Tuesday, 29 April 2008

General Strike in Zimbabwe today?

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has today called for a general strike in Zimbabwe starting tomorrow (Tuesday, 15 April 2008) after the high court refused to order the immediate release of the presidential election results. Take Action!
I receive these disturbing pictures from the following source
Visit our website at www.sokwanele.com
Visit our blog: This is Zimbabwe (Sokwanele blog)
Send an e-card! www.sokwanele.com/sendcard/

As you sit there with a free hand, click on the site and register your disgust. Although the years have past, how can I ever forget the wonderful nights, sat in a Ndebele kraal, sipping Chubuku or Shake Shake with my warrior comrades, watching the men and women dance in the eerie flickering light of the fire, and listening to Cpl Danny Moyo lead the ensemble in impromptu song
"Oh be - u - tiful R A R
Oh be - u - tiful R A R
I will never forget
That be - u - tiful R A R"
Or watch the pride on the faces of the population as RAR marched through the city to the Sweet Banana.

In Scotland 1500 workers are on strike to protect their pensions. In Zimbabwe the majority of the population will not be allowed that privilege. Again America and Britain will do nothing. I remember the smirking faces with horror as British soldiers forced themselves into our messes and thought they could dictate to a proud, professional army a form of defeatism that is endemic in the UK today. Last year I was at a meeting of the North Wales Royal Marine Association where a Lt Colonel from the RMA boasted of his time in RHODESIA. That areshole went away with his tail between his legs when he was publically told a few home truths.
Having fought with both the British and Rhodesian I make this observation. If you pulled out the Brits from Afghanistan and replaced them with the Rhodesian, the Taliban would be showing the Colonials a much higher degree of respect than they do the Brits. And while the Yanks think they can win hearts and minds from their bombers and out of their tanks, they have an enormous shock waiting for them.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for the young people of the UN who are serving in inhospitable places. But to go out before first light, fight all day only to surrender the ground again as nightfall arrives is a pure recipe for disaster. Either quadruple the number of the combatants, or get out.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

These ladies is for turning

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Cast your mind back to last week's U.S. trip. On the flight to Washington Gordon personally briefed the Lobby on the usual off-the-record basis that "No one will lose out."
He dismissed Lobby hacks claims that dozens of Labour MPs were set to rebel over the issue, saying: "It is just one or two MPs asking questions." The Mail on Sunday was not on the trip, so was not bound by Lobby terms, it accurately reported Gordon claiming
"You're wrong. No one will lose out. Come on . . . you guys have exaggerated it all."

Mr Brown was forced to break off from his White House talks to beg Ms Smith not to resign. "You said a Minister was going to resign, but she didn't," Mr Brown told Mr Bradby.

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It is almost midday Thursday 24th April 2008. The U-Turn has evolved into a revolution of seismic proportions. Nu Lieber spin is now kicking them in the Arsenal and they are dropping points faster than a Beatles whores knickers.
And fuel is up again, food is almost too expensive to eat, pensions are still being plundered, and St Georges Day was discussed by everyone in the media except the English.
Really! Do I have to become a shirt lifter to get me RIGHTS? Fuk U will make the Snooker Finals?

The Covenant

The Royal British Legion Honour the Covenant Campaign

An overseas casualty returns homeInquests can be very confusing for the families of Service personnel, particularly for those without knowledge of the legal system or the military.

Solicitors can be expensive and funding is only available in “exceptional cases” where the family is financially eligible.

Interestingly, all cases where someone has died in prison, in police custody or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 are automatically classed as “exceptional cases” and the need to meet the financial eligibility criteria can be waived.

The Royal British Legion Home Page

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How narrow is the Covenant. In a period where a 51year old reservist is killed in Iraq, it is interesting to see what can be done for the family.

Because he was a reservist, and not a regular, very little. It is down to the Associations to fulfil the obligation that ought to be the Governments. Fortunately the RAFBF is generous towards its people and will undoubtedly pull out every stop to assist the family. Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson, who at 52 is the oldest serviceman to be killed on current operations. Graham Livingstone and Gary Thompson were killed by a roadside bomb

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

British pubs for the demolition men?

