Thursday, 28 August 2008

2 Million unemployed by Christmas

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MPC dove Blanchflower to vote for rate cut

Two million Britons may be out of work by Christmas and big cuts in interest rates are needed now to stop the economy heading into a deep and prolonged slump, claims Bank of England policymaker David Blanchflower.

He also indicated he would be calling for borrowing costs to be cut by more than 25 basis points at next week's Monetary Policy Committee meeting.

His view echoes that of the majority of financial experts, who are now betting that the Bank of England will have to cut interest rates in the near future as it tries to avoid the onset of a deep recession in the UK.

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A conservative estimate?

Terror threat against Brown

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Terror Threat Against Brown

Three men arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences have been linked to an investigation into threats to kill Gordon Brown, it emerged last night.

Police confirmed that the arrests are linked to a posting on the al-Ekhlaas website in January calling for the deaths of Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair.
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The only thing that Brown should be afraid of is the electorate. Would anyone want to vote for him? Yes! The dumb, the stupid, the ignorant, other MP's with self interests.
As his party is not available to the ordinary man on the Clapham bus, maybe wanting to kill him is not at variance to public opinion? But going through with it is an anathema. Brown is killing his party dead, destroying this once great nation, murdering RIGHTS, annihilating responsibility.
Only a dumb fuck immigrant won't understand that.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Terrorism alive in Britain, are they still backed by the Yanks?

'IRA Semtex' used in Northern Ireland attack

A person with a rifle and balaclava

The Provisional IRA was meant to have decommissioned its stockpiles of weaponry in what had proved to be the most difficult part of the peace process to accomplish, with an independent group led by the retired Canadian General John de Chastelain overseeing the operation. The decommissioning process was formally concluded in 2005.

The admission by the police that Semtex was used confirms a long-held suspicion that the Provisionals never surrendered all their weaponry and suggests that some of its members are now actively assisting the dissidents – in groups such as the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA – or have crossed over into their ranks, taking with them resources previously controlled and
held by PIRA.

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In a disgraceful example of the immigrants knowledge of history, Shahid Malik MP for Dewsbury described the sacrifice of the British Forces in Ulster as an irrelevance.
If there is any one of this immigrants constituents with an ounce of decency, or even Gordon Marsden who would not forward concerns to his colleague in this evil alliance called New Labour, just fetch his attention to this blog.
Now tell me it is irrelevant.

There are heroes and HEROES

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If British Soldiers are Like "Olympic Heroes",
Why Doesn't Brown Meet them When they Return Home?

He fatuously told frontline soldiers in Afghanistan last week en route to Beijing that they were like Olympic heroes. He caught an early flight home from Beijing just so he could bask in the medal winners reflected glory - as if it had anything to do with him - shaking their hands on their return.
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Well said Guido.
This article illuminates the falseness of this Government's position. The two pictures say a billion words.

BBC not reporting Notting Hill riots

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Notting Hill Carnival marred by violence

More than 300 people have been arrested after London's famous Notting Hill Carnival was marred by violence.

The arrests were made throughout the two-day event, which ended on Monday night (Tuesday morning AEST) with riot police battling a group of about 40 youths throwing bricks and bottles on the streets of nearby Ladbroke Grove.

Knives, a Taser stun gun, CS spray and a baseball bat were also seized by police on patrol during the carnival, which aims to celebrate Caribbean culture with colourful street parades.

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This is taken from Australia's channel 9 news. Puts the BBC to shame.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Broon going doon

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There is no hope with Gordon
The latest poll - due in the Independent on Sunday - shows the Tories increasing their share of the vote: does anyone really believe Gordon when he says he'll win?

But loyalty is not unlimited and so, after the May elections - or more particularly after the obvious refusal of Gordon to apologise to Labour voters and supporters for the mistakes he'd made which led to May's fiasco - I decided he had to go.

