Saturday, 27 March 2010

Too sick to work, but not to thieve from the public purse

Margaret Moran MP
Labour MP for Luton South

Margaret Moran

Margaret Moran was first elected as the MP for Luton South in May 1997. Her interests span a wide range of concerns from housing, to domestic violence, new technologies, social exclusion and football.
Above all she remains committed and focused on the task of serving the needs of her constituents in Luton South.

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It looks like Margaret the Thief is not responding to email. I bet she's still accepting a wage packet, from all of you. Vote Labour and this is what you get.
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Where are you Margaret? Are you still touting for work?
Do the decent thing and forgo your golden handshake and leave the scene quietly. Or better still, go straight to jail.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Conservative trougher

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MP David Curry to repay

£28,000 after expenses


Tory MP David Curry
Mr Curry is one of many MPs to have been investigated
Conservative MP David Curry has been told to repay £28,000 and apologise to Parliament after a "serious breach" of the rules on second home expenses.

The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee found the MP claimed £38,000 for his second home in Yorkshire despite staying there "very rarely".

Last year the MP and former minister stood down as chairman of the Standards Committee, which polices MPs' behaviour, after newspaper reports about his expenses.

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Why is he not prosecuted for fraud or straight forward theft from the Public Purse? Is it because he once - so recently -led the committee which now rules on his behaviour?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Moral Labour stalwarts

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Labour’s Dirty Dozen

The majority of Labour MPs were ordered to repay expense “over-claims” – fiddles in normal language. In the real world employees caught fiddling on this scale would be fired. MPs are supposed to work for you, remember that on election day…

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Defend these, Labour, if you can.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Justice for victims.

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Newlove killer lodges

appeal bid

Adam Swellings
One of the gang who kicked to death father-of-three Garry Newlove is to appeal against his conviction. He was not as smartly dressed the evening he shattered a decent life whilst out on a drugs and booze binge with his friends and kicked garry Newlove to death.
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Jordon Cunliffes mother is putting up an admirable and wholly misguided defence for doing nothing. She is the wonderful advocate of indifference, complicity and accessory to an act and heinous crime without repercussion.
If Mrs Cunliffes needs something, it was an abortion 18 years ago.
Now leave a decent family to piece back together a good life without your belated mother's concerns.

Corruption continues, years on.

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Hounding of a decent woman:

Labour's brutal campaign to

destroy ethics watchdog

Elizabeth Filkin

Elizabeth Filkin was well aware she had been making powerful

But she only realised how dangerous they were when she received
a visit from the former Labour chief whip Lord Cocks.

Elizabeth Filkin: Revealed corruption and deception

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Years on and this story, thankfully, will not go away.

When will our MP's realise that when you work in the farmyard you can expect to get cow shit on your boots? The decent farmer cleans it off before going in for breakfast. Our MP's walk it inside and brush it under the carpet.
Hence the staggering silence from all three Fylde and Wyre MP's. They, those leaving at the next election, will be taking with them hefty handouts and a wonderful pension.
They've certainly feathered their own nests.

Friday, 19 March 2010

This tells the real story

Ex-soldiers in medals protest

  • Tommy Moffat wants to meet Alex Salmond
  • A group of former soldiers will dump their medals outside the Scottish Parliament today.

    Their move is in protest at the closure of a centre that helps them cope with war injuries or trauma.

    The Forward Edge Of Battle Centre (FEBA) in Hamilton provides vital help to traumatised or injured ex-servicemen.

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    How the public have been suckered into thinking that politicians care about former soldiers.
    They do not, they never have and they never will.

    When Joe Public started clamouring for veterans to indicate themselves by wearing the insulting Veterans Badge, those veteran who could see an insult were sidelined and ignored. Eventually you will see all veterans being sidelined and ignored - even more than they are today.

    Tuesday, 16 March 2010

    Sign this petition, now

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    Common Sense Mayor - Fighting PC
    Common Sense Mayor - Fighting PC

    The Mayor of Doncaster is being subjected to an investigation to answer an outrageous charge that his plans to eradicate political correctness would incite hatred.  

