Monday, 22 July 2013

New Zealand earthquake cause by Fracking off Blackpool

New Zealand earthquake cause by Fracking off Blackpool, in the Fylde area.

On a planet that does hardly ever have seismic activity, all the faults of creation can now be blamed on the UK's need to become fuel independent.  Not that there has ever been any earthquakes in idyllic Britain!  The EDL and BNP blame most of Earth's shifts on overcrowding. What this statement emphasises that unless people are prepared to have open minds about any subject, the debate quickly degenerates into misguided theology.  I gave over listening to priests and voodoo practitioners when I watched my catholic grandmother lamblast a priest for frightening her grandchild.
Whatever is going to happen over the need for fuel, one thing is absolutely guaranteed.  Even without the drilling for gas, the Fylde Coast will have an earthquake.  It may not happen tomorrow, next year or next century, but it will happen as long as the Continents keep moving.  And all the prayers since page one of that unholy fiction was foisted on humanity, the Bible, cannot stop it occurring.