Monday, 30 June 2008

A festering boil

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Spelman Faces Fresh Revelations

Caroline Spelman paid nanny in 1997

However Newsnight said that a number of Tory MPs who are familiar with Mrs Hammond's version of events have now contacted the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Michael Spicer, demanding Mrs Spelman be sacked.

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The Conservatives will become Spellbound if they do not lance the boil of illegal expenses. If the Cameron Cabal have any decency they would sack her and every other MP who cannot account for every penny claimed from the PUBLIC. But that will never happen.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Forty Years too late

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Snatch Land Rover to be scrapped by the British Army

Defence chiefs have ordered an emergency review of the Army's controversial "Snatch" Land Rover after the deaths of four soldiers in Afghanistan, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

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Paddy Ashdown as a Company Commander of E Coy 41 Commando, must have some interesting memories of his tours in Belfast with this useless vehicle.
If Peter Allen is still interested in this period, he should check with the Nobbled Lord some of the history of the riots, especially those when his Lordship was driven by one of the Dynamic Duo.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday 26th June 2008

End of the John Lewis list: MPs to be banned from buying TVs and installing new kitchens on expenses. But can the thieving bastards still pay rent and claim expenses on houses they already own?

Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper face sleaze watchdog probe over using expenses to pay their mortgage. Surely they should be facing a court of law?

Smoking's hidden death toll revealed. About 13,000 Scots a year die of lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases, such heart illnesses. Another 1,600 people die in Scotland each year from the cancers newly linked to the habit. Whenever this topic is mentioned, the addicts counter the facts with dubious statistics of imaginary family members who lived to be 367, smoked fifty Woodbines a day, never had a day’s illness and all their family members died in their second century.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

More dead Parrots

In the Dead Parrot debate, I said that both Blackpool MP’s would abrogate their responsibility and avoid asking questions. Indeed they went one better and avoided the debate completely.

How then should I feel when Gordon Marsden MP, escorts the mother of a fallen comrade at the Blackpool Cenotaph, when he seems incapable of insisting that the fallen hero had the best equipment possible? If this defunct Labour Government really meant a syllable of what they espouse, they would quadruple the manpower in Afghanistan overnight, or withdraw completely.

In Rhodesia, a tiny enclave of decency and respect, when the Army was in need, the population pulled out every stop to assist. For those who think I am blinkered, I admit it, with the proviso that I served in a Black Regiment and was equally as proud of my Black Comrades as I am with my Whites.

The MoD has obviously not got hold of the Rhodesian Army Corp of Engineers blueprints for the vehicles used in the bush. The Rhino was a mash of spare parts from obsolete Landrovers which made a brilliantly simple anti-mine vehicle, saving numerous lives. The use of sandbags in vehicles, water in tyres and shaping of vehicles so that explosions were diverted away proved simple, cheap and effective. If we could get MP’s away from organising their expenses to benefit themselves, perhaps we could get some sense out of this mess the Tony Blair put us into.

But what is most irritating, and will be ghauling to the families of killed soldiers, is that the Landrover was proved ineffective because of NOISE, IMMOBILITY, PROTECTION AND LACK OF SPEED, in N. Ireland, as far back as 1970.

If this Mastiff vehicle is as good as the MoD says, will it defend the passengers against landmines? At about £800.000 each, it is an overpriced exercise in stupidity and obduracy on behalf of the civilian led MoD. The only vehicle the Army should be using en-mass is the helicopter.

Having watched twice the Procurement Debate and the debate in Chambers with two high ranking Army Officers, the amount of political correctness on every part was sickening. Chinook helicopters kept in expensive mothballs, C 130’s still without fuel tanks with fire retardant capability ad nausea. It was noted that many speakers have now acknowledged the lack of wisdom – I would say possible illegality – in the purchase of the useless SA 80/81 assault rifle. Boeing, it is intimated, have taken 10 years to fulfil the obligation of a contract on Chinook helicopters. Surely that should have been done ten years ago and the Generals and Civil Servants cashiered - with no index linked pensions - for dereliction of a duty of care to 100 plus dear, dead soldiers?