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Labour is turning on its unelected leader.
It serves these righteous pigs of Nu Lieber their just desserts for their contempt of everything decent in this Once Great Nation. Democracy flaunted, the voice of the people ignored, 1000 year hard of earned rights pushed aside,the very poorest left to feel greater hardship whilst Labours allies and friends get richer by the second.
This has always been the historic fact of Labour tenure in office, and today it is no difference. Envy, greed and pure stupidity are the hallmark of these Champagne Socialist. Unfortunately, the Conservatives are no better.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Nu Lieber rotting away.

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New Labour has 'run its course', says senior MP

A senior Labour backbencher has said New Labour has "run its course" and that Gordon Brown must show "strength, will and purpose" to renew the government.

In an interview with, schools committee chairman Barry Sheerman also said that he "very much doubted" that the embattled prime minister would face a leadership challenge.

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The only person I have heard eulogising over this pathetic British Government was a former artilleryman, a Labour Councillor on Blackpool's council, in a so-called debate on selecting 12 Rgt RA as Blackpool's adopted regiment. He made me want to vomit. Had his 9 years service not taught him to think for himself? From that performance it appears very unlikely.
The debate was an insult to intelligent oratory . It culminated in the heroic Major of the Conservative Party giving the worst two minute speech ever heard. The soporific mutterings were almost intelligible because the Chambers seemed to be engrossed in the fact that they may get more expenses as fresh legislation had just been introduced, requiring the Council to form a fresh licensing committee. If you think Westminster stinks, take a night off and go and visit your local council chamber. The great pity is that too few people attend these public events. You can also speak, if you apply to do so. try it, you cannot do any worse than your officials.

Children for sale

AT least 30 children brought into Australia for adoption may have been stolen from their parents as part of a child-trafficking network in India.

The federal Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, said last night he had asked his department to contact Indian authorities and liaise with the Australian Federal Police to seek more details.

The Queensland couple who adopted her are believed to be devastated at the revelation that she was stolen.

The girl was adopted through the Queensland Department ofFamilies, Youth and Community Care.

The Queensland minister in charge of the Department of Families Youth and Community Care at the time was Anna Bligh, now the Premier.

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Child abuse is endemic and should be stamped out. This investigation in Australia reinforces convictions that everyone involved in child crime, and here I include those politicians who want to remove child protection matters by the reduction of the age of sexual consent, should be given no leniency at all. There can be no mitigation when the damage done to all innocent families is so extensive.

Labour's respect for the Forces

Veterans' parade cancelled due to 'lack of facilities' but gay pride march goes ahead


Ken Wood, 46, a Coldstream Guards gunner who served in the Gulf War and is the district secretary of the Royal British Legion, said: 'One of our Legion members spoke to an official at the civic offices who told him we couldn't have a parade this year because the council did not have the amenities.

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How many other people have the courage to say to this Liberal effetism that it is not the dykes and the shirtlifters who are fighting Labour's wars, but family people, men and women with children and a sense of responsibility.
When you have an MP, as in Blackpool South, whose record is clearly biased towards efforts to promote homosexuals, then what chance have ordinary folk got? Not a lot.
In a world where there have to be priorities, the broadening of division between straights and gay can only lead to resentment on behalf of the majority. The widening of society is being brought about by an over zealot majority in Parliament who actively appear to be promoting everything homosexual, against the normality of human relations.
Beware, it is these same misguided groups who want and promote the bringing down of laws which have been put in place to protect children, by advocating the bringing down of the age of sexual consent for children. No doubt Gary Glitter would approve.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

