Saturday, 3 December 2016

Big Chain Pub in St Annes on the Sea bars disabled Lady cos of her looks

In the modern era of Internet, there are now numerous sites which purport to advertise the Fylde Coast region. I am not being selective with my language as I am more than a little angry when this story came to light.

There is a famous pub/eatery on the outskirts of St Annes on the Sea which recently barred a lady from the establishment because, according to the person herself, she has a noticeable and very obvious facial disfigurement. She and her male friend have eaten there for many years. Recently, with new staff employed, one of these New Staff refused to serve this Regular Customer because... I don't really know why, because, so I will not speculate. Least to say that I hope that whilst it is undergoing modernisation, it updates the waiting staff on etiquette, service and just plain good manners.

What would have the owners of this place done had the customer been a fully shrouded Islamist feminist? We all know so that point is really rhetorical. How dare any company refuse to serve a charming and polite English Lady because she is inflicted with a disfigurement that no reasonable person would want?

What next? They will not serve us because we want to pay with Bacon flavoured polymers on our £20 notes? There are those on Lytham blogs who really get haughty and touchee feelie upset if you criticise the overprice pubs with their second rate ales. If they really cared for their community, they would be supporting this Lass and giving their third rate public houses the hard word! But they wont!!

I have just perused the internet and this place is very prominent. I sincerely hope they are not trying to hoodwink the public.  Deal with your problem and your staff before you advertise something, good service etcetera, which you cannot show to the disabled.