As an infantier I ask this question. Which bright spark thinks it is logistically sound for the walking /fighting soldier to have to carry two sizes of ammunition? Almost every picture coming out of Afghanistan show the action initiated at ranges of over three hundred yards. This is well beyond the range of the SA 80 and makes the collective firepower in the infantry section useless. Historically, the 5.56 never has competed with 7.62 short of the opposition. To quote… “It cannot be said that the AK47 won the war in Vietnam. What can be said is that the Armalite helped to loose it for the Americans.”

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Dead Parrot Debate in Westminster.

In today’s European Affairs Debate there were several noticeable contributions, but generally the debate was not worth reporting precisely that from the Government. It was full of misleading references, especially to Article 47 which is taken to mean the right to a fair trial. Surely what was being alluded to is the fact that if a single country will not or cannot ratify a treaty, that treaty cannot become Law, hence is not ratifiable by the other members of the Community.

To debate something that cannot happen is a complete and utter waste of time and energy unless it is part of a purely academic exercise in semantics. That surely is not for within the main Chamber of the House of Commons especially at a time when the poor are being further disenfranchised by economic stupidity, greed and short-sightedness. Of the contributions today, the two most worthy of report were Gisela Stuart, MP for Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton, eine Liebe frau von Deutschland and the doughty Aberdonian Richard Shepherd, Conservative MP for Aldridge-Brownhills (on the latter, I note with concern the obvious deterioration in the gentleman’s health and hope he does not follow my Aberdonian friends and become former members of FP’s). The vitriolic attack by the latter on the sycophant MP for Leicester was a Parliamentary masterpiece in an age of cowardice and political doublespeak.

I watched with intrigue as the two MP’s for Blackpool adjusted their speech papers in what I anticipated was to be some earth moving incantation of the upholding of the Rule of Law; as they had stoically partook of the debates in recent days past. I await with anticipation confirmation, through the media of, so to be able to read their intriguing contributions to this week’s activity, on my behalf, within the Westminster Village but will only – sadly - confirm my observation that they are both lacking. There has not been as much as a token cough from Blackpool’s representatives on the floor of the House. That is reflected on the digital coverage received from independent observers.

What anticipation is there for Thursday when there is to be a Defence Procurement debate, where the questions, why?…have to be asked.

Why is it that MoD procurement is amongst the dearest in the World?

Why does the cheapest nut and bolt in the world cost the MoD at least £1 (one pound sterling).

Why are soldier being killed with no proper communications, yet simple global cell phones cost as little as £50 a piece? Has the expensive experience of Foot and Mouth in 2001 gone by with none of the lessons learned?

Why do soldiers have to wait for ineffective vehicles like the Bulldog and the Ridgeback, when they ought to have listened to the Rhodesian veterans and immediately implemented systems, systems which cost coppers, which could and do prevent death from landmines.

Why does Parliament allow thousands of former regular servicemen to be denied their rightful pensions? Because they know they can. In twenty years time I foresee them taking from today's soldiers their pensions as they now wilfully deny wounded soldiers real compensation that a future lifetime of disability necessitates.

The Loud Mouth on the tele.

When Yorkshire wakes up and realise that this odious woman is their mouthpiece, they will understand how Nu LieBer can send us into illegal wars whilst undermining your, and mine RIGHTS. Allow gun culture to run rampant; 19 year olds seem to be able to get guns easier then an education; they do not have the courage to debate Human Right through the one choice they - the Yorkshire Tykes - have, the ballot box.
If you will elected hung monkeys, you deserve the Caroline Flints of the world.
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Caroline Flint. Photograph: Martin Argles.

Caroline Flint. Photograph: Martin Argles.

The MP for Yorkshire and the Humber, who until today was work and pensions minister, has made steady progress since gaining her first proper ministerial post in 2003.

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First Female British soldier killed in action in Afghanistan.

First British woman killed in Afghanistan

Three of the soldiers were killed in the blast and another was pronounced dead
on arrival at Camp Bastion. A fifth soldier wounded in the attack is being
treated for his injuries and is said to be in a stable condition.

