Thursday, 30 October 2008

Royal Marine thief

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Royal Marine jailed for stealing medals from comrades

A "despicable" Royal Marine who stole dozens of medals from his comrades and sold them for more than £20,000 has been jailed for more than three years.

The 23-year-old took the medals from Royal Marine colleagues in their dorms and when they arrived in the post room before award ceremonies. Firth worked in the post room after being diagnosed with asthma and unfit for frontline duties.

The medals were taken when Firth was based with 42 Commando at Bickleigh Barracks in Plymouth, Devon, between 2005 and 2007.

"He knows he is nothing more than a common thief and in disgrace," Leaning said.

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I wonder how different this case is from the one when a local Royal Marine Association elected representative was denied access and freedom to speak to the annual RMA gathering, and who was not allowed to take his place because an unelected member was already sitting as an unelected trustee in his stead? To steal anything is wrong but to deny democratic rights is more heinous than pilfering property. It goes to the soul of our being. That's one of the reasons why so many former BOOTNECKS are not members of the local RMA.
Is that why the trustees would not allow a large group of non-conforming bootnecks to for their own Association.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Recession full of maybe's.

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Recession will send 1 million immigrant workers home, race chief says

Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission said the number of foreign workers losing their jobs and going home meant Britain was effectively "exporting unemployment."

An exodus of 1 million workers from Britain would be one of the largest waves of emigration in British history, perhaps rivalling the outflows of the First World War when 300,000 people a year were leaving the country.

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Trevor Phillips, the saviour of the English Nation and tribes, says...
I for one am sick to death of this immigrant informing me of matters I have been trying to raise for decades. If you think I should be grateful, then you've got the wrong boy. Having watched the degeneration of this once great country I would like to reclaim free speech, open debate and political representation to mean what it says on the label.
Maybe as many as 1m immigrants will be going home, but those long term immigrants with their knife and gun carrying offspring remain. Illiteracy is endemic. How many people know the name of their councillor? MP? Illegal immigration advisor? Most know that one...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mendy Bond 000

Thanks to the Sun there's something to smile at. Having a proven liar like Mendy in Cabinet is definitely no laughing matter.

Iraq on the brink of another Civil War

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Conflict in Kirkuk is 'main threat' to peace

Iraq's relative calm is threatened by a festering Arab-Kurdish conflict over the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and other disputed territory that could explode into the worst sectarian war the country has suffered since the 2003 invasion, a new report says today.

The report by the International Crisis Group said the territorial dispute was blocking political progress in Iraq, contributing to the delay in passing a law on sharing oil revenue and threatening to put off critical provincial elections.

At the heart of the dispute is Kirkuk, home to 900,000 Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen, which sits on one of the country's biggest oilfields. It lies outside the northern zone run by the Kurdistan Regional Government, but is run by Kurdish peshmerga fighters and the Kurdish intelligence service, the Asaish.

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Whenever and wherever a despot has died and left a country in political limbo, that country has had problems. When Spain and Portugal went through their Nemesis in the 70's and 80's, they had stable European neighbours to call on. Of all the deaths that threatened stability, it was perhaps only Franco who had made provisions for his demise and reinstalled a King to give the population a focal point.
Tito made no provisions at all and the result was the worst form of Civil War imaginable, with, one has to remember, the defining of Ethnic Cleansing.
Those countries were safe for law abiding people. Armed policemen patrolled most streets and their form of rule and law prevailed. The soft minded liberals infested the emergent countries with wholly unattainable ideals. Ideals that do not even work in a stable democracy like Britain. Why does Liberalism not work? Because there are those out there who wish us harm and the Liberal Elite cannot conceive such a truth.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Scottish Tory linked to Russian oligarch.

Top Scottish Conservative linked to aluminium tycoon
A TOP Scottish Tory has links with Russian aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.
Scottish Conservatives chairman Andrew Fulton is chair of a corporate investigations firm that carries out work on behalf of the multi-billionaire. The firm, GPW, has run investigations on behalf of Deripaska's UK lawyers.
GPW is employed to ensure a client's confidence in business decisions and manage corporate risk by gathering intelligence on key competitors. The company advises on hostile bids, shareholder disputes, boardroom clashes and maliciously targeted allegations.
It also investigates fraud and bribery and gathers intelligence in support of dispute resolution.
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There is an absolute fear in telling the truth about dealings with the mega rich Russians. They are steeped in the blood of their competitors, reign over a nation that has no concept of legal or moral justice, act like Czars in their own right...but the Russians are worse.
Had anyone with a minute particle of a brain watched Labour destroy the last vestiges of democracy this week, their humiliation of all Parliamentary process, their complete denial of Parliament to debate whilst they GOVERN - is something that ought to send fear through the veins of every Briton.
Now we are to believe that MI6 is working for the Master Party when we all know that they only work for themselves.

