Monday, 29 September 2008

British Muslims 12th Century ideals.

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Nine-year-old Midlands girl rescued from forced marriage

Jasvinder Sanghera, director of Karma Nirvana
Jasvinder Sanghera: The problem is particularly prevalent in Pakistani communities, where betrothing offspring to their first cousins is common practice
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How can you be British and Muslim? If you cannot accept the ancient Laws of the land you live in, you cannot possibly assimilated into that society. If you aim is to change that society, then you have no legitimate right to be in that country.
The Laws, writings and theories of centuries of the planets most forward thinking and innovative scholars are being washed down the drain of multiculturalism and political correctness.
Again I say, Heathrow is still open.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Pakistans terrorist war

Five top al-Qa’ida and Taliban commanders were among the dead in a month-long operation in Bajaur district, currently the most troubled of Pakistan's unstable tribal areas close to the porous frontier, a top official said.
He said four of the commanders appeared to be foreigners: Egyptian Abu Saeed Al-Masri; Abu Suleiman, an Arab; an Uzbek commander named Mullah Mansoor; and an Afghan commander called Manaras.
The fifth was a Pakistani commander named only Abdullah, a son of ageing hardline leader Maulvi Faqir Mohammad who is based in Bajaur and has close ties to al-Qa’ida second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Following an exchange of gunfire between US and Pakistani forces on the frontier yesterday, new President Zardari told the United Nations that Pakistan would not tolerate violations of its sovereignty, even by its allies.
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Why is it that the Australian media has a fuller coverage of the ongoing anti-terrorist war than Britain. Is there a reluctance to remind the immigrant population that their leaders in the Himalayas want to destroy everything English speaking nations have created?
For those who did not see the Nu Lieber Party conference, a sizeable part of the audience hold more affiliation to the Third World then they do to the Ancient Anglo Saxon society upon which there appears an attempt to destroy. Is this observation isolated?

Muslims on The March

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An Ontario Superior Court judge yesterday brought a finding of guilt against that young man, a Hindu-born convert to Islam, satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the then teenager was involved in and contributed to a terrorist group that palpably existed, trained for the purpose and plotted a litany of spectacular crimes, whether fantastical or preposterous.

Haplessness wasn't the point. Amateurish in conception wasn't the point. Impractical in application wasn't the point.

Not benign and not a folly: That's the point.

The threat was real.

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If we take the words of a Toronto judge to heart, the message is the same in every English speaking community around the World.
Having just witnessed the Labour Party in Britain deny any culpability of British Muslims to mass murder, their reticence leads all with a brain to conclude they have abandoned the first remit of any Government, to defend the population against the treat from another.
Res ipsa loquitur.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

British Muslim gets away with murder

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Habib Khan
An Asian man who killed his BNP activist neighbour in a long-running dispute has also been convicted of attacking the activist's son.
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Government still not listening on Injured Servicemen

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“With the growing numbers of wounded personnel repatriated to the UK and with continued growth in medically discharged personnel since the Falklands war to current conflicts and operations, our service men & women and veterans of previous operational service are owed the best medical care possible. The existing facilities are falling short and the NHS are not meeting the needs of veterans who still need treatment for their service related conditions. A dedicated Military & Veterans Hospital will greatly help resolve this National scandal since the complete closure of our military hospitals that has proved to be total folly.”

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Read the reply first and comment.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Soldier kills his friend, gets two years.

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Two Years for Killing Fellow Soldier

A soldier who killed a comrade by shooting him in the head as he messed around with a sniper's rifle in Iraq was yesterday sent to a military detention centre but was not dismissed from the army.

Almost 40 years ago, the Army, under pressure from the wholly civilian MoD, brought in a ludicrous charge into QR&R's of negligent(accidental) discharge of a weapon. At the time, there were sufficient protests to challenge this Rule, not only because...if you train a soldier to a sufficient level of competence, then this type of incident would never occur - a position the civilians in the MoD could never understand.
With this charge came a mandatory 28 day Corrective Training - cells to you and me - for anyone discharging a weapon unlawfully. What was never understood was that the intent or otherwise - mens rea and actus rheus - of each incident could never be verified or established.
At this period of time, especially in the Royal Marines, every incident of a negligent discharge was accompanied with a Board of Inquiry. Not until the Inquiry had sat could a Charge be made against the person discharging a weapon. Under no circumstances had the bright sparks realised that when a weapon is discharged there are inevitable consequences.
If you shoot yer gun and it hits a wall, 28 days? If you wound or kill your best oppo, life?
It is a preposterous and stupid situation that should take pages to expand on because of the nuances and understanding of Law, least to say it is the mess that the highly paid Officers and Civil authorities have brought upon us all, worst of all the for victims.