The dead female soldier, a member of the Intelligence Corps, is the first
British servicewoman to die on active service in Afghanistan, although women
troops have been killed in Iraq. Next of kin have been informed, and the
names of the dead will be released after a 24 hour period for private grief.

The deaths represent the biggest single loss of life for British forces in
Afghanistan since September 2006, when 14 personnel were killed when an RAF
Nimrod came down near Kandahar.

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With several friends with daughters in the War Zones I will temper my reaction. The situation in Afghanistan will get worse and more families will grieve.
I sincerely sympathise with these bereaved families and hope that their families are strong enough to withstand this awful onslaught.

If we are fighting terrorism and the scourge of heroin abuse, why are the likes of Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss not charged with/ as accomplices to the soldiers murders? Do these self indulgent personalities not realise that their addictions are costing decent people their lives - and they do not take their evil drugs.

Zimbabwe going to the fear elections

This is but a sample of the intimidation metered out in Zimbabwe since the March elections (see bigger map). To Lt Col Lonsdale RMA and all the other sycophants who applaud their wonderful deeds in the early eighties, is this of what you are proud?
Why were the warnings of the Rhodesians simple fearmongering from a people who are as indigenous as the migratory black tribes? To the intelligentsia who applaud the stupidity of the generation that demanded the removal of the White Tribe from Africa, where will your stupidity stop? When the Whites are removed from Europe? To the above mentioned former Royal Marine Officer, if you don't know the difference between Swahili and Shona, keep your ill conceived opinions to yourself. Those of us who wear the Rhodesian General Service medal, we do so with pride. Come this November 11th I hope there is a moment to remember this once great nation, but I doubt it.
To some of my dead comrades, Tony Clark, Danie Botha, Kenny Morris and many others, I can but apologise for not succeeding in keeping Rhodesia alive.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New Africa - anient bigotry.

In the UK they are introducing a Law that prohibits xenophobia. How therefore do I tell my family about my murdered friends, Ray Beamish and others, and the thousands of N'debele murdered by Sir Robert Mugabe without infringing this Law?

Monday, 16 June 2008

Weed on the brain

Jackee Spliff now has a medical excuse for being a prick...????
Anyone who lived in ancient (and beautiful) Rhodesia will remember the Patonka tribe. Nu Lieber has fallen into their trap and now exhibit exactly the same manifestations. Having seen some of the women the former Lib Dems leader had sex with, there is an argument to say that perhaps he too ought to have been on the Grass.
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Heavy marijuana use shrinks brain - study

The hippocampus regulates memory and emotion, while the amygdala plays a critical role in fear and aggression.

The study, published in the American Medical Association's journal Archives of General Psychiatry, also found the heavy cannabis users earned lower scores than the nonusers in a verbal learning task - trying to recall a list of 15 words.
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Monday, 9 June 2008

Tale of Two Rugby Players

‘Tienie’ Martin’s Great Grandfather Marthinus Martin arrived in the Eastern Highlands of what was then Southern Rhodesia in October of 1894. Having led 104 settlers on a harrowing journey north from South Africa the new arrivals set about hacking a livelihood out of a largely deserted wilderness and helped pioneer commercial farming in the new country.

His grandson Marthinus (ii) farmed on and became one of Rhodesia’s top tobacco producers. ‘Tienie’ (Marthinus iii) grew up on Tiny Farm in Inyazura. Youngest of three brothers with two sisters the Martins were a pivotal family in the community with Marthinus (ii) widely respected by all, a patriarchal figure filling the role of informal, ‘elder statesman’

Excelling at sport ‘Tienie’ shunned academia, much to the annoyance of his father who gave him one shot at university and meant it. ‘Tienie’ was soon back on the ‘plaas’ after a brief, fun-filled, but academically unrewarding sojourn at ‘Tukkies’ where he represented Northern Transvaal and SA Universities at athletics.