The Victory on Caunce Street

Pub is put up for sale by brewers

Thwaites has announced that it is putting The Victory on Caunce Street on the market.
The hostelry, which is already closed, has just had its licence reviewed by the council.
One of the last good pubs has gone the way of thousands of others, taxed out of existance by massive rates, Broons inability to see these hostels as decent places of refuge and hospitality.
I have fond memories of the Vic as my grandmother's family were licensees here, and we were always welcomed.
Not too many years ago it was the abode of Junior Johnson, the extrovert Kiwi entertainer who performed on the North Pier for many years, and who gave brilliant impromptu performances in the Grand Metropole theatre bar, often with some of the biggest names in British comedy.
Beer is now averaging about £2.40 a pint. Bar consumption is down, home consumption is soaring with a can of chemical crap being sold at less than 50pence for a pint in most stores. Only a politician can empty a pub this fast. Remember Prohibition?

St Georges Day - 2008

William and RAF sorry for Prince's FIVE Chinook joyrides to visit family and friends On last Thursdays Commando – On the Front Line, the troops were in action with no tangible air support, poor casevac procedures, inadequate personal weaponry whilst much needed helicopter support was being used for personal and private pleasure. Put the Bastards in Charge in front of 3 Para and the Taliban.

Gordon flies the flag for St George's Day to celebrate Englishness, as EU wipes the country and the Channel off the map The spin doctors are running out of credibility. This map tells it all. On a day when ITN showed a typical poor English family as a black family of seven…BBC have a debate an immigration with the main speakers a loathed Black political figure and some female dressed as a Herreiro – what contribution from an English person? None! So what value of being a proud English person? This is why it is worth revisiting the Enoch Powell speech of 40 years ago.

Aliens MUST exist, says Stephen Hawking... but they will probably be even dumber than us Yes, they live in self created squalor on estates all over Britain. They can afford drugs, alcohol and tobacco, but a less expensive way out of their own misery, education, is beyond their comprehension. Just try asking one of these Aliens directions to the nearest Job Centre.

Africa again in the mire.

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UN: Darfur Conflict Worsening

In grim reports to the Security Council, the United Nations aid chief and the representative of the peacekeeping mission said suffering in the Sudanese region is worsening. Tens of thousands more have been uprooted from their homes and food rations to the needy are about to be cut in half, they said.

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When the White man lived on this wonderful conundrum of a continent, there was a modicum of civilisation. Even South Africa, the oasis of education, medical research, endeavour, has been infected by the African bug, and I mean something even worse than Aids. A wise Old Boerkje once told me, "Engels man, there is just three things that ruin Afrika, and they are in reverse order, Mombies, goats and kafirs."
I have found no evidence in the past thirty years to disprove this sage.
What is happening in Africa today can only be accompanied with the statement, "who gives a shit?"

Happy St George's Day

From the land of green and pleasantry. Gone and almost forgotten.

Taking the piss out of the LAW?

Is this disrespectful or what?

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Sun shines on Boris

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Murdoch Moves : The Beginning of the Endgame

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That merciless Pied Piper is at it again. After leading his semi-literate followers into a decade of Labour drudgery, he is now advocating the the the the Boris on Londers.
Good. They deserve each other.
Gone are the wonderfully friendly Cockney, replaced by immigrants of every colour and persuasion imaginable. The pot pouri that is now London is only fit for the extremely wealthy, who get preferential treatment despite not paying a penny in tax, and the illegal immigrant where a new industry of dubious legal practice has risen around their ankles.
To all Sun readers, Beware for what you wish, it just might come true.

British Government cannot say they did not know Mugabe is a Psychopath

British knew Mugabe was a ruthless killer of his own people before Independence - By Trevor Grundy.

