Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fisher's Field Myth of covenance. Blackpool's dwindling play areas

This debate has rumbled on ever since the Council built an Old Folks Day Centre on the land.
Never once has the Council addressed the angst of their paymasters, the ratepayer and taxpayers of the Borough, but has ploughed on leaving the people in ignorance.

Not so many years ago, there was a large sign on the St Annes Road side of the Field with the Rules of use. Where has it gone?  Under whose instruction was the board removed and where are the minutes of that instruction.  If the Council officials deny that this board ever existed, the posts remain in place and have not been removed.

Since the Change in Use, it has become a Doggy Toilet and renamed by locals "Dog Shit Park"! Children have been heard to complain that certain parts of the Field stink of "dog shit".  It was in Blackpool, albeit many years ago, that a case of Parvovirus resulted in a child loosing her sight because of contamination with doggy feaces.  Who will be responsible for the next case/cases?  Definitely not the overpaid officials in Town Hall!