Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Seek and yea shall find

Dealing with pensioners and others on low wages, it is imperative that everyone survey the markets and get the cheapest deals available.

If you don't try, you wont succeed.

If you think you have to pay 4000 % - THAT'S FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT - interest, then give up the ghost and just hand all your money to the thief at the door. Why the Advertising Standards authority allows Wonga and the Pay Day deals companies to advertise their immoral schemes on open broadcast media is diabolical robbery and dereliction on behalf of the so-called authority.

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Cheap Gas & Electricity New cheapest fixed deal

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Following the Money

Will Two Wagepackets Coulson get two terms in prison???

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Phone hacking: Andy Coulson's 'News International payments continued' while he worked for David Cameron

Andy Coulson to be questioned by police for his part in the News of the World phone hacking scandal

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson Photo: GETTY IMAGES

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, faces "serious questions" over claims his former communications chief received several hundred thousand pounds from News International while he was employed by the Conservatives,
Labour said.

A series of severance payments were made to former News of the World editor
Andy Coulson for several months after he began working for the Tories,
according to the BBC.

The instalments totalled the full entitlement under his two-year contract as
editor of the now defunct tabloid which was published by New International,
the BBC claimed.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

A week in a few pictures

With Master Politicians issuing their latest innovative card, the Smash and Grab which gives all users a get out of Jail Free service, applications have soared amongst the stink estates of inner England. Masterbaiters can take a night off from their fishing duties to join in the latest crazy of Steal One and get One Free, the entrance free is lobbed in 'gratis'.

Police are concerned that the Loot to Order scheme has gone awry. In the Pinch and Runner pubs the negotiation was for 42 inch plasma screens @ a £10 for the Lady handler. A police spokesperson said that misguided youth are running a sloppy show and should take lessons from senior politicians in Northern Ireland. "Large packets like these," said a police spokesperson from her shelter in a nuclear bombproof HQ in Brussels, " are not as easy to get shut of as Speed and Acid - guns and explosives." "And if there is any chance of a constable doing something heroic, the Army in Afghanistan is being put on alert to come Home and take the flak for our incompetence."

Unabashed, it seems that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive as Youth Employment Schemes start behind the bosses backs.
"Where can I get a free holiday away from all this shit?" seemed to be the question of the day. And, "does it have a guarantee?" It appears that goods could come with a life time policy of free food, drink, drugs and accommodation, but only if the public has it's sway.

Tired of answering questions, the Blue Rinse Party have started their own exit routes from Blackpool's Squires Gate Airport, with Slippery Looters Unconvicted Thieves getting a free franchise to charge whatever they want of honest travellers. The £10 collected from ever wary passenger is going straight to a hoot for certain councillors at one of the remaining hotels not so far affected by the recent proliferation of arson. A Paintball Festival is being announced for the 29th February 2013, on the beach outside the Forces Favourite subsidised hostelry. In the meantime, newly elected councillors are attending lessons in how to surpass their predecessors in obfuscation and avoidance of issues arising. The Leader of the Ruling Party has already ordered ten million printed letters with "I don't know and I don't give a shit. I'm in charge and you can go the Police for all the good it will do you, because I wasn't here when that money was stolen..." pamphlets. What is really bad is that they are not even fit for wiping arse on.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Beatrice to Blackburn, just the same racist crap

These things don't happen and are the figment of an imagination of the enslaving white races...

As the English dare not say anything about the immigrant masses flooding the UK, I just wanted to see what it is now like back in the country that was once the finest in the world...

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This is the story of how Retired army General Solomon Mujuru came to occupy the farm that he died in, 60 km outside Harare in Beatrice. The farmer Guy Watson-Smith and his wife were forced out and left with a suitcase of clothes after Mujuru sold lorries, tractors, irrigation equipment and other movable property.

I was shocked to hear of Solomon Mujuru’s death and to see the photos all over the internet and which I have been sent (and picked up out here in the bush). Our house is destroyed, not that we expected to live in it again as we were violently evicted from our farm by the General in 2001.

The incidents were pretty well reported at the time including live interviews with Lise Doucet and others. We have fought a nearly-ten year battle in the High Court of Zimbabwe for payment for the moveable assets which we were forced to leave behind (with only an hour to leave).

Those assets included all of our breeding cattle (460 head), game (600 animals), our tractors, vehicles, equipment, irrigation equipment, stocks of fertilizer and diesel, coal and so on. It was independently valued by Zimbabwe’s top valuers at US$1.7m in 2001. All the documentation is of course available and forms the basis of our civil suit against General Mujuru.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Ignited Kingdom!

