April 5th 1975. And people vote for them???? Why?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Former US Marine Captain resigns

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US Diplomat Resigns to Protest Afghan War

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former Marine who fought in Iraq and became a diplomat in a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan has resigned in a high-profile protest of the Afghan war.

Foreign service officer Matthew Hoh is the first U.S. official known to have quit in protest to the war, according to The Washington Post, which reported Hoh's resignation in Tuesday's editions. Hoh said he stepped down only six months into the job because he believed the war is fueling the insurgency. The State Department said it respected his views but did not agree with them.

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This story is more significant than on first impression

Tessa Jowell's rich, corrupt husband

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+++ Mills Convicted of Taking Bribe From Berlusconi +++

Mills was found guilty by a Milan appeals court of taking a bribe in exchange for lying under oath to protect Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Mills had appealed a conviction and sentence to serve four years and six months in prison. Mills is appealing…

Tessa Jowell spends a lot of time in the village of Darlingscote where David Mills, her supposedly estranged husband lives. So she still finds him appealing.

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What is better for the nation, this corrupt man with his complicit spouse, or a wanker who charges the nation for his porn whilst his wife walks around with a police escort and anti-stab jacket?
That's Labour all over.
Labour in Ashton in Makersfield will be losing one of the most inept, lazy self promotional MP's in Lancashire and then have no say on his replacement. That's Labour.
Blackpool MP Gordon Marsden has not a word of encouragement for the family of Andy Miller who died in the hands of a bailiff as he was demanding payment for a challenged fine for speeding. The evidence of They Work for You shows where Gay Gordon's priorities lie, and it appears not to be in the interest of the ordinary English voter.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

US Marines facing reality

Morale dips for American

marines in Afghanistan

In a remote part of Helmand troops are dismayed by the ambivalence of locals and a sense that the Taliban can outlast them

Member of the Blue Platoon, Marines from the Charlie Company

A mile from South Station, an outpost of US marines in Helmand province, the
tribal chief was openly hostile. “The Americans threaten our economy and
take our land for bases. They promise much and deliver nothing,” he said.

“I’m not much for this war. I’m not sure it’s worth all those lives lost,”
said Sergeant Christian Richardson as we walked across corn fields that will
soon be ploughed up to plant a spring crop of opium poppy.

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They ought to read this blog, they and their inept and idiotic political masters.
I had a US former Marine Sgt work for me in Namibia. He could not understand that his two year enlistment did nowhere equate to that of a 15 year regular soldier. Very few of the lessons in soldiering can be gained from the library of military literature. They are gained in the field, from those who have experienced all that service has to offer.
The British made an enormous mistake when, after the Falklands, the major slice of experienced senior nco's were forcibly retired. That single instrument allowed second class senior officers to kowtow to their political masters, with disastrous procurement of everything essential from personal weapons to food, through footwear to transport.
When General Jackson and his cronies were feathering their pension pots, the skills and loyalty of the squaddie were evaporating on a maelstrom of political correctness and Health & Safety. I heard not a beep out of the Brass about ranks children’s’ education, housing, servicemen’s injuries, lost pensions and a host more. Even the mental health of the bravest of British manhood was left to the Charities.
And so many of the major charities failed miserably. Bless Help for Heroes.

Hogwash from the Lords

No 10 ally’s £230,000

expenses bill

A close friend of the prime minister who lives with her husband in a £1.5m
house in London has claimed £230,000 in expenses by saying a flat in Glasgow
is her main home.

Baroness Goudie, a Labour donor and fundraiser, has lived since childhood in
London where her two sons grew up and her husband works as a leading

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Friends in high places!!!
You will not see this parasite answering an inquisition into her past on BBC's flagship programme, Question Time.
Fleetwood is short of o pier, say no more...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Why MPs are corrupt

For those who accept the lie that Legg is acting retrospectively in his demands that MP's pay back illegal claim, let’s repeat it again slowly, shall we? Expenses are allowable for those costs "INCURRED WHOLEY, NECESSARILY, AND EXCLUSIVELY" in the performance of parliamentary duties. Last checked, that didn’t include pet food, lawn mowers, tree-planting, garden wall building or the acquisition of book-shelves just three months before retirement.
The Green Book did not give MPs line by line instructions over what to do if their lawn needed re-seeding. But common sense might suggest that this was not appropriate use of the accommodation allowance and MPs whining now that it’s unfair for them to have to pay back money spent on lavish re decorations or topiary trimming need to get a grip on reality. The demand that the tax payer should pay £18.000 for a book shelf for a MP in his last months before permanent retirement is offensive under all aspects of sense and even law. The matter of MPs buying and switching houses at the tax payer expense is an offense under law and an offense under decency and for Labour to defend the perpetrators is offensive to the friends and families of those dying for this Once Great Nation.


Prosecuting the law breakers

Notareargunner has donated funds towards a prosecution of former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for her illegal activities. That out of my meagre pension and well worth me missing a meal. The shame is that more individuals cannot even bother to get involved in real politics, leaving the way open for this self interested group called the political parties.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Afghanistan - another view

Like it or lump it, there is always another view on any subject except maths, we all hate sums. This article on the situation in the War Zone should be placed before every politician and every soldier about to engage in theatre. I am not against the soldiers being there if it is beneficial. British soldiers thrive on the challenge of real soldiering, but they are so few and their role is so diluted by corrupt politics ideals and false premises by a Government that adjectives for inept have no meaning or relevance.

In the first passages of Michael Yon, (click to read more) all the problems facing the British Army are illustrated in the death of a large number of French, who, according to British media, are not present in this war torn country. Not controlling the high ground is a certain recipe for disaster. In a modern age where logistics are so essential it is amazing that a semi literate almost primitive foe can have access to modern telephone technology but the Nato troops are ham-strung with their heavy and useless radio networks and equipment.

All Nato troops now carry weapons that share 55.6 ammunition in a country where the average contact starts at massive distances. This means that you are dependent on support weapons which are totally alien to the mobility of troops trained for speed and action. The Italians, masters at Alpine terrains and warfare would never acquiesce to allowing their soldiers to be more than shooting ducks in a theatre they practice in their own back yard, or would they?

Read this piece for yourself and then speak with you MP. Or better still continue accepting the lies fostered by this illegal and immoral government and continue doing nothing whilst our people come home in body bags or maimed.

I have taken this passage from the article... Tim said that Sarobi is “HIG” country, and that it was actually HIG who killed the French. Not the Taliban. HIG, or Hizb-I Islami Gulbuddin, was founded by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a warlord who hates the U.S. HIG is a terrorist group and a faction of Hizb-I Islami, all with ties to al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Hekmatyar offered homestead to Bin Laden more than ten years ago. Is this the same Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who was touting his credentials around London in the early 1980's?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Guardian expose'

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Revealed: Trafigura-

comissioned report

into dumped toxic waste

After a five-week legal battle the Guardian can finally publish details of the Minton Report, a scientific study commissioned by oil trading company Trafigura about its own waste dumping in west Africa that had been leaked to the newspaper.

The report contains damning evidence of the potentially toxic nature of the waste Trafigura dumped in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

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While the multi-nationals spoil the Earth, the electorate spoil politics by voting for immoral political trough gobblers.

Isn't it about time we took control of both?