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Another veteran being ignored

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Had Eddie Rawlinson still had a close liaison with a Ssafa caseworker of the calibre of his Blackpool mentor, this disgraceful situation probably would already been resolved.
Is it not time that the Charities Commission looked into the abysmal affairs at Fulwood, and that former Royal Marine Gen Sir Robin Ross remembered that he too was also a BOOTNECK?

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Joanna Lumley shouts for Johnny Gurkha

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Gurkhas Fight To Stay In The UK

Gurkhas want British residency

Five veteran Gurkhas and the widow of another are seeking to overturn a law stating only Gurkhas who retired after 1997 have an automatic right to UK residency.

"Like so many people in Britain I am ashamed at how successive governments have failed these magnificent and loyal soldiers." Joanna Lumley
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It's better late then never, Lass.
Let us give our number one allies sanctuary and care, let us deport all the puffs and perverts, including former Ministers who corrupted the essence of humanity that Labour has destroyed. To give Peter Mandelson credit for anything after being repeatedly proven to be a liar and cheat is subversive.
This Government can find single mothers, working on the side for a few quid to feed and dress their children, but cannot put Ministers who subvert justice and give Blind assistance to their shags - sleeping and lovers are words that mean more than the licentious debauchery played out by these power mongers - of the likes of Blunkett and Mandelson, just shows how low they will grovel to achieve ends.
If there is any decency left in Great Britain, there will be a moral revulsion that will kick out all politicians who cannot care for ALL of our service personnel.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Shame. Johnny Gurkha

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Almost 1,000 Gurkha veterans - many with more than two decades of exemplary service - have been refused visa clearance by British embassies in Kathmandu, Hong Kong and Macau on the grounds that they do not have strong enough ties with the UK. The government argues that since they never lived in the UK, they have no real links with the country. It is estimated that between 7,000 and 10,000 more Gurkha veterans would settle in Britain should they win the case. Rai, who served as a drummer and machine gunner for 13 years and 81 days, asked for a settlement visa because he seeks medical treatment - unavailable in Nepal - for his physical wound and the mental scars he says still shake him. His application was refused in October 2006.
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Peter Mendelson had a visa for his bum bandit toy boy within days of deciding he wanted the boy. Thousand of our sternest allies are being denied access to the safety and security that their sacrifices have created.
What's wrong with the electorate? Who would you rather have as an ally, the politician who is an habitual liar and gets everything his office demands; or the simple soldier who would die to keep you safe?
I know which one you deserve, and while that parasite sucks out enormous expense claims and unearned salary, we loose the respect of the very men we ought to be giving everything to.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Edward Rawlinson. A hero in need.

For as long as 5 years, former Royal Marine and Tank Regiment veteran Eddie Rawlinson relied on an individual caseworker to look after his intimate needs (Friday 12 September 2008). This man, one of the countless caseworkers who dedicated their own private time to look after the needs of veterans, was summarily dismissed from the ranks of Ssafa. Political machinations between an ineffectual regional office at Fulwood Barracks, and the do-er out in the community culminated in the case worker taking the so-called charity to the Crown Court and winning.
The caseworker was dissatisfied with running of Ssafa Lancashire and the complete ineffectiveness of Ssafa Central in London. Letters to Gen Sir Robin Ross - the boss man of Ssafa - went unanswered. What Central Office tried to do was to form an internal inquiry led by the very people the caseworker was complaining against. They insulted his intelligence and threatened him with legal action from a high powered firm of solicitors in Lincolns Inn, and even had a Justice of the Peace demand that he attended a kangaroo court without any reference to the remit under which the so-called inquiry would sit.
With sour attitudes emanating from both Fulwood Barracks and Ssafa Central Office, Ssafa Lancashire has fallen into sinecure. The only statement that Central Office could come up with was that the people in Fulwood Barracks were experienced caseworkers. The facts do not substantiate the claim when the mass majority of casework was undertaken by two individual caseworkers, and their contribution monthly possibly outdid the entire lifetime contribution of the Fulwood barracks brigade.
Had Eddie Rawlinson still had a close liaison with a Ssafa caseworker of the calibre of his Blackpool mentor, this disgraceful situation probably would already been resolved.
Is it not time that the Charities Commission looked into the abysmal affairs at Fulwood, and that former Royal Marine Gen Sir Robin Ross remembered that he too was also a BOOTNECK?

The unwanted vision of hatred

The plot thickens.

From the old mill town of Todmorden, where my family stood the market for many years, this heinous crime has passed unnoticed on a world that is being spoon-fed disinformation.

I am often accused of outright racism, but few delve into my background. What offends me and the mass majority of English people is that consecutive Governments have outlawed truth, to be replaced by some Politically Correct hogwash that only the simpletons of leftie Lieber and free sex with children Liberals applaud.

Just a short time after the murderer of Keith Brown, messages of support from his fellow immigrants trickle in; now other murders of an Englishman have conveniently skipped the front pages of the national press.