British Degeneracy on Parade by Theodore Dalrymple - City Journal

The ferocious criminality exhibited by an uncomfortably large section of the English population during the current riots has not surprised me in the least. I have been writing about it, in its slightly less acute manifestations, for the past 20 years. To have spotted it required no great perspicacity on my part; rather, it took a peculiar cowardly blindness, one regularly displayed by the British intelligentsia and political class, not to see it and not to realize its significance. There is nothing that an intellectual less likes to change than his mind, or a politician his policy.

Three men were run over and killed as they tried to protect their property in the very area of Birmingham in which I used to work, and through which I walked daily; the large town that I live near when I’m in England has also seen rioting. Only someone who never looked around him and never drew any conclusions from the faces and manner of the young men he saw would have been surprised.

The riots are the apotheosis of the welfare state and popular culture in their British form. A population thinks (because it has often been told so by intellectuals and the political class) that it is entitled to a high standard of consumption, irrespective of its personal efforts; and therefore it regards the fact that it does not receive that high standard, by comparison with the rest of society, as a sign of injustice. It believes itself deprived (because it has often been told so by intellectuals and the political class), even though each member of it has received an education costing $80,000, toward which neither he nor—quite likely—any member of his family has made much of a contribution; indeed, he may well have lived his entire life at others’ expense, such that every mouthful of food he has ever eaten, every shirt he has ever worn, every television he has ever watched, has been provided by others. Even if he were to recognize this, he would not be grateful, for dependency does not promote gratitude. On the contrary, he would simply feel that the subventions were not sufficient to allow him to live as he would have liked.

At the same time, his expensive education will have equipped him for nothing. His labor, even supposing that he were inclined to work, would not be worth its cost to any employer—partly because of the social charges necessary to keep others such as he in a state of permanent idleness, and partly because of his own characteristics. And so unskilled labor is performed in England by foreigners, while an indigenous class of permanently unemployed is subsidized.

The culture of the person in this situation is not such as to elevate his behavior. One in which the late Amy Winehouse—the vulgar, semicriminal drug addict and alcoholic singer of songs whose lyrics effectively celebrated the most degenerate kind of life imaginable—could be raised to the status of heroine is not one that is likely to protect against bad behavior.

Finally, long experience of impunity has taught the rioters that they have nothing to fear from the law, which in England has become almost comically lax—except, that is, for the victims of crime. For the rioters, crime has become the default setting of their behavior; the surprising thing about the riots is not that they have occurred, but that they did not occur sooner and did not become chronic.

Theodore Dalrymple, a physician, is a contributing editor of City Journal and the Dietrich Weismann Fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Law and Order in Lancashire

This may appear a strange story for me to comment on, so I will cut to the chase and direct the reader to the last column which says "Comments unavailable on this story for legal reasons."

It is all too complicated for those who do not understand the first concepts of English law, but it is a continuum of themes I repeat over codified law and the judiciary.

On the 5th January this year in the minutes of a meeting published for all former servicemen to read, the writers made statements appertaining to a legal case presently in the hands of a Blackpool police investigation team. This has created a suspicion now abound that the prosecution of that investigation has been put on the back burner. What is not suspicious but contrary to sub judice rules is the interference by members of the FESLC's inner sanctum with the progress of an investigation and a possible interference with a case. How different the reporting below with the Lancashire Telegraph who take their responsibilities judiciously.

Burnley teenager arrested after stolen car crash

A TEENAGER has been arrested after a stolen car flipped onto its roof in Burnley yesterday.

Police said the 16-year-old boy from Burnley had been arrested on suspicion of burglary and aggravated vehicle taking.

A Land Rover Discovery, stolen following a burglary in Mellor Close, Rosehill, crashed in Gannow Lane, at 5.50am.

Officers said the 16-year-old boy was in custody and due to be questioned later today.

A 19-year-old man, who was injured in the crash, remained in a critical condition in Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Comments unavailable on this story for legal reasons.


Politicians want Courts to cover their disasters

If this report is true, then we can say goodbye to the impartiality of the Courts, not that I am convinced they ever have been.

Any citizen has the right to apply to become a member of the Magistrates bench as long as they are of good standing. Evidence shows that you have to belong to the right clubs and hand-shake the right way to become a brethren.

I am sick of the correspondence from characters that show no moral fibre but who glory in putting JP after their name because it impresses the impressionable.

At least the Yardie is a honest thief and gun toter. It was the politician that forbade me from carrying a weapon to defend my nation and family, but does not prohibit the lawbreaker. Murder is perpetrated by evil people with weapons. Weapons have never committed a crime in their existence, they only assist the perpetrators.

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UK riots: magistrates told 'ignore the rule book' and lock up looters

Courts are being advised that the scale of last week’s civil disobedience
means that offences committed during the riots should be dealt with more

The memo, sent late last week by the capital’s most senior justice clerks, led
one magistrate to warn that any offenders involved in the “anarchy” can
expect a prison sentence.