But back in Rhodesia he was quickly noticed on the rugby field by the national selectors and earned his first national cap in 1966. By 1968 he was in line for Springbok honours when injury struck and he was ruled out of the South African tour of France.

In 1969 the British Barbarians, asked to choose the best fly-half they encountered on their southern Africa tour were unequivocal in their rating of him above Springbok Piet Visagie. Later that year there was criticism in the SA press when Martin was overlooked in favour of Mike Lawless. He was however chosen for the SA Gazelles and Springbok trials and also represented the SA ’B’. By 1971 his competitive career, marred by injury, was over but ‘Tienie’ Martin had staked a claim for recognition as one of Rhodesia’s greatest fly-halves. In the popularity stakes, with his good looks, charm and sense of humour Rhodesian rugby lost one it’s most charismatic players.

Married to Charlotte in 1971 ‘Tienie’s father died in 1974 and he took over the farm acquiring a reputation, in his own right, similar to his fathers; liked and respected across the racial divide by all and a first-class farmer. “I don’t think ‘Tienie’ Martin has an enemy in the world,” says former fellow-farmer and friend, ‘Lochie’ Slabbert, “he is just one of the nicest people I have ever known”.

But everything changed just after 1 o’clock on Monday 8th December of 2003 when ‘occupiers’ burst through the farm gates and told ‘Tienie’s daughter Shelly that they were taking ‘Tiny Farm’ and wanted to see her father .

Hearing of the crisis nearby a neighbour phoned ‘Tienie’ who was in Harare at the time. He hastened back that afternoon to meet a large man accompanied by 12 youths in a belligerent mood. The man introduced himself as Joseph Mujati, handed Martin a letter and informed him that he was taking over the farm immediately.

Martin looked at the letter and noted that that it was for the acquisition of the adjacent property known as ‘Tiny Extension’ not ‘Tiny Farm’. He pointed out this fact to Mujati who said it was irrelevant and that the letter could be changed in two minutes to read ‘Tiny farm’. He was adamant he wanted Tiny Farm and the Martin family home for 80 years. He told Martin to start packing immediately and to get off the property.

“I insisted he was acting illegally,” remembers Martin. “I phoned the police in Nyazura who arrived to tell me I would not be subjected to any violence but that I had to pack and leave in the morning.

“Crack of dawn my wife Charlotte, my daughter Shelly and myself started packing. Our situation was made worse by the verbal abuse we were subjected to while trying to pack in the presence of two policemen.. This carried on all the time but they could not wait for us to leave and the looting of the house started while we were still there. Not even my golf clubs were spared. 100m away my eldest daughter Shayne was also being harassed and verbally abused while trying to pack up her home. One policeman mentioned that he could not believe his eyes. He was standing witness to a crime and forbidden to do anything.

“We left that afternoon at 4:30pm with three vehicles and our furniture thanks to friends and neighbours who sent transport to assist us without us having to ask. We will be forever grateful. They were fantastic. I reminded myself that we were lucky we had not been beaten or murdered like so many others. My crops, livestock, tractors and workshop equipment was all left behind. In a few hours we had lost everything. Three generations had worked hard to build what was taken in a day.

“On the night of 12 December 2003, one of my workers who had been with me for 12 years was called by Mujati and accused of being a ‘sell out’. He was beaten, tied up in a net and dumped into the swimming pool. He was lucky to survive. Another one of my workers who was looking after my cattle was subjected to threats and had to flee. He later returned to carry on with his work.

“The next day, a Saturday I went to the farm with the police but was not allowed into the yard and not allowed to speak to any of my workers. I was very worried about them and anxious to find out if they were alright but forbidden to do so. Mujati told me that he was now also the owner of my crops, and said he would pay for all of them as well as my equipment (to this day 4 years on I have not received a cent and have lost millions of Rands). I had paprika, maize and tobacco almost ready to be reaped. He told me my workers were to stop working and that I should pay them their gratuities as he would then take them over, and that our domestic staff were to leave the farm.

“I was told by Mujati in the presence of a police Superintendent that none of my tractors and equipment would be used by him or moved off the farm. Soon after I left the tractors were sent out to work.

