Saturday, 9 July 2016

Travellers exercising their illegal right to trespass on childrens park

All this nonesensical talk about handling illegal/legal immigrants seems meaningless when Blackpool council - as with every council faced with a similar problem - can't get trespassers off a children's playing field.

I watched these vans and very expensive mobile homes invade Fishers Field, Highfield Road, Blackpool and stood by whilst the feckless Council and Police scratched their wondrous heads. Had I interfered and told the invaders to move on, No Doubt I would have been arrested for Breach of the Peace!!!

One constable onto the fields the instant the interlopers arrived would/could/should have been sufficient to move them on.  If reports are correct, they had already broken into a private school field by removing the gate locks. It means that as long as they trespass, the dogs can't defecate in peace on the children's football pitches...Oh! Well...

Do we have to endure illegal activity in our midst by those with no appreciation of of our law or tradition?  If politicians have their way, dead right we will?  If we can't rid ourselves of Romanian thieving gangs, Islamic Mullah hate preachers, and illicit BBC licence fees, we have no chance with pseudo tinkers from deepest Ireland.

What do they all have in common?  They all scream Human Rights whilst treading all over yours and mine.