    It is likely that this complaint (which has already cost taxpayers in Doncaster many thousands of pounds) will be escalated still further and will interfere with his democratically elected mandate to tackle political correctness.

    80% of the people of Britain (in an ICM poll commissioned by the Campaign Against Political Correctness) are fed up with political correctness and this figure is consistent regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, geographical location etc. 

    We urge all those who want to see an end to political correctness - which is intolerant, bureaucratic and expensive - to support the Mayor in his fight for a return to common sense and sign this petition now.
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    Former Social worker to TWAT

    Karl Winn ... banned ex-servicemen

    A RANTING company boss has caused outrage

    by claiming that he would rather employ a

    PAEDOPHILE than one of our brave troops.

    Karl Winn, 60, said he would "recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts

    and child molesters" instead of former servicemen or women.

    Winn, a former social worker, wrote back: "Personally, I'd rather

    recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and even child molesters rather

    than consider anybody who has been in the pay of the British


    "Anybody who has been in the pay of such a military force, and

    by their silence and complicity has condoned such illegal and

    immoral actions while accepting a monthly blood-stained

    pay-packet, certainly will not be considered for employment by us!

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    I said everything in the title.

    Saturday, 13 March 2010

    Labour silent on its own indiscretions

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    Official decisions taken by the former leader of Glasgow City Council Steven Purcell must be investigated in the light of allegations surrounding Purcell’s resignation, according to SNP Councillor Billy McAllister.
    McAllister, a long time campaigner against serious and organised crime in Glasgow, has written to Glasgow City Council chief executive George Black with a series of questions he says need to be answered in the wake of Purcell’s dramatic resignation and subsequent disappearance from public life. The letter is carried in the current edition of Holyrood magazine.
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    Why has this story any resonance for the people of Blackpool and the surrounding district? Because I listen to these people daily?!?!? Blackpool is the New Capitol of Scotland and the emigrants from that beautiful country now exercise their ancient bigotry in the pubs and clubs of Blackpool. Everything in wonderful Scotland is 'perfect'. Why then do so many leave and not stay in the wonderful Shangri-la of their twisted imaginations? It is because it is rotten to the core and those isolated voices who do speak out are ostracised and vilified by pressure groups like political parties.

    Saturday, 6 March 2010

    Did Brown Lie to Inquiry?

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    Lord Guthrie: Gordon Brown

    did not give all we asked for

    Long before we went into Iraq or Afghanistan

    Gordon Brown was unsympathetic to the

    defence budget when he was chancellor.

    BNP: General Lord Guthrie backs hijack claims

    The whole defence budget was extremely difficult to run in Mr Brown's time, says Lord Guthrie
    Photo: Peter MacDiarmid

    The Ministry of Defence received the bare minimum from the chancellor, who
    wanted to give the military as little as he could get away with.

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    The one fact that this Chilcot inquiry seems miles away from (I am loath to say avoided) was if Chancellor Brown paid for every request from the MOD, did the MOD spending increase by not a penny? In fact, during a period of so-called war, there was a reduction in expenditure.
    Will someone explain, in simple English, how?

    Thursday, 4 March 2010

    French honour local Veterans

    Notareargunner would like to thank the French authorities for remembering those who fought for their and our Freedom. The fact that this accolade goes to 2 of the best characters in the Fylde district fills everyone with pride.

    Now let us face the shame. Derek, a wonderful gentleman, is not in the best of health. A blotched leg operation has resulted in multiple corrective and unsuccessful surgeries. Last June he was expecting to join his former comrades on the beaches of Normandy, all arrangement supposedly made and facilities check for the wheelchair and aides, but...
    And what a terrible but. The disgraceful disregard for the wishes of men who gave so much is indicative of the shameful way that he learned, only at the last minute, that the organisers had left him and his family out of the arrangements.
    Strange enough, the organisers had not forgotten their own freebies. Blackpool Councillors went, but not a distraught and angry Derek. It is but another illustration of the depths that people sink once they wear the cloak of politician. The very same Councillor has been witnessed causing outrage with Veterans in Rhyl when he was trying to sell the veterans badge to real Veterans. A rather lovely and sprightly lady had to remind Mr Manure that she was never patronised whilst she served Her Nation and was not prepared to be talked down to by him. Her intervention prevented the future councillor from loosing his seat, and his legs and his head.
    Well done Joe Bass and Derek Coyle. Better late than never. It may just remind the youth that it was not just the Yanks and Private Ryan (I mean no disrespect for either) who retook Europe.