BBC hates criticism

This is a blog the BBC, financed through mine and yours forced subscriptions - you do not have a say in whether or not you pay - because concern are raised in it as to the efficacy of the Beebs editing and reporting. Whilst the Beeb swapped and moved channels so that the elderly and dishevelled licence payer lost contact with their chosen sport, it appeared that the only sportsman that the Beeb was interested in was a brilliant Jamaican sprinter. As there was no British interest in the event, it could be assumed that sports where Brits were going for Gold would take full coverage. No. The Beeb could not even flash up on the screen that the events were going on- on a defined channel. And if they objected to the open reference to the winner of the 400 mts, lets get it straight. It was the courts that reinstated a woman who could not make it to a specified location, three times, but could get on the plane to China, for her to run against a proven drug taker, a competitor banned for drug use by her own association, in that final race.
If I object to cheats, then I object to the Beeb sanctioning cheating by using my limited funds to finance them. Every one saw the poor financing when it paid a second rate interviewer millions of my pounds Stirling to do a second rate job. Now BBC, tell me I have no right to be angry.
Res ipsa loquitur.
The Bolt Backing Club has done a fine job of preventing me from supporting-from a far distance - British clean athletes. Yesterday, because of scheduling and poor communications, many of us did not see the cyclists winning their races. But the Beeb made certain we watched the best side-stepper in Athletics wins a dubious Gold in the 400 mtrs for women drug cheats. How many suspected and proven athletes in that final race?
As good as the Jamaican is, does he deserve more footage than British athletes, swimmers, gymnasts, sailors, horse-riders and other British competitors?
I object totally at my money being spent so poorly by the oligarchy of the Beebs trustees.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SAS, SBS get more work in Afghanistan

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Troops from the SAS and SBS will be used in the Army's "decapitation" strategy designed to knock out the insurgent's leadership.

The current UK force of more than 8,000 is already almost double the size deployed to Helmand in 2006 and commanders believe the problem of overstretch will not disappear even with withdrawal from Iraq.

The former Pakistan leader had been a key ally of the West in the War on Terror, and Nato have become increasingly worried that Taliban foot soldiers killed or captured are being replaced by indoctrinated "fighters" from madrassas in Pakistan.

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While the Civvy Shits who run the MoD on behalf of this effete Government get more brazen with their false assertions of victory, more soldiers are dying.
When the nation has the courage to tell these self opinionated ignoramuses that everything they touch turns to SH&T, and when those sheeples who swallow whole the bunkum and disinformation coming from Downing Street like overpaid prostitutes sucking on the sperm of middle eastern despots, when the nations says enough, we Brits will regain our self respect and national morality.
Until then Bless the troops being tasked with impossible missions and may they get home safe and well.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Letter To Blackpool & Fylde Conservatives

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Over the weekend the News of the World revealed that Conservative Party Chairman Caroline Spelman's Chief-of-Staff, Simon Cawte, was paid out of her parliamentary expenses for two years (2006 & 2007). Parliamentary Staff Allowances are prohibited from being used for partisan purposes. Andy Coulson told his former colleagues at the News of the World that their story was rubbish.
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With this level of impropriety suggested at Conservative HQ, how can the electorate of this region be reassured that the local party is free of such graft?
Do local treasurers have the power to rein in over enthusiastic local politicians? Everyone can see that London Labour is so corrupt that their leading treasury personnel have no control over Labour finances. Labour Ministers flaunt their disregard for ethics whilst their spouses deny every single misdeeds of their partners. There is one ancient English metaphor...shit stinks!!!
It is perfuming over both the major parties with equal stench.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Do corrupt workers infest Blackpool council?

£600,000 theft probe from Blackpool Council

A TOWN hall worker has been charged over allegations of stealing more than £600,000 from Blackpool Council.
Mother-of-two Cathryn Wiles faces 25 allegations of theft in relation to £617,000 paid out in benefits.
It follows an investigation into so-called "ghost" payments of allowances to foster families who do not exist.
It is believed the charges relate to alleged offences committed over a number of years.
What has been described as a "robust" internal inquiry is now underway, a Blackpool Council official confirmed.
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If you work for the deprived of Blackpool, this article comes of little surprise. The ease with which Blackpool council castigate and humiliate the elderly, the ill-educated and the vulnerable is better than legend.
There is something drastically wrong within the system if vulnerable people are harangued in the way they are, while insiders hide their evil duplicity under a welter of needless accusations against innocent residents.
£6000.000 tells the truth.
The mass majority of council workers are conscientious and honest individuals. This situation can only arise because the average, decent employee cannot use their common sense. They are hen-pecked with stupid regulations and abeyance of political correctness. If the top hierarchy of the Finance Department were really held accountable and dismissed, the position replaced by a competent clerk on a reasonable salary, then the problem would be solved.

