Sunday, 17 May 2020

Mummy Pt TOOOO

So where am I? I am intrigued by a Friends Mummy and using my extensive knowledge of Witch Craft and Tinternut research I delve deeper into this Intrigue.

My memory is working overtime. I think she is American so I look up Native Americans. It says Indians, so I now have another avenue to explore. First I peruse the pictures on the wholly reliable Tinternut and more confusion reigns. Here I find the Indians...

and I realize I may have misunderstood...

So I sat down, opened a Woods and thought as clearly as 59% proof enables.

What else did I know about Mummy. She come from an arid zone. WTF is that? Again I relied on the impeccable Tinternut. I looked it up as I came across desserts. Getting closer, perhaps, I scanned the pictures and found

Australian Dessert.

All of a sudden I was getting further away from my quest. How do you get a camel across this dessert, let alone a Railway Injen??? Then my training as a Dairy Maid kicked in and I knew I had gone down the wrong dessert. None of the Native Indians could survive on this plateau of Plenty, that was on another Planet.. So this part of my search hit it's a meringue wall. I have to use the intelligence the Gods hadn't given me to discover what I never should.

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