The last British Governor of Rhodesia, Lord (Christopher) Soames and one of his key advisers, Robin Renwick, were fully aware that Robert Mugabe ordered ZANLA guerrillas to execute, in public, village headmen who did not support him during the election that led to Zanu (PF)’s landslide win in March 1980.
Asked during a BBC Scotland radio interview (19 April) if he had any “inner fears” about the British Government ‘s decision to “install” Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s first Prime Minister, Lord Renwick said: “Yes, I did because I had seen his methods for winning power in existence at villages at night. His forces would execute publicly any headman, or local person who had the courage to oppose him.” He added, “but at that time they were fighting against white rule and they did have support. He did have majority support and this is why we installed him and his government as the first government of the democratic Zimbabwe.
Lord Renwick spoke to the BBC about his long-hidden doubts about Robert Mugabe as the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, spoke in
America about the need for transparency in Zimbabwe.
Mr Brown warned the Zimbabweans leader that the international community was losing patience following his refusal to release the results of the March 2008 presidential and general election.
Lord Renwick told his interviewer in
Glasgow that the British were duty-bound to speak out against what is happening in Zimbabwe. “We owe it to the people of Zimbabwe and certainly the Opposition who have had the most enormous courage, who have lived with most terrible threats, provocation, murders, beatings, torture to say what we believe.”
He said “It is perfectly obvious that he has lost this election. He has surrounded himself with a gang of thieves. It’s basically a Mafia-run country. The reason they support him is, very simply, he has tied them to him by giving them large tracts of land confiscated from white farmers. Land re-settlement was intended to benefit the people of Zimbabwe, not cronies in the regime.
Robin Renwick joined the Foreign Office shortly after leaving
Cambridge University. He was in the Rhodesia Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office between 1978 -1980 when he joined Lord Soames in Salisbury and helped turn Rhodesia towards Zimbabwe. His 1997 book “Unconventional Diplomacy in Southern Africa” tells stories that illuminate the last days of white –rule in Rhodesia and the birth of Zimbabwe.
Robin Renwick was an admirer – albeit a cautious one - of Robert Mugabe despite the fact that Mugabe was a terrorist at heart, a man who believed – and who obviously still believes - that the bullet rather than the ballot is the most ruthlessly efficient way of gaining and then keeping power.
On April 5, Lord (Peter) Carrington (the internationally acclaimed architect of a peaceful settlement to the Rhodesian problem at Lancaster House, London in 1979) revealed in an article published in “The Times” that President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania – the most influential and morally respectable of all the African heads of state fighting for majority rule in Rhodesia- told him that if Mugabe did not win, he (President Nyerere) would simply refuse to accept the result.
Asked if he could see anyway of breaking the circle of fear and state terror in
Zimbabwe under Mugabe, Lord Renwick said that he could. “I think that more effective sanctions could be applied and the most effective sanction would be to make clear that Mugabe and his senior ministers and the Forces chiefs have already engaged in and are currently engaging in crimes against humanity and if this continues we will be engaged in having them arraigned in front of the International Court in The Hague in exactly the same way Milosevic and his bunch of thugs were. Now that won’t affect Mugabe because he will try to hold out anyway but it will certainly worry some of those who are at present helping him stay in power.

-African Forum News Services (AFNS)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lying, fat pig, or a sufferer of an eating disorder?

John Prescott admits gorging on vast amounts of junk food, including burgers, chocolate and crisps as far back as the 1980s when he was in Labour's shadow cabinet.

"I could sup a whole tin of Carnation milk, just for the taste, stupid things like that. Marks & Spencer trifles, I still love them, one of my favourites, I can eat them forever. Whenever I go to Mr Chu's in Hull, my favourite Chinese restaurant in the whole world ... I could eat my way through the entire menu," he said.

He also threw punches like a fat fart, never upheld his bargain to revolutionise public transport, build 3 million new houses...etcetera, etcetera.

What do you expect from Nu Lieber?

Now Labour supporters are seeing the light

Has Brown had it over the 10p tax rate and for not listening to his own party members?
I seem to be in the middle of a nightmare at present. The BNP are standing all over my home constituency. Everyone seems depressed where I am standing for parliament. Gordon has decided to take money away from his core vote, PPS's are threatening to resign!! When are we going to wake up!!! There is hundreds of councillors who are going to lose their seats if Gordon doesn't listen. I am asking please Gordon for the last time wake up and smell the coffee and save the party as in rectify the tax change!!!