“After having meetings with the Governor of Manicaland I was told I could finish my crops, but was never allowed to do so. Then I had a call from Mujati telling me to get my cattle off the farm but I refused as I had no where to put them. He then ordered the cattle to be left in the pens with no water or food. A few days later I managed to get Mrs Harrison of the SPCA to visit the farm to try to save the cattle and she reported back that they were being looked after by my workers in spite of Mujati’s instructions.

“On Tuesday (13th Jan) I obtained another High Court Order instructing me to return to my house and farm and remain there until all my crops had been reaped. After the case I agreed to meet Mujati at the farm on the Friday, but he did not appear.

“The next day a truckload of thugs arrived at the house I was temporarily staying at, warning me against meeting Mujati. They warned me not to go to the farm as I would be ‘dealt with’ and the house I was staying in would be burnt to the ground. The home did not belong to me. It belonged to very good friends of mine who were kind enough to let us stay there in the interim. The mob also told me that the police had nothing to do with this matter.”‘Tienie’ and Charlotte have not been back to their farm or home and live with little more than memories in a small rented town-house in Harare.

The homestead, so recently a study in rural refinement and elegance that radiated warmth and good cheer is dank and dark. The garden that once bloomed in a riot of colour, a testament to the life of ‘Tienie’s mother ‘Miemps’ and then Charlotte who tended it with passion and care, is now a mass of miserable weeds. The farm that pulsed with productive endeavour is derelict, and the buildings are broken. ‘Tiny Farm’ is sliding swiftly back into the state it was in when ‘Tienie’s forebears arrived over eighty years ago.

But there is a sad twist in the tail of this sad saga. ‘Tiny Farm’ home of Joseph Mujati, looks set to do what Marthinus Martin failed to do; produce a rugby Springbok. Brian Mujati is an odds-on favourite to play against Wales next month.

‘Tienie’ wishes Brian all the best in his rugby future.

Brian Mujati, John Smit (50) and Andries Bekker with their caps

How many Rhodesians have lost everything to pay for Brian's chance to play Springbok?
That reminds me of the time, not so many years ago, when I was working in a Fylde hostelry and had this African Adonis and his under age schoolgirl friend swapping saliva in a corner of the public bar. After informing this highly excited maiden that I thought she was under-age and was leaving that instant, potential Loverboy told me she was with him and she was of age.
"No N'dabe,"replied me. "For you, M'Shona, I have sent for one of my RAR sergeants." I think he broke 9seconds for the first 200 yards.
When asked how I knew he was Zimbabwian, the reply was simple. When you have lived in Africa you learn the sounds and the smells, the shapes and the dispositions - otherwise you ended up dead.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bending the Law

Murdered on her husband's orders, this WPC was lauded by Met boss Ian Blair. But as a chilling Mail investigation reveals, she was a vice madam with a criminal record. Worse,the police knew all about it. So why WAS Nisha Patel unsackable?

The fact is that there is little doubt that she was involved with the vice ring while serving as a special constable in the Met.

Indeed, she habitually used her status as an officer to threaten creditors. She also threatened a businesswoman that she would be investigated on the police national computer. On top of all this, she was even fined £10,000 for tax evasion.

They asked the question, and Notareargunner will offer one answer. An immigrant, married to an immigrant, given preferential treatment because political correctness forbids the calling a spade a shovel. They say hers is a victimless crime. Tell that to the thousands of women and children who are sold around the world to satisfy the lusts of the rich and depraved.
A nation who can Knight a despot like Robert Mugabe has proved itself capable of indifference on an enormous scale. If I am guilty of xenophobia, racism and homophobia then it is because I have lived a full life and experience first hand the consequences of Liberal Minded Correctness. If they want to give reward for endeavour, then give Dennis Shambley former Royal Marine, an OBE for facing up to Labour in their heartland of Wigan.

The Church wakes up!

The Conservatives cannot remove the sleaze tab. Labour is inept, incompetent and also corrupt. Lib Dems are Lib Dems. And the Church of England is a toothless tiger. Where are the Cromwell's, the leaders, the men of conviction and faith in the British Nation?
Not in the Political Arena - as yet.