    Blackpool and Blackburn wasting more money

    Resort in £250,000 battle

    with Preston

    An artist's impression of the  Tithebarn project
    An artist's impression of the Tithebarn project
    BLACKPOOL is prepared to pay up to £250,000 to prevent Preston building a massive new shopping complex.
    A consortium has been formed and has hired top planning QC Christopher Katkowski – with the cost being split between Blackpool and Blackburn.

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    Instead of cleaning up their tarnished gardens, Blackpool and Blackburn are about to waste a bucket load of much needed money to challenge a Council that is trying to improve its own services.
    Are they stupid, or malicious, or just plain jealous?

    Wednesday, 3 March 2010

    Cash for Councillors?

    Donation broke council rules

    A TORY Parliamentary candidate DID break council rules when he failed to declare a £5,000 donation from a developer wanting planning permission to build hundreds of new homes.
    An investigation by the Standards Board for England has found the action by Coun Ron Bell contravened the code of conduct for councillors, but has ruled out punishing him and said asking for donations "was not improper".
    It was revealed last August that donations totalling £10,000 were made to the Blackpool South Conservative Association by Kensington Developments, which has applied to build 540 homes on Marton Moss.
    The cash was channelled into an election war chest for Coun Bell, who is the Conservative candidate for the Blackpool South seat in Parliament.

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    So now it's universal that miscreant political figures handling dodgy money will not face sanctions. Whether it is Westminster or your local council, the immunity is now universal. But just you dare challenge a speeding ticket as Andy Miller would have liked to have done, had he not died in the hands of a magistrates appointed bailiff.
    Perhaps Marston's know that JP's are excempt from Rules and Regulations. It all stinks foul in the Offices of the Blackpool South Conservative Party. Not that Labour can be smug. Every issue is endorsed out of an orifice of a man who lied about a £300k loan and Labour worship him. Filthy political shits, all of them. Hypocrits to a fault.

    Tuesday, 2 March 2010

    Islam in Britain

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    Britain's Islamic Republic

    Andrew Gilligan

    Dispatches investigates a fundamentalist Islamic group headquartered in Britain, and its claims to have placed its 'brothers' in positions of political power here.

    Using undercover recordings, investigative journalist Andrew Gilligan reveals the group's ambitions to create a worldwide 'Islamic social and political order,' and the concerns of a mainstream party that they are being 'infiltrated'; and talks to the Muslims who want to stop it.

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    I have wondered why the average Brit can walk down the street and see the reality of multi-culturism and mass immigration and know what is really happening. But the gag of the feeble minded political parties and correction police prevent any outcry. Just try to deport an illegal immigrant, a former War Lord from Afghanistan, the Somali who goes on to murder a British policewoman... Need I go on?
    Yes. It is the duty of every Brit to expose the lies of the offensive Lib-Lab-Con pact.

    Monday, 1 March 2010

    Former Marine stopped for tatoo at Heathrow

    A former Royal Marine from Merseyside was ordered to cover up the military insignia which he wears with pride as he passed through airport security.
    Paul Fairclough with his tattoo

    Ex-army medic Paul Fairclough was stunned and angry after being informed that his tattoo of the Marines famous dagger badge was "offensive", and must be hidden from public view.
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    Wonderful reporting. Apart from this former Bootneck not being in the Army, it goes to show the ignorance and disrespect shown to lads who have taken the Queens Shilling.
    You should have stuffed it up her arse.