Unfit to live?

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Abuse 'librarian' pleads guilty

Philip Thompson during police interview

He also admitted inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Unemployed Thompson was one of the men behind an internet-based child abuse ring that had members in 33 countries, Teesside Crown Court heard.

"Forensic analysis by computer experts established that the defendant had 241,000 indecent photographs of children, being one of the largest seizures of indecent photographs in the UK," he said.

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Britain used to have a tradition of burning witches and warlocks.
Could that be a consideration for paedophiles?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New British Army Division?

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New British Army Division Forms

The newest divisional headquarters in the British Army, Headquarters 6th (United Kingdom) Division, marked its formation with a parade and flag presentation in York.

Does this mean that the WWI tactics employed by HM Army are now sanctioned as viable?

Observers tell of the lack of training through the lack of monies spent on live firing and field crafts. The deafeningly silent commentaries at some of the real documentaries presently filling TV around the country, says more for former soldiers wish not to put harm in the way of serving personnel, than it does for the politicians who send brave British youngsters to their deaths.

There are commentators who eulogise over young people who, in three short years, gain a wealth of experience of service life fighting in foreign lands. France and America turn out sergeants within this period, and in some extreme case so do the British Army. On News bulletins currently facing the public, one look tell you the Soviet/Russian Bear has learned one factor for Britain. The majority of the soldiers occupying Georgia are trained and experienced veterans. It is the experience of 22 year sergeants that binds the British Armed Forces together and makes it, with all its inadequacies, work.

Yet the alickadoos never call on the experiences of former soldiers, except rare individuals who were on the periphery and never experienced the adrenalin of leadership in battle. There a detestable Welsh shit chosen to speak for veterans. No wonder most veterans do not associate!

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Silly Season is upon us

The idiot season is almost upon us. It is that time of year when every none-entity with a half baked opinion gets into view of a camera lens and spouts off some unimaginatively stupid idea. We call this the Party Season.
Kicking off the razzmatazz of this festive period will be the Red White and Blue of the British Nationalist Party. Already rumours are rife that the leftist loonies will be out to disrupt what is in all account a legitimate gathering of like-minded Brits. What is wonderfully just, is that these left wing vandals do nothing when the pariah of all parties, the Labour Party, has it annual backslapping convention in some overpriced resort.
Coming from the Mecca of English seaside towns, the anecdotal evidence of the corruption of Labour is legend. Take for instance the comparison between the two major parties. When the Conservatives stayed at the Grand under Ted Heath, the staff were happy, well satisfied with their lot and content at the generosity of their paying guests, who seemed to cover their wants from their own pockets. Unlike the Labour mob who piled ever penny of expenses onto their official credit cards and expense accounts, had only the finest food and wines, ran up enormous chits in nightclubs and selective bars, payouts which they knew would be covered from the donations of their over-generous Trade Union benefactors. Even then, not all that many years ago, these political parasites were making a mockery of every scintilla of decency just about left in this rapidly downward spiraling nation. Yes, there was then no reasonable audit of how Labour spent YOUR money, usually raised from the poorest people in the community.
So why are we bamboozled when this modern Labour collective duplicates every stupid, self-glorifying, indulgent attribute of their forefathers? Modern Labour was founded on envy and hatred of a class into which it wanted to aspire. Those elected parasites from Labour Lancashire, fostered largely by an immigrant population with no history of British Socialism, betray every vestige of tradition that the once Great Labour Party aspired to.
Look at their record. Blackpool and Fyldes’ two Labour MP’s had not the courage to confront the evil of their expenses and voted to prevent the taxpayer from knowing from which trough they ate. The St Helens MP’s only noticeable contribution was with her mascara – his mascara - on QuestionTime. And how does the semi-literate MP for Ashton-in-Makerfield, get jobs outside of Parliament, where his financial rewards come to over £110.000 per annum? And the most diabolical misuse of office and finances must be the appointment of Gay Gordon Marsden and Joan Humble to a body to oversee the Rights of Armed Forces Veterans, neither of whom could attend Parliament to debate the important Procurement Bill. These and many other Labour MP’s are, to use the well phrase acronym, taking the piss.
So, back to the beginning. The BNP will have a fraught weekend with lefty loonies ranting and goading them. No doubt the local police will be advised to come down hard on the BNP and ignore the incitement of the Mob. Politics will come a poor second as this Labour Party uses all of its new powers. It will prevent political debate lest someone remembers that it was Labour who took this country into an illegal war, Labour that eroded all our historical rights from habeas corpus to the right to demonstrate to and in Parliament itself.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Labours hit list of freeloader MP's

