Thursday, 23 August 2007

Where not to drink in Liverpool

Sorry this article is late but better late than never.
I assume that when a police officer in the uniform of Her Majesty tries to walk through the doors of the HOSTELRY that they would be turned away for threatening behaviour?
Each year veterans parade in Liverpool to celebrate the heroics of the past. Would it not be fitting for the Zebbrugge parade to form outside of the Walkabout Bar and make their distaste known to the management, the parent company and the doorstaff?
I once paraded with the Anzacs and they were the most hospitable people on earth once they found out that I was a veteran. If this company is Australian I can assure everyone that they, those kin of ours no longer allowed into this nation they helped defend, would do something about it. We, as usual, will do nothing. Next time I go to Liverpool I pay just have an accident in the doorway of this wonderfully friendly ripoff joint.
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Soldiers turned away from bar after funeral

Two Royal Marines were refused entry to a bar just hours after a colleague's funeral because they were in uniform.

The two servicemen went for a drink at the Walkabout bar in Liverpool city centre following the funeral of Corporal Ben Nowak at the city's Anglican cathedral.

Cpl Nowak, 27, who served with 45 Commando, was one of four people killed in a bomb attack on a patrol boat in southern Iraq on Remembrance Sunday.

The spokesman offered his condolences to Cpl Nowak's friends, comrades and family and offered the group who were turned away a complimentary lunch. He stressed the soldiers must not be in uniform.

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