With Regards

John Wiseman
PPC Westmorland and Lonsdale
What is taking the Labour supporter so long? Dogma? No greed. The greed of envy. They are envious of the well off, but have not the gumption to question why, in the UK, the differential between the tops of major companies and the ordinary worker who healps create that wealth, is so vast? The widest in the World?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

A respectable Labour stalwart.

Notareargunner adds a tribute to a truly remarkable woman. She is remarkable for her simplicity, her honest portrayal of her principles, her devotion to her politics, and her genuine representation of facts as she saw them without the Labour spin.
I disliked her politics intensely, but would have voted for her against the Conservative cabal that is emanating from Central Office. True politicians like Ms Dunwoody are priceless in an era of artificial and pretentious clowns.

Labour MP who was the longest serving female Member of Parliament

Tributes have been paid to veteran Labour MP Gwyneth Dunwoody who died on 17 April, 2008, aged 77.

Ms Dunwoody, the MP for Crewe and Nantwich, was the longest serving female Member of Parliament.

"She was always her own person. She was fiercely independent. She was politics at its best - a great parliamentarian. She will be sadly missed in all parts of the Houses of Parliament."

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Compare ANC and Nu lieber

For the past 13 years we have heard how all our problems are the fault of the long since departed apartheid regime.
In 1994 the ANC took over a country that was in a healthy state of repair, with an Education system rated one of the top ten in the world.
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Friday, 18 April 2008

Shame of the RFU

Rugby union article

Johnson moves in as Ashton heads to Academy

· New England manager defends his appointment
· Ashton expected to take up new development role
Martin Johnson and Rob Andrew
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I am a great admirer of Martin Johnson. I hope he can become as good a motivator off the field as he was on.
The shame is that he has to associate with those worthless, self interested no-bodies at Twickenham HQ.

Broon over the Water

Gordon, can't you stay there?
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Does America love Gordon Brown?

Gordon Brown prepares to be interviewed in Good Morning America

Interviewed the following morning on CBS's Good Morning America news show, Mr Brown got so carried away with his Americanophilia that he found himself gushing, "I love America and I love American TV".

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Friday on the Fylde

One in ten families at risk of negative equity, shock survey reveals The cycle had t come round at some time, why not now?

Two-thirds of British residents fear violence as migrant tensions rise You would not have thought so if you had watched Harriet the Gob on Question Time, last night.

'I only do this job to help people': Under-fire Brown's emotive message to Labour rebels The wife, kids, my bank manager, rich bastards who can afford me, the filthy rich, the pleasantly rich, but not you poor bastards. Up with your tax you paupers.

Sky Sports executive stabs himself to death after taking controversial stop-smoking drug At least his lungs weren’t damaged?

Father and son banned from council swimming pool for not being Muslims Enoch warned of this 40 years ago, and now they scoff. The hand picked audience of Question Time ought to come with me and I will walk them through English no go areas in parts of Ancient Lancashire.

The REAL cost of inflation: The Mail's Cost of Living Index reveals food prices rising at SIX times official figure What do politician know about inflation when they just put everything down on expenses?

Body found in Blackpool toilets Pity it is not Broon Bread!

Blackpool to be in top three for shopping If you want Polish sausage, weed, crack, snide gear, tat!!

Popular Preston park 'plagued by rats' It’s all that bloody curry.

Anger at 'rights plea' for killer's family It criminals cannot take the pain they should not do the crime. They are sometimes better fed and looked after than pensioners who have never done a foul deed in their lives.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thursday 17th April 2008

Why broadband customers are only getting half the speed they pay for Anyone who thinks different is definitely not on the same wavelength as the rest f us.

Boy, 15, arrested for wiping snot on David Cameron's back What a picture! Not Cameron, but the smirking piece of British Shit who wastes my taxes on his breath.

No confidence rap for 'arrogant' council cabinet Well done the people of St Annes on the Sea. It is a shame there are not two hundred like minded people in Dirty Blackpool.

Benefits cheat was benefits' worker It says everything about the State of the Nation.

Notorious British Muslim activist who praised July 7th attacks found guilty of funding terrorism When David Cameron was challenged 5Live Tuesday, he was lost for a coherent answer. What’s wrong with allowing me, back into my Old Mob, and using these terrorists for live firing in Helmand Province? It will be better than fattening them up on BENEFITS?

