Saturday, 30 May 2009

New theme in British politics.

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There is a solution to the current political chaos and the loss of faith by voters. It is quite simply the Jury Team solution.

The Jury Team is a coalition of independent candidates, who share the common belief that the current political system perpetuates both malpractice and waste at the heart, not only of Westminster but also of Europe.

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It is at least worth a look.

Royal Marine Dies in Selly Oak

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LCpl RM Richards RM

Dies in Selly Oak

The MOD must confirm that Lance Corporal Robert Martin Richards from Armoured Support Group Royal Marines died in Selly Oak Hospital on Wednesday 27 May 2009, from wounds sustained in Helmand five days previously

Lance Corporal Richards was evacuated to the UK but despite the best efforts of medical staff and his own extraordinary fight he died of his wounds on 27 May 2009.

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I apologise to friends and family alike for having to put this brave man amongst the dross of British politics.
Sincerest condolences to his family from a former Bootneck.

Another Tory MEP accused

Nirj Deva MEP promoted

business interests on

expenses-paid EU visit

MEP who is seeking reselection in next week’s European elections accused of promoting his business interests on EU trip

Nirj Deva

A Tory politician responsible for overseeing the EU’s €8 billion aid budget
used an expenses-paid trip to a poverty conference to promote his own
business interests.

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Well, one things for certain. He's not BNP.

Brussels Gravy Train

Get out and ask questions of your candidates, if you know who they are. Perhaps Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? What I'd guarantee is there will be some Robin Hoods amongst them – you know Rob from the Poor, give to themselves.

Friday, 29 May 2009

D-Day Veterans not going back to Normandy because…

What a foul-up. This is Blackpool all over and one of the reasons why the greatest number of former service personnel have nothing to do the cabals of Former Service Associations.

First the Vets were being subsidised by the Heroes Return Charity, costs to cover a carer and one immediate family relative. Then a Blackpool Councillor Julian Mineur – sorry folk I ain’t making this up - gets involved and it all turns to doggee poo. The last time I saw Councillor Manure in action was in Rhyl where he was insulting a rather eloquent, distinguished former Women’s Army veteran who promised if that if he called her girlie once more she would smack his face. She was prevented from assaulting him by a former Royal Marine who was only too willing to do the lady’s bidding. The Councillor was trying to sell the Veterans Badge to the veteran and was getting a hostile reception along with the Labour MP for North Wales. It is amazing how these political types do not understand community or service unless it is wrapped in a wonder financial package for themselves. Expenses! Don’t mention expenses!

Not only will some of the vets not be going, but Association heads with no affiliation to D Day, will be. I wonder who is subsidising their sojourn whilst neglecting the true heroes from the 1940’s?

One unnamed veteran is so distraught he was almost at fisty-cuffs with his association official. The veteran was and had been a regular, one of the original commandos, a man distinguished in action all through Europe and in the Far East; yet he is being side-lined for others who did a dogs-watch but who is the chair of an association where many former regulars refuse to associate.

To get the heroes back onto the beach in Normandy is not a logistical problem, but it can be when the inept and self interest parties forget that their association is there to help others, not themselves. What do these people think they are? Politicians!!!

Real Zulu Dawn

This is for my dear friend McWilliam Simon, former All African boxing champion and a Zulu.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

To a forgotten nation

I am feeling sentimental. The reason, I have just been in the club and there have been subjected to a loud invective of racialism and political recent history.
I listened to someone who has never been anywhere near Rhodesia telling his audience about the Afrikaners and their Sunday sojourns into the bundu to go kaffir hunting. In Rhodesia!

We used to laugh at some of the foreign newspaper reports, especially one’s of the bodies on the Cathedral greens in Salisbury, all blacks and all very dead. When closely inspected they were all found to be very black but ALL very drunk.

In my mess the senior sergeant was a black. He was murdered by Robert Mugabe and the British did nothing. His people were the only tribe ever to defeat the Zulu in battle. They were the murdered Ndebele, a geniocide ignored. No war crimes here.

Blackpool Council on the gravy train, again.

Gravy train arrives again in Blackpool as Education bosses jet to USA for conference.

Coun Don Clapham, cabinet member for children's services went on the five-day Seattle trip with director of children's services David Lund, and BSF director Robert Brophy, said it had been so useful town hall officials would return to America later this year. Not if the electorate can help it.
Three officials from the council's children's services department spent more than £2,500 on hotels and flights to attend Microsoft's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) conference in Seattle, just for information they could have got by attending a conference at Microsoft's UK headquarters in Berkshire. Had they the brains they could have gotten the same information on their own PC at home by using the computers provided for them by the taxpayer.