Magistrates appear to have heeded the message, as figures released by the
Ministry of Justice last night disclosed that two in three people charged in
connection with the riots and looting have been remanded in custody.


London Olympics

London Logo on the RUN

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lieber Left Wing screaming and not listening

Dr Starkey has now come on board with what so many have been pronouncing for decades.

This is not a racist observation as there are thousands upon thousands of coloured immigrants who have added to our civilisation by taking advantage of those things that many of us never had, free education, universal medical care and so on.

What his detractors cannot say is why he is wrong? Instead, they harp on about their now outdated and corrupt notions of international uniformity whilst their sick social experiments have lead to the destruction of social cohesion, not that it ever really existed, in England.

The same left wing intellectuals... The last left wing intellectual was Engels and, as all social experiments, his views have been superseded by events a thousandfold.

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David Starkey provokes storm with 'whites have become black' comment

The historian drew criticism after making the remarks during a debate on the
UK riots on the BBC's Newsnight programme.

Dr Starkey said there had been a, "a profound cultural change"and
added that the riots were not riots in the traditional sense, but simply "shopping
with violence."

“His prophesy was absolutely right in one sense. The Tiber didn’t foam withblood, but flames lambent wrapped round Tottenham and wrapped round Clapham.”

The remark caused outcry on Twitter that began with the Labour MP Jeremy
Corbyn asking the BBC, "Why was racist analysis of Starkey
unchallenged? What exactly are you trying to prove?"


Saturday, 13 August 2011

MoJ fails again

MoJ's past and present are like Chocolate Fireguards. Jack Straw brought Justice into disrepute over the legalised murder of Andy Miller a Sandgrown'un. What is worse is that the teams put in place to sift through the plethora of injustice claims, act like doctors receptionists and filter out genuine grievances and insulate the political head of the department from the very people he is supposed to represent.

Politicians of all hues and all positions have to be more accountable and subject to the very laws that puts the ordinary person at risk. The dignity of Clough family should not be allowed to conceal the anger and injustice that this flawed system and inadequate legal provisions have provided for "innocent" victims.

Everyone in a position of responsibility hides behind the idiotic Data Protection Act without having the slightest idea of what the act says. When they do, be they Ministerial Secretaries or the man at the information bureau, they should be hit with a charge of obstruction.

Utterly disgraceful!

Published on Saturday 13 August 2011 11:20

THE parents of murdered Blackpool nurse say the Justice Minster has failed to answer crucial questions over the death of their daughter.

John and Penny Clough wrote to Kenneth Clarke after Jane was stabbed to death by her evil ex-partner outside Blackpool Victoria Hospital last year.

Eight months later and they have finally got a reply – but they say it does not go far enough to answer why dangerous Jonathan Vass was allowed out on bail to murder their daughter.

Mrs Clough said: “It’s utterly disgraceful the letter does not answer one thing we put to the Minister of Justice about what he can do to make the system safer.

“If he said he can’t add anything else, he’s in the wrong job.

“The people of this country are depending on him to stop this from happening again. It’s his job to sort it out.”

Mr and Mrs Clough are campaigning for bail rulings to be changed to allow victims and the Crown Prosecution Service chance to appeal judges’ decisions. Their MP, Andrew Stephenson, has presented the bail amendment bill in the House of Commons and more than 8,000 people have signed a petition supporting the Justice for Jane campaign.

In their letter to Mr Clarke, the Cloughs questioned when judges are going to be made accountable for bail decisions and asked why the justice system had let their daughter, who had reported rape charges against Vass, down.

They also asked why Vass’ rape charges were laid on file when he pleaded guilty to their daughter’s murder on July 25 last year.

In his response, Mr Clarke said: “Let me begin by apologising for the inordinate delay in replying to your letter of November 5 last, and for the inadequate nature of the reply that was sent to you recently. Both of these failings were particularly unfortunate in view of the tragic loss that you have suffered. You have met one of my Ministerial colleagues, Nick Herbert, and have received a letter from another, Crispin Blunt, and have also met the Chief Crown Prosecutor for Lancashire. You have throughout been in touch with your Member of Parliament, Andrew Stephenson, who has himself very recently had a meeting with Crispin about the Ten-Minute Rule Bill he introduced in June.

“I am not sure that there is much I can add to what you have already heard. It would not be appropriate for me as a Minister to comment on judicial decisions, such as those relating to Vass’s bail or what happened to the rape charges.”

Mr and Mrs Clough say they will write again to Mr Clarke to outline their disappointment to his response.