So, when these immigrants have been convicted of a Serious Arrestable Crime, have they been deported along with their families and supporters? Not a chance in hell! But many years ago Labour removed nationality from several Brits because they supported the Smith Regime in beautiful Rhodesia. Had these people threatened the state of the United Kingdom, offered to confront the British Army,or in any way caused treason or sedition? No.

They just wanted to get on with making the finest country in the world, better.

By the way, has Heathrow been closed?

Lets us now enforce Ancient English Law for the protection of English people. As from today, every Englishman must carry a cross-bow and be made to practice. This Law - or am I wrong - still exists?

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

What a shower of comedians

Russell Brand calls George Bush a 'retard' at MTV awards

Russell Brand hosts the MTV video music awards

The British comedian, who is a virtual unknown in America, left the crème of the music world stunned as he championed Barack Obama, ran down George Bush and made lewd jokes about the Christian pop band Jonas Brothers.

"Some people, I think they're called racists, say America is not ready for a black president.

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The Yanks have fallen on their own sword. Had they seen George Brand's so-called act, they would have known that he definitely is not a comedian, just a self opinionated weirdo. The only thing he doesn't carry around with him is his Nu Lieber soapbox.
When he talks of retards he talks from a position of strength. When he attacks the President so vehemently he should be attacking a process that allows an individual to illegally claim the position. As for Black Presidents? Notareargunner has lived under several, Mugabe, Kaunda just to name two. The two despots were even unfit for Britain's Nu Lieber Party. Now there's a statement.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Polly finally sees the light

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Unseating Gordon Brown may be Labour's last chance

Getting rid of the prime minister is a very high risk strategy, but a dying party should be ready to take dangerous medicine

The smell of death around this government is so overpowering it seems to have anaesthetised them all. One bungle follows another and yet those about to die sit silently by. So is that it - the great September relaunch, the great economic recovery plan?

Polly Toynbee

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This overpaid reflector of Champagne socialism has eventually seen what millions of others have known for a decade. Labour is corrupt of ideas, corrupt of honesty, corrupt of principals. Having joined the Conservatives in the bathroom of immorality, they have ousted their enemy in the depth of deceit they have achieved in their years of office.
Unfortunately the examples of their corruption are so numerous and so well practised that it does not deserve repeat.
Go now and take all those corrupt pigs from every party with you.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Soldier refused room

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Soldier refused room at hotel

Cpl Tomos Stringer: Soldier refused room at hotel

Cpl Tomos Stringer, from Gwynedd, north-west Wales, was turned away from the Metro Hotel in Woking, Surrey.

He had travelled to the area to help with preparations for the funeral of a friend killed in action and needed to stay over night.

After showing his army pass when asked for identification by the hotel's receptionist, Cpl Stringer was told "we don't accept military personnel here" and that this was "company policy", according to his mother Gaynor.

He spent the night in his car after failing to find any other available accomodation late on a Sunday evening, she said.

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They say there is no such thing as bad advertising. Let us hope this is wrong. Having watched two serving bootnecks dodge the issue, here is a former bootneck who is a little irate at the political niceties. The directors, management and staff should be publicly humiliated as this soldier was. A weekend in the stocks is too good for them.
Where not to stay.
Metro Hotel
Tel: 01483 727100
Fax: 01483 725064

Crown Square
GU21 6HR

Thursday, 4 September 2008

IRA on the rampage

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A fresh upsurge of dissident republican violence in Northern Ireland was orchestrated by a new nucleus of ex-IRA members who have defected from the Provisionals. Veterans of the Provisional IRA's North Armagh brigade were behind the 24-hour wave of shootings, blast bomb attacks and riots that rocked the Craigavon area at the beginning of last week.
The violence in Craigavon means that in almost every corner of Northern Ireland there have been short outbursts of dissident terrorist activity over the last six months. In August, dissidents linked to a Continuity IRA unit in Co Fermanagh fired an improvised rocket at a mobile patrol.
Police patrols came under fire from a sniper, two blast bombs were thrown, police vehicles were attacked with petrol bombs and stones, and an SDLP assembly member was assaulted during 24 hours of disturbances in the Tullygally and Drumbeg areas of Armagh town.
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So when is President Bush going to invade Ulster to assist its main ally?
Lame Duck President, lame duck ideals, lame duck foreign policies.
So which half-wit keeps telling us the war is over? Tony B'liar and his beneficiaries! So this is why they want 42 days detention, to stop people from talking what is actually happening within our borders and suggesting things tat might improve security.
Watch out Britain. We are being suckered into doing something monumentally accept what this Government says as truth.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Future Vice President's daughter in the club

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Sarah Palin's teenage daughter Bristol is pregnant

The 17-year-old daughter of John McCain's running mate is pregnant.

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Just goes to show, you can't stop these young Irish Colleens.
Isn't sex with a minor rape in the US of A?
I wonder if it's going to be a multicultural American?