The Double Talk goes on

Where have all the benefit fraud cudgelled adverts gone from our TV screens, Mr Parnell? Is it not coincidental that the exact same CRIMES that our political leaders are accusing the impoverisher benefit claimant of, is now that which they are being rounded on them? Yet only this morning – channel 5Live - Lord Mandelson accused the interviewer of being harsh because she stated… “the similarity of the over indulgent MP is equivalent to that of a Tesco till worker helping themselves to the bread on the counter?” Mandelson’s responses was as pathetic as it was unrepeatable though it is what one would expect of a former MP who billed the taxpayer for almost £3,000 of work on his constituency home in Hartlepool less than a week after announcing his decision to stand down as an MP – defend that Mr Brown.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Pensioner bus pass doubts

FREE bus travel for all of Scotland's over-60s may not be affordable in the long term, a report has said.

Keeping the scheme in its present form should be viewed as a "significant" undertaking by the Scottish Government, the report said.

And more work should be done to examine the long-term sustainability of the scheme.


"There are financial and economic factors that could make it difficult to sustain the scheme in its current form in the longer term," it said.

Long-term possibilities may include changing eligibility rules or restricting travel to off-peak periods.

The report, by a review body set up by the Scottish Government, recommends no immediate change beyond extending the scope of the scheme to injured forces veterans from April 2011 - a recommendation that was immediately accepted by ministers.

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This is in Scotland. In Blackpool there is not doubt. If Peter Callow had his way he would abolish it today. That £15K - that's fifteen thousand pounds stirling - he and his wife claimed for expenses would go a long way to easing disabled riders and pensioners dilemmas.

Please, Please, Please, Vote.

We live in a country where your vote has been devalued because of a myriad of reasons. The worst possible situation is for you to allow the centuries of endeavour to be wasted because of your disinterest, your disgust at politicians, your apathy or your bigotry.
The world over, poor people would give their all to be able to put a cross on a piece of paper. You do not have the right not to vote. Even if you want to spoil your paper, that is your right. If you are like me and dislike the whole pot pouri of intrigue and immorality, I will find somewhere to put my cross, even if it right across the paper as a gesture of my discontent with those who want to stand in my name.
Please, get out on the 4th of June and put your ballot paper in that secret slot. Just think before you do it.
Just remember who has led us into the worst recession in living memory, who tried to hide from you the facts around politicians’ greed and hypocrisy. Just remember that all the parties have promised the World and delivered Hell. It is now your time to tell the Parties precisely what you think. Don’t allow the parasites in
Westminster and Brussels to besmirch you with their lack of standards.

Blackpool fit for frogs?

"Do you see those slums at the back of the Eiffel Tower, Mon Cherie?"
"Is that where they make Lancashire Hot Pot?"
"No, you silly cow. It's where English girls are lured into the Hot Spot. It's Sh'ite."
"Is not that London?"
"No. That really is shite."

Hain the brain DEAD.

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MPs' expenses: Peter

Hain's new wife, new

home and new shed roof

Peter Hain; MPs' expenses: Peter Hain's new wife, new home and new shed roof

According to Mr Hain’s files, he asked if he could claim the mortgage interest on a £440,000 new home which be bought with his second wife Elizabeth Hayward in 2004 — as well as claiming for his former home six miles away.

An official wrote: “You propose to deal with the cross-over period by claiming the interest on both mortgages from the ACA. I am afraid, regrettably, that this is not permissible since only one home can be nominated at any one time.”

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The most annoying comment current around the airwaves is... "if we sack them all where do we get the political experience we need?". What a stupid multiple statement which is indicative of the lack of brains the political elite espouse on the ordinary folk.
The debacle with so-called expenses and allowances just indicates that all those found out are incapable of any form of respect, any classification of knowledge, any moral integrity.
Not only should the likes of Hain be put before a jury, all those who publicly endorse their criminal actions should be barred from all public office.
The role of the local selection committee has been proven to be bankrupt. The era of secret cabals should once and for all be swept into the gutter along with every public servant who claims false accounts whilst poverty struck single mothers are criminalised for not declaring a couple of quid they get for a few hours work in their local chippie.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Moron Labour Minister

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MPs' expenses: Ed Balls's

claim for Remembrance

Sunday wreaths

Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and one of Gordon Brown’s closest allies, claimed £33 for two Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths — and had the bill
disallowed by the Commons authorities.

Mr Balls also asked taxpayers to pick up the cost of a brass plaque and plinth and a book about Left-wing rebel Labour MPs who attempted to undermine Tony Blair’s leadership when he was Prime Minister.

