Friday, 11 February 2011

Lancashire sacrifice

These are a pages from the Westhoughton Memorial Book to the Pretoria Pit Disaster on the 21st December 1910.

For those who have never been taught history or geography, Westhoughton is in the centre of Prime Lancashire. It was a typical pit village and when the disaster struck there was probably not a villager who was not affected.

Look carefully at page 41 and see the age of the men who died. When a person of colour starts ranting about abuse and slavery, print this page and stuff it in their face. No matter how hideous slavery was and still is today, the exploitation of the poor British peoples is something that has been ignored since school have been subsidised from the Public Purse.

At least slaves had a worth, which was something the British masses never had in the eyes of the Ruling Elite.

And now Westminster has re-established this hierarchy as the governing elite in a nation where we, the ordinary people, gave everything for so little in return.

This booklet is on sale at Westhoughton town council for just £3.00. Link through the Bolton revisited site.

Son of immigrant shouts loudest

For those who cannot interpret words for themselves, let me repeat what this immigrant, Mehdi Hasan, shouted at the BBC audience last night (Questiontime, BBC 1).

'Seven British Muslims blew themselves up'. Seven sons of immigrants murdered seventy Britons who were going about their innocent ways.
'My father came to this country in 1966...'
I, with thousands of other Britons, was in Borneo, fighting for the independence of Malaysia. The financial immigration of these people has and will continue to de-stable the integrity of the indigenous people.
Not only has this son of an immigrant been educated at my and your expense, he has the position, denied to you and me, to mouth his hatred of this country in words easily disguised 'pseudo patriotism' at an audience cowered into not allowing to retaliate.

Go back to where your family came and shout your politics at them and stop the BBC from using my licence money to pay this advocate of disinformation on British airwaves.

Did you notice the EDL demo in Luton last weekend? No, it was not published!

Why? Because, if the media had covered the event, they would have seen more than a handful of red and green berets amongst the marchers. Not only do they have a right to march, they also have the right to shout which is given to Mehdi Hasan, the son of an immigrant, but denied the son's of British heroes and those Heroes themselves by the BBC.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

NHS rides side-saddle

If Britain's NHS needed an injection of humour, this story ought to be the start. Instead of firing the nurse, sack the idiots who tried to sack her.

Afterall, they will probably be paid far more than this lady.

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Senior staff nurse Laura Bowater made the saucy quip while doctors struggled with a patient

A NURSE who joked “it’s been a few months since I’ve been in this position” as she straddled a naked man having an epileptic fit was unfairly sacked, judges ruled yesterday.

Senior staff nurse Laura Bowater made the saucy quip while doctors struggled to give an “extremely strong” 31-year-old patient an injection as he flailed violently.

The trousers of the unconscious patient had been removed to help doctors inject his buttock and Ms Bowater, 34, sat on his ankles to control his kicking legs.

But when the patient turned over, he kicked her between the legs, lifting her up so she ended up astride his naked genitals – prompting her comment.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Egypt on the brink

I have listened to the politicians saying how British subjects in some parts of Egypt are safe and flights from here continue unabated.

What nonsense.

All flights to Egypt should have been vetted and all holidays cancelled a week ago.

Get the people out now before they get swallowed up in another Middle East fiasco.

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UK puts on new charter flight as Egypt descends into violence

Events in Egypt are expected to climax on Friday

A British charter flight from Cairo is preparing to leave as the situation in Egypt becomes increasingly violent and chaotic.

The Foreign Office (FCO) announced that it had now commissioned a second flight for Saturday.

Yesterday was the bloodiest day since the movement to remove President Hosni Mubarak from office began.

A mob of pro-government supporters attacked the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the protests.

The fighting triggered a major increase in the number of people leaving the country, with many foreign workers and diplomats following tourists in trying to get back to their home country.