Church attacks Labour for betraying Christians

The policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have helped to generate a
spiritual, civic and economic crisis in Britain, according to an important
Church of England report.
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Friday, 6 June 2008

The trough thickens

We have had Giles Chichester personally benefiting from payments of £445,000 to his own family service company based at his home, Den Dover authorising payments of £758,143 to his wife's profiteering service company also headquartered at his home. Blatant and unacceptable self dealing says Guido. Too Right says Notareargunner.

The Daily Politics do listen to viewers. Yesterday, they read out an email which corrected the misconception that Service Personnel get free food and lodgings. They do not, except when in the field. Well Done the Daily Politics for at least investigating this terribly misleading situation. By the way, do Firemen have to pay for sleeping at the station? NO! So why do service personnel have to pay to sleep in camp?

Answers to the Minister of Defence through your MP - who's probable busy readjusting his/her expense claims.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Top Tory in Europe only partially goes

He Says "Whoops-a-Daisy", We Say "Corrupt"

Admiral Giles Chichester leader of the Conservatives in Europe, MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar
Conservative MEP with special responsibility for Devon and Cornwall and to his self?

What an ignoble way to besmirch the family name.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Conservatives not telling about their expenses.

This morning's Telegraph reveals that David Cameron has "demanded" a "full explanation" from Mr Chichester. If such an explanation is not forthcoming it is suggested that Mr Chichester will be removed as leader of the Tory MEPs.

It's vital that the Tory leadership get answers to a range of questions. Open Europe's Neil O'Brien has identified three key topics:

  1. Why are some Conservative MEPs refusing to answer basic questions about how they handle their expenses? Why won’t they name their service providers?
  2. What “services” exactly are being provided the MEPs “service providers” and who are they employing?
  3. Have other MEPs or their relatives been paid - either directly or indirectly - by the service providers which they have paid their expenses into?

The Conservative Party's MEP selection process was constructed so that all sitting MEPs were re-adopted. Grassroots members were excluded from what was a centralised and undemocratic process. The party leadership needs to make amends by making tough requirements of the MEPs it has protected. Some MEPs like Chris Heaton-Harris already operate a full disclosure policy - see this section (below) of his website. All MEPs should do the same.

MEPs also get a "General Expenditure Allowance" which is currently £2896.17 per month. This is meant to cover all sorts of things including: Office rental, telephone lines, computers etc, mobile phone costs, travel within my region and the UK, newspapers/magasines, stamps and other postage, office equipment, etc etc. There have been some stories in the newspapers about MEPs being allowed to pay for a "additional voluntary pension" from this allowance. Whilst it is true that you can do this, MEPs are expected to repay this money (which is deducted at source). Anyhow I have not been a member of the scheme since 2004.

I use Alliotts Accountants in Guildford as my "Service Provider". They ensure that all the money I have allotted to me for staff is spent correctly, that the correct tax, national insurance and other deductions are made and report this annually to the European Parliament services.

I do currently employ a member of my family to work for me. My wife, Jayne, is my UK Diary Secretary and I pay her £1,000 per month (gross). Should you wish to meet with me about European issues, either in Brussels, Strasbourg or (preferably) the UK, please hit the “Contact Chris” link on the left-hand menu and we can start the ball rolling.

We have had 11 years of Labour incompetence and ineptitude. Are we to replace it with that old Conservative attitude of 'I know best'? Why cannot we have a ballot paper that simply states that none of the above are fit to represent me?

The New Politician has proved that more public scrutiny is demanded, NOT LESS.

Monday, 2 June 2008

John Burnside

Suddenly, at his home on St David's Road, St Annes on the Sea, on May 21st 2008, former Royal Marine John Matthew Burnside, aged 68.
Cremation at Lytham Friday 30th May 2008.
John was one of the fittest young men of his time. A good runner and a capable boxer, he later became a policeman but left to follow a career in the plumbing trade.

Rest in Peace old oppo.