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The story tells you all. Defend this if you dare.
And I heard this creep running down the BNP and its supporters. My friend, a former BNP candidate in Wigan, has just welcomed his nephew back from Afghanistan, to Selly Oak hospital. That is the difference between true Englishmen and those who want to ruin us.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Mascara Queen troughing it up

Commons officials helped

culture secretary beat tax

ANDY BURNHAM, the culture secretary, has apparently avoided thousands of pounds in capital gains tax by channelling a £16,600 property windfall through the parliamentary expenses system.

Burnham was given the money by a property developer to persuade him to move out of a flat he rented in Dolphin Square, a desirable apartment block near the Palace of Westminster. Tax experts say he would normally have been liable for a tax bill of up to £6,665 on the windfall.

Martin Bell, the antisleaze campaigner and former MP, said: “Both he [Burnham] and the fees office have made very serious errors. He should explain himself to the Labour party’s star chamber. They cannot overlook this case just because he’s a minister.” Burnham was also given permission to claim expenses for the Dolphin Square apartment and a new flat in Lambeth at the same time.

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I bet he's Yorkie. Just like Julie Mackay??? Mrs who? Churchwife of the multiple accounts. Did you see her telephone interview on 'Have I got news for you?' ... And listen Cameron, that was two years ago. Warning bells and deafness!!! You're going to open the selection process... What, to more none members like the Hamiltons?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Why Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden must go

A few days ago I said that in my opinion Gordon Marsden should go and was immediately turned on by an anonymous supporter. I published the articles but now I will expand on my thinking and reiterate that, in my opinion, Marsden has failed the electorate of Blackpool South.

It has been twelve years since the Labour brigade slipped this professional politician under the toilet door and into Blackpool. The electorate knew nothing of this researcher from Brighton, but the demographic and the complete emancipation of the Blackpool South electorate ought to have given some hint. Conservatism in Blackpool was a shambles and has not progressed an inch – centimetre to the Poles – in the intervening years.

With the changing demographics, the public apathy, the frustration of generation after generation of political figurehead achieving absolutely nothing for a declining super town, it was with little wonder that the surge in immigrants with their socialist heritage brought with it this fresh faced figure to suit all needs (sic). In those heady days of New Labour the voters were lured into the fantasy of a new political era under that gleaming new god, Tony Blair and the hubris of an untested deity. History is a great teacher and we now all know what a conniving rogue this messiah turned out to be.

You would have expected that a new philosophy would have brought with it a vibrant new start. Twelve years on and we are reaping the wind of dogma, blind obedience, greed and indifference. Marsden is guilty through inaction. Apart from homosexual matters there is little in his resume to attract his to the ordinary voter – and I have chosen my words very carefully. I don’t demand a popularist. There are many aspects of Frank Fields’ politics I detest immensely, but he has attributes of courage and forthrighteousness that put him beyond the labour apologists. Oh to have an MP, someone with an ounce of his integrity and bottle.

The first and most important task of the MP is to hold the Executive to account; that is the sovereign duty of Parliament and the single most important role of each and every MP irrespective of party. Has Gordon Marsden done this – NO! His voting record is on view and accessible (; it is also lamentable and insulting to three quarters of the Blackpool electorate who are not labour sheep.

As labour has slipped through thousands of legislative acts, regulations and amendments, they, those words that dictate our every actions, have had so little scrutiny it is little wonder that our Laws are in a mess. I will not go into the depths of Labour legal mismanagement – nor Marsdens’ contribution, as feeble as it has been, except for the highlight the latest piece of political tomfoolery that is being mercifully delayed by the Lords, the Coroners and Justice Bill. This legislation is being shunted through parliament even though it is ill-conceived and poorly scrutinised. That recent lesson that ought to have been taught by the untimely death of Andy Miller, the Sandgrownun who moved to Blackburn in the early 70’s as landlord to several pubs including the Cabin End is ignored. It is proposed that instead of getting a grip on bailiffs and making sure they are properly regulated, contrary that more draconian powers be given to the Court bailiff operation probably leading to more cases as serious as Andy Millers – the investigation into which Jack Straw set in place in January of this year and has not been published or made available to the Miller family. It is a disgrace and it is a part of the malaise that is the inertia of morality that has crept into public life, led unwittingly by tame political poodles like Gordon Marsden

It is not right for the Labour defenders to squawk that their favourite puppy is a ‘saint’ by not having dipped as deep into the trough as say Hazel Blears or the Right Honourable Lord Peter Mandelson, but if you throw the swill in they all feed. It is no defence to say my MP is a runt so doesn’t get as much as the fat pigs near the bucket, to feed out of it at all makes you culpable. To listen to that apologist for Labour Ben Bradshaw on Question Time and the despicable whining clowns of the Conservative Party ought to make everyone sick. Even the usual lucid and articulate William Haig got caught in the Somme as he tried to find words to defend some of his colleagues, but he too failed miserably. Of that programme, if there are any true political party with decent officials out there, they ought to be spending every second finding the English lady who shamed the weasel politicians with her candour, erudition and sheer presence before an audience of several millions – and to the BBC – instead of paying £92k per annum to these nondescript stupid reporters, give this lady a job.