New Barbie

So there's a new Barbie on the market. It comes with no shoes, no
clothes, no make-up, no car, no food, no house, no farm. It's called Zimbarbie.
She has a pet cow - Mooogarbie

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday 13th April 2008

I believe an Armed Forces Day would be welcome and supported by the military. It is a marvellous idea.” General Lord Guthrie, Former Chief of the Defence. What would have been a good idea was for this old sycophant to oppose the imposition of Acts of Parliament that stole pensions from former regular soldiers.

My experience is that people are increasingly proud of their forces yet the gulf between soldiers and the civilian is still too wide. Patrick Mercer MP. So why are the disrespected Armed Forces so under strength? Because they are like Mushroom Farmers?

Terror threat to UK 'is growing' You do not have to read about it. Muslims in Preston shoot from a car and the reports do not mention their ethnicity. Why not? Ten years ago I wrote to my MP and told him of the immigrants reportedly arming themselves in the Midlands regions; a precursor for the Jihad?

'Thousands' pose terror threat Thousands of WHAT? British Legion members? There are at least 2,000 people in the UK who pose a threat to national security because of their support for terrorism, the head of MI5 has said. Jonathan Evans said there had been a rise of 400 since November 2006. Thirty years of IRA terrorism because the politicians would not allow the Armed Forces to take on the terrorist. The only time Londonderry was quiet was when 4th Field Regiment RA arrived with their heavy guns. That speaks volumes.

Gran in Tesco boss planning war It’s the best thing to come out of Liverpool since my Great Aunt Mary. No doubt the Tesco tycoon has numerous other homes in Israel and some place they call Off Shore.

Pictures that should shame us all reveal the shabby way Britain treats its fallen heroes The Mail is only a week late with this story, but it is worth revisiting. YouTube does it to music and it really is moving. My sisters’ children are now Canadian and reflect the pride that was once the reserve of us Brits. As long as the media keeps calling Muslim terrorist British there will never be any pride left in this sick old country.

Outrage over Alan Yentob's £27,000 BBC expenses claim... including a £120 cake If his masters can do it, why not? When the only people held to account are the aged and disadvantaged, then you get what you vote for.

Fearless Tory becomes first MP to call for Speaker to quit Another non story. In Blackpool you cannot get the Conservatives to participate in political debate. When a constituent once asked about corruption in political places, the Chairman was heard to reply, “how much is a cuppa tea?” The same geriatric had not remembered to tell a running mate that a £200 election donation had been received from a prominent benefactor. The Treasurer resigned before it became a criminal matter. The worst Speaker in living memory is safe whilst local Conservatives kowtow to Central Office

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Saturday April 12th 2008

Tories join Brown in bid to block fraud investigations There defence will be that thousands of jobs are at stake. What about the millions going to corrupt nobodies like the sons of former Prime Ministers?

Patience with Mugabe thin, says PM What you going to do Broon, send in the Marines? The last time the British Government got involved, 60,000 Ndebele were murdered and a lot of White Okies.

Man knew of Glasgow airport attack His brother eventually became a kebab. It makes you wonder about the oaths these Muslims take, like the Hippocratic one – and First Do No Harm. It makes you wonder also, what value a statement made by a doctor? Can Social Service rely on what these people say?

More Soldiers Taking Out Life Insurance In a week where and when the Courts have told the Government they are wrong – in just about ever way – now the actions of soldiers speaks for itself. So what now the value of the fictitious Covenant?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday 10th April 2008

Can we let terrorists go free? The question ought to be asked, can we allow these potential mass murderers to live?

FIA approves secret ballot on Mosley’s fate It was a simple Goose Step to the Ball.

Court: Halted BAE Fraud Probe 'Unlawful' For those who criticise the Court, let them reflect that the level of poor illegitimate Governance is a result of allowing honourable persons respect they have dishonoured in actions and words.

Liquid Bomb Plot Accused's 'Martyr' Video The most irritating part of this murderous episode is that the media insists on calling these foreign immigrants British. That is insulting to all the men and women abroad who wear the uniform of HM Armed Forces. Deport them all in pine boxes. Let them dance with the Virgins in that mystical nowhere called death.