Mandelson telling more lies?

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Mandelson under fire over meeting with Russian billionaire

LORD Mandelson was last night facing fresh calls to reveal all his dealings with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska after he admitted meeting the billionaire two years earlier than previously revealed.
The Business Secretary admitted that a statement by officials in his former office in Brussels saying he had not met Deripaska until 2006 was wrong, and they had actually first met in 2004.
The revelation placed fresh pressure on the Labour peer last night, as it confirms that Mandelson, then European trade commissioner, met Deripaska before he signed off a decision to remove a 14.9% EU tariff on aluminium foil – a move of huge benefit to the Russian.
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How can Labour hold its moral head high when it refuses to see what a complete bag of human effluence their Trade Secretary appears to Joe Public? He's a man who forgot to tell Parliament that he had a private deal with another Minister to borrow £300,000 to purchase property, when the property market was booming; and who forgot to tell anyone that he was helping the Induja family to get early passports; or that he has pulled strings to get his gay boy into the country; or that he is a thoroughly despicable turd with no morals at all. The only people who will loose sleep over the appointment of the Prince of Darkness will be the people who foot the bill, the tax payer.

Friday, 24 October 2008

More lies from Nu Lieber

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The home office admits some police forces have been under-counting the number of serious violent offences by classing grievous bodily harm as a lesser assault.

The home office refused to name the forces involved but officials admitted the under-counting could have been going on for more than 10 years.

As a result, violent crime is down in England and Wales compared with last year, but the official total of the most serious offences has gone up by 22 per cent.

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Is the Home Secretary still on DRUGS? It certainly sounds like it.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Coroner accuses RAF of failures.

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The coroner at the inquest of 10 servicemen killed when their Hercules was downed in Iraq criticises the RAF's poor record keeping. Sue Turton reports.

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Eleven years of berating politicians for these type of failures just leaves veterans sick of the excuses.
Come the next general election, those self same sycophants who have failed us all will be re-elected because of dogma.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Brown in a world of his own?

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Bubble trouble ... Gordon Brown

HAPPY Gordon Brown seems to believe this is the moment he was born for.

The Ditherer has disappeared. In his place, a new “Master of the Universe” showing the world how to get out of this awful mess.
As “novices” such as Tory leader David Cameron tremble on the sideline, Gordon is Getting On With The Job.
We must all wish him well. Our jobs, savings, pensions — and possibly even the food on our plates — depend on his success.

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All this from the man who robbed every pensioner of his pension, sold the nations gold at rock bottom prices, re-organised the regulatory bodies which completely failed the man on the street, said nothing when the troops were dispatched into an illegal war, acquiesced to the dodgy dossier and the 45 minutes before destruction, the WoMD - words of meaningless drivel...running out of blog space...

Brown's saviour?

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IF you were bleeding to death and had a chance to phone a friend, would you call Count Dracula?

Gordon Brown’s Great Reshuffle has been greeted with shock and awe by friend and foe.

But the real surprise is that some observers see this as a courageous, even brilliant, tactic.

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The Suns says it all, for once it seems right.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Local Authority Amount invested in Icelandic banks in millions of pounds

Kent County £50m Haringey £37m Dorset County £28m Hertfordshire £28m Barnet £27m Somerset County Council £25m Northumberland County £23m Hillingdon £20m Surrey County £20m Westminster City £17m Brent £15m Caerphilly £15m Plymouth £13m West Sussex County £13m Havering £13m Breckland Council £12m Gloucestershire County Council £12m Cheltenham Borough £11m Lancashire County Council £10m Wakefield £9m West Oxfordshire District Council £9m Wyre Forest District Council £9m Cheshire £9m Bassetlaw District Council in North Nottinghamshire £8m Bristol City £8m Daventry District Council £8m Wiltshire County £8m South Lanarkshire £8m Derwentside District £7m West Lindsey District Cuncil £7m Cherwell District Council £7m Bolton £6m Redcar and Cleveland £6m Ceredigion County £6m North Lincolnshire Council: Sutton Council £6m Bracknell Forest £5m Braintree District £5m Bromley £5m Buckinghamshire £5m Cornwall County £5m Exeter City Council £5m Ipswich Borough Council £5m Oxfordshire County Council £5m South Ayrshire £5m Stoke-on-Trent £5m Wokingham Borough £5m Gateshead Council £5m Oxford City Council £5m Carmarthenshire £4m Colchester Borough Council £4m East Lindsey District Council £4m East Staffordshire Borough Council £4m Gwynedd £4m Powys £4m Rotherham Borough £4m Flintshire £4m Doncaster Council, in South Yorkshire £3m North Somerset £3m Rhondda Cynon Taf £3m Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council £3m Stroud District Council £3m North East Lincolnshire Council £3m Slough Borough £3m South Oxfordshire District Council £3m Cotswold District Council £2m Gloucester City Council £2m Great Yarmouth £2m Moray Council £2m Monmouthshire £1m Hertsmere Borough Council £1m Kirklees £1m Lewes District Council in East Sussex £1m Perth and Kinross Council £1m Rutland County £1m Tewkesbury £1m Vale of White Horse District Council £1m Winchester £1m