Yet there are beacons in the middin. Kate Hoey and John Mann must be exceptionally brave individuals, but there numbers are so few. I did not see or hear Gordon Marsden joining their ranks as they called for clarity, honesty and a rebirth of integrity in Parliament. The deafening silence from Gordon Marsden condemns him along with all those who have treated the electorate with such disdain.

I have written to Dr Richard Taylor and asked his to put himself forward as the new speaker of the house, a distinguished and honourable individual with the character to do more good outside his Wyre Forest constituency.

There has never been, in my sixty plus years, to a free, open and public debate in Blackpool. Before the Winter Gardens falls down and is replaced by an Eastern Bazaar there ought to be public and free exchanges with all prospective candidates exposed to the full rigour of scrutiny by the people. The local paper has proved itself to be editorially bankrupt. The eulogising over some Conservative councillors who are as elusive to the electorate as Lord Lucan is to the police is not worthy of title.

A simple question for Gordon; how can an electorate trust a Parliament that has treated the electorate with utter disregard and feathered their own nest while the country has sunk to the worst depression in living memory?

Labour got us into the KaaKaa, that is fact. No more Boom and Bust heralded the Prime Minister. How true that is!

There was a conspiracy of silence perpetrated from Westminster against the ordinary man. This conspiracy cost the tax payer over £100.000, was initiated by Speaker Martin and supported by the MP for Blackpool South Gordon Marsden. To me that is tantamount to treason. What arrogance by Marsden and all the others who want to deny everyone access to the information that gives insight to the moral collapse of people who gain favour by deviation, obstruction and sheer hypocrisy.

Thank Heaven for the internet and – while it lasts- true freedom of speech.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Challenge to Home Secretary

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Fraud challenge to home secretary

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith
A man has appeared in court to try to start a private prosecution against the home secretary over her expense claims.

Anthony Weaver, from Holborn in London, applied for a summons before a district judge in Jacqui Smith's constituency in Redditch, Worcestershire.

"If you believe a Member of Parliament is guilty of fraud go to your nearest magistrates court, type out four lines alleging the fraud and ask for a summons.

Anthony Weaver

The only people who do not seem to think that Jacqui Spliff is not a fraudster are in Westminster.

That awful telephon this morning on 5Live showed a naivety that it is so criminal.

As a young Commando I received £7 per week, my kit was so inadequate you suffered from every malady going, malaria tablets did as much damage to you as it did to prevent you from getting sick from mosquito bites, some arsehole decided to experiment with the AR16 and it was us poor suckers who suffered from inadequate protection because of lack of firepower.

I remember one of the lads getting wounded on patrol in Borneo and it took the troop four days to carry him to a helipad where a RN chopper pilot risked life and limb to get him out.

I remember clambering across the rooftops on the Shankill with Loyalist gunmen firing down on the Queens and all we had were pickaxe handles and stout hearts. Stop all this bull-shit. MP's went into the trade to feather their own nests and the next generation will do exactly the same unless this cowardly sinecure develops the courage to put the thieving shits before twelve men and true, and I include the Home Secretary in that.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Politician's are universally corrupt

Today was day four of Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial, but the outcome had been decided before she even stepped into the court. Only in Burma could someone be tried because someone broke into their property, and refused to leave. Aung San Suu Kyi has already spent over thirteen years in prison, if convicted, she faces a sentence of up to five years. We are determined to make sure this does not happen.

In the week since Aung San Suu Kyi was first detained the Burma Campaign UK has:

· Briefed journalists about the situation and helped many journalists get into Burma to report what is going on.
· Coordinated a global day of action with demonstrations in more than 20 cities.
· Been in regular contact with governments urging them to take action.
· Organised an email action campaign to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and which has generated more than 14,000 emails. Under increasing pressure, ASEAN has now put out a statement expressing concern.

Our task now is to turn words into action. We need to continue lobbying governments and Parliaments. We need to mobilise support from the public and celebrities. Most of all we need to build pressure for the United Nations Security Council to take concrete action. The Security Council is the only body in the world with the legal authority to force the dictatorship to release Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners.

But campaigning costs money, and we need your support. Please support us at this critical moment. You can donate via our website from any country in the world.

We will never stop campaigning until Aung San Suu Kyi and all the people of Burma are free. Please help us bring that day closer. Donate now:

Thank you,

Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

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Tom Richmond: Leaders who should clean up their own act. Great article even for a Yorkshire paper

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Girl charged over £750k drug farm. It’s just a sample crop for Ms Spliff.