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"Labour has announced a new drive to crack down on rogue employers who abuse vulnerable workers... The crack down will be overseen by a new Fair Employment Enforcement Board which will co-ordinate the work... by using a single telephone helpline number for vulnerable workers to report abuses the agencies will be able to better share the vital information necessary to catch rogue employers..
Work for no pay for Claire Curtis-Thomas MP.
Work for no pay for Fabian Society.
Work for no pay for Labour Party (North Regional Office).
Work for no pay for Diane Abbott MP.
Work for no pay for Barbara Follett MP.
Work for no pay for Andy Slaughter MP.
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If this report is accurate,how can anyone vote for them?

Labour millionaire rogue employer?

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[advertiser logo]
Barbara Follett MP (Stevenage)
None but reasonable travel and lunch expenses will be offered

Candidates should have:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good computer skills and a good telephone manner
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Sympathy with the aims and values of the Labour Party

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    Barbara Follett looks as though she is trying to pull Employment legislation through the Eye of a Needle.
    Are there really Human Being out there who endorse the corrupt ideals of this immoral Labour Party? Hopefully not, but how often have you heard that the electorate cannot support you because..."my father always voted Labour and he would turn in his grave..."?
    Let us hope that there are sufficient free thinkers from the Red Mist able to stand next to their parents graveside and tell the truth. "Dad, this lot has destroyed every vestige of decency you fought for. I cannot support them".
    If Guido is correct, these Champagne Socialists must be named and shamed.

    Royal Marine sentence to 7 years for theft

    Marine Jailed For Stealing Gun

    A ROYAL Marine has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years for stealing a gun from a nuclear submarine base.

    John Hickman, 24, took the Browning 9mm automatic pistol when he was stationed at Faslane on the Clyde - home of Britain's Trident fleet.

    A 600-rounds-a-minute SA80 assault rifle - accurate up to 400 metres - went missing from the base at the same time but has not been recovered.

    Shane Brighton, of the Royal Institution for International Affairs at Chatham House, said: "The SA80 is an extremely effective assault rifle. It is built not only to kill people but to kill a lot of people effectively."

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    Not a bright spark - fancy getting caught.
    Of all the statements on this case the most astounding is the official assertion that the SA80 is a weapon of worth. Just recently it has been reported for it's 240th modification. If whomever now is in possession of the useless piece of weaponry, here is a suggestion. Take it back to whomever sold it to you and demand a refund. It cannot be sold as it does not meet any criteria of the Sales of Goods Act as it is unfit for purpose.
    I await with unbaited breath when the procurer's of this piece of rubbish will be prosecuted for fraud. But we all know that will never happen. Just like MP sending in true expense accounts?