Total £643m

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pensioners hit the hardest

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Pensioners suffer more from soaring inflation than their working counterparts, research said.

A study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found the average pensioner experienced a 7.4% rise in the cost of living during 2008, while non-pensioner's outgoings increased by 5.4%

Older, poorer pensioners were found to be even more affected by the rising costs of goods, food and fuel.

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Have been telling lying Labour this for years. So much so that MP's no longer respond to letters.
It gives me great satisfaction to say to Gay Gordon Marsden and his cronies, "I told you so".

Monday, 6 October 2008

The Prince of Darkness is still a corrupt politician who ought to be in prison

Bruce Anderson: Part minister, part hostage, Mandy changes the game

No one ever thought of Gordon Brown as a master of surprises, but this is one for the record book. It was as if, early in Book One of Paradise Lost, God had invited Lucifer to rejoin the Angelic cabinet. But apart from the shock, and the comedy, we should acknowledge that this is a good appointment. In a Cabinet full of mediocrities, some of them in great offices of state, Peter Mandelson will be a thoroughly competent, grown-up minister.

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Undeclared £300.000 loan from a colleague.
Passports for the Induja mafia.
Easy access for Brazil nut crusher...has everyone forgotten?

So Dear Peter has kidney stones? He ought to have several ounces of lead.

Conservative attitudes abroad.

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Tories plan counter-attack
Rivals accused of 'fear-mongering' on economy; Liberal leader denounces 'very conservative' party
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After watching Channel 4 expose of Cameron's Millions, even their sister/brother political party in Canada appear to be getting on the 'avoiding answering questions' bandwagon.
Dispatches reporter Antony Barnett investigates the funding of the Tories under Cameron and examines how the party is using its newfound resources to ensure its leader becomes the next Prime Minister. Barnett examines how funds are being ploughed into marginal seats that hold the key to a Cameron victory and his investigation raises fresh questions about some of the party's largest backers. Barnett also scrutinises David Cameron's promises of "openness and transparency," with the methods the Tory leader is using to attract donations.
It just goes on and on and on and on...this selectivity of sleaze.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Pension Credit Alert

At the moment we can consider to backdate your application from a date up to twelve months in the past. From 6 October 2008, we propose to change this period from twelve months to three months. If you want to apply for more than three months in the past, please make sure we get your application before 6 October 2008.

I read this almost unpublished announcement from the Pensions Offices to mean that if you have not already filed for Pension Credit you will miss out.

Please, please, pleaser, please. This government has stolen enough from the Pensioner. If you know of anyone who needs Pension Credit or is about to be entitled to Pension Credit, get them to telephone the Freephone line immediately, tomorrow Monday the 6th October, and get the application done.

If you have already filled in the form but have not sent it in, go to your local post office, ask for Proof of Postage - the receipt with contain the address, the date and the time of dispatch. It costs nothing and it ought to get through the time difference, because, under the Stamp Act, once a legal document is handed to an official who is entitled to receive such documents, it is the same as delivering the letter to the address yourself.

Pension Service Application Line

Freephone: 0808 100 6165
Textphone: 0808 100 1165 (free call)
Lines are open: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00 pm
Fax Number: 028 7127 4643

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Win for Common Sense

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Gurkha veterans who were refused the right to settle in the United Kingdom because they retired before 1997 were treated unlawfully and the policy used to reject them was misleading, a high court judge said yesterday.
In his ruling, Blake cited the military covenant - which provides UK armed forces and their families with proper care, in return for asking them to risk making "the ultimate sacrifice for their country". He said: "Rewarding long and distinguished service by the grant of residence in this country for whom the service was performed would be a vindication and an enhancement of this covenant."

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The Judge in this case raises a fundamental question, what Covenant?
Successive British governments have paid lip service to the Military and to former soldiers. Now they insult us further by having homosexual Gordon Marsden MP and what appears to be anti Forces MP Joan Humble as Persons responsible on Veterans matters.
Not in my name they wont.