Serbian Charged With War Crimes No doubt the result of consecutive Governments placating foreigners and not looking to the interest of the people who are British.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Appeal court leaves terrorist deportation plan in tatters The Appeal Court today dealt a huge blow to the Government's efforts to deport terror suspects when it blocked a bid to send Abu Qatada, known as al-Qaeda's spiritual ambassador in Europe, to Jordan.

Three judges also allowed appeals by two Libyan terror suspects against deportation on the grounds that they face a risk of ill-treatment and torture. After the ruling, the Government abandoned deportation proceedings against ten further Libyan nationals, effectively recognising that there is no chance of deporting suspects back to Tripoli.

Abu Qatada was described by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) as an Islamic extremist actively engaged in trying to change the regime in Jordan and with links to terrorist groups.

Conspirator ‘took new identity to join bomb plot The leader of a terrorist plot to blow up transatlantic airliners in mid-flight was a shadowy figure who came to Britain with his new wife posing as an Islamic missionary, a court was told.

Mohammed Gulzar entered the country on a false South African passport, apparently triggering an acceleration of the terror cell’s preparations for the attack. Two days after his arrival the gang paid £138,000 cash for the flat that became its “bomb factory” and began acquiring bombmaking materials, recruiting suicide bombers and recording “martyrdom” videos.


Lords reject Iraq inquiry appeal The legal argument is unfortunately spurious as the Government of the day can and does go to war against whomever they like, with no recourse to Parliament. This is why it is absolutely essential that Members of Parliament do their duty and hold Government to account. When you cannot even rely on the Opposition - as the Conservative were all for this dubious action - to uphold standards in Parliament, then the whole system is flawed. The ones to blame for this fiasco are the Military Elite who allowed the politicians to bamboozle them into a grossly illegal action. They may have secured a place in history, but history will not view them in a good light.

Gang stab two in store race fight How headlines reveal more about the law than it does about criminals. A gang of young thugs wanted booze from a store and the staff refuse to let them have it. This happened on Highfield Road, Blackpool on a Saturday night, not twelve months after purge to clear the streets of the yobs. The police went away and the dross moved back. Not a month ago I witnessed about twenty police persons getting very rough with a victim of intimidation outside one of the many fast food outlets in exactly the same area. The mob of belligerent young thugs walked away with impunity whilst the irate victim was threatened with arrest. No witnesses were interviewed and the police were wholly disinterested in the facts.

What would have happened in this latest incident, had one of the stab victims been able to turn the tables on the thugs? No doubt they would be languishing in one of HM police stations and being patronized by a lovely police female person not long out of school. If Detective Sgt Blobby lives up to reputation, the crime will eventually go into the cold case folder in about two years, if that. There is a plaque not a few yards from this crime scene to another person murdered not so many years ago. How memories fade.

It was not a racist crime. The shop assistant is a Ghanaian. The victims are British and the charge ought to be attempted murder against two brave individuals who had the courage to stand up to the thugs. So where is the racism? Is it worse to be called names than to have your life threatened with a blade inserted into your body?

No doubt the young thugs will have videoed the event on their thieved mobiles and it will be circulating those airwaves of disrespect amongst those who think that this type of activity in natural and acceptable. WELCOME TO BLACKPOOL.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mugabe acts like the monkey he is.

Mugabe arrests election officials

THE Zimbabwe regime intensified its crackdown against the opposition yesterday ahead of a runoff vote for president, arresting at least five officials for allegedly under-counting votes cast for dictator Robert Mugabe in last month's election.
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Did anyone expect anything else?

Bad management - but no-one's to blame?

Sub-prime losses to top $1trillion

LOSSES from the sub-prime crisis are set to reach almost $US1trillion ($1.08trillion), according to the International Monetary Fund, which has warned the global credit crunch may get worse, with a risk of major bank failures.

The forecast losses are 10 times the size of the estimate made by the US Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, last July.

The IMF said write-downs and losses would reach $US945billion over the next two years, with the possibility of a further $US60billion to $90billion in bank losses caused by the downgrading of credit ratings of insurance companies that have guaranteed bonds. The IMF said these losses were putting the world's biggest financial institutions under strain.

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