Screw the Gunner

He's supposed to be a soldier, not a politician. Now, Hazel Blears I can understand, this idiot NOT!!!

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Manchester riots: soldier charged with burglary remanded in custody

Gunner Liam Bretherton was arrested after trying to sell a Les Paul guitar.

Gunner Liam Bretherton was arrested after trying to sell a Les Paul guitar. 

Gunner Liam Bretherton, 20, faces dismissal from the Army after walking into a
guitar shop with a valuable Gibson Les Paul just 12 hours after a flagship
music store in Manchester had been ransacked by looters.

He was arrested when the owner of the shop became suspicious and checked the
serial number on the instrument. He then locked him in the shop until the
police arrived.

Bretherton, who serves with the Royal Regiment of Artillery, indicated that he
had been prepared to admit handling stolen goods but when the charge was
upped to burglary pleaded not guilty.

sources admitted that they were braced for a number of soldiers to be
charged following this week’s rioting as the majority are on summer “bloc
leave” in August.

Conductor prejudice to the good disciple and behaviour of Her Majesty's Armed Forces  - Section 6 of the Army Act. 
Thanks Squaddie and Mr Lacey for undermining and destroying 30 yrs of my service to Q&C.  Your argument does not stand up to scrutiny or moral examination.  It just shows the lack of moral fibre that is endemic in this country as I try to have MP's, councillors and public servants as a whole convicted of malfeasance.
Steve Flanigan  Retired Battery Sgt Mjr

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Law and Order under scrutiny

The opaque language of Parliamentary niceties has been taken to the extent of muting the English language into a death knell for Free Speech and honestly held views.

Whilst just about every speaker praised the actions and heroism of the police, not a single voice said that the law prohibits bravery because it is illegal for any person employed by other authorities outside that of the military to put themselves into a place where they might receive harm. Surly, in a hall packed with highly prized lawyers, one would have had the nerve to remind parliament that it was parliament itself -through ineffectual legal scrutiny - that has brought the law into disrepute.

And what a perfect theatre! The Red Squirrel of Salford and Eccles was unabashed in her demand for the Salford police to be repatriated back to Manchester and district. Why, to investigate corruption amongst Manchester MP’s? No, but possibly to make it easier for highly placed rogues to hide their malfeasance behind a fallacious condemnation of criminality of which they are a great part.

Then up stood Jack Dromey, pushing his questions down his brazier and adjusting his dress as he waffled a well rehearsed condemnation of affairs that conveniently deflected from memory his adoption in his constituency as an all female candicake! What hypocrisy!?!?

All major parties are at fault. Years ago they decriminalised trespass so that anyone can walk into and onto your property with no sanctions other than the victim to take the perpetrator to court. No-one can afford that unless you’re a Murdoch. Complain to the authority that a gang of youths are tearing up your garden and they send round a Community Copper with no powers greater than your own. Promise to defend your property and then a Met Flying Squad chopper arrives and whizzes you off to the Nick.

As the clarion call went round Westminster, Blackpool council leaders echoed a call of support for a body which has one under arrest for a series of crimes being investigated by local police. As that body makes a mockery of the perjury laws, Blackpool council cannot see that Law and Order has to be upheld in its own courtyard rather than wait for Wakes Weeks and a mob of Tyldesley twelve year olds and their single mothers to run amuck through the deserted shopping arcades of South Shore. You can just imagine the councillors rubbing their hands with delight as eight nine year olds ransack Notorianni’s Ice Cream Parlour for choc chips to go on top of their thieved Knicker-boca-glories. It will now be an ideal time for the whole authority to dispatch the demands of concerned former regular servicemen for a more judicious inquiry into acts of theft to the back burner – if they have not done so already. But beware. If you eat with the Devil…

Surely, when any organisation is under investigation, you suspend all licenses until completion of those investigations. Why then, did the council issue a license for the Bank Hey Street CIC to have a stand next to the Gasjet, during the flying display weekend? One lady and her real charity have been applying for seven years for such a license and has always been refused. Are you waiting for her to do something illegal first?

English Riots - Solutions from Africa

ETHIOPIA. The African Union today adopted a unilateral resolution to deploy army troops and care packages to England as looting and violence spread from London to other major cities. Spokesperson Charity Khumalo said "We can no longer stand by while these savages tear themselves apart."
The AU, meeting today in an emergency session to discuss the ongoing rioting in the UK, has declared that they will do "everything in their power to help bring civilization to England".
"It's just so sad, you know," said Khumalo, speaking from the organisation's HQ in Addis Ababa, "sitting here and watching them on TV while their society implodes. We cannot in good conscience remain idle and let it happen."
The AU has announced a range of initiatives that Africans can get involved with to help alleviate the misery of the English.
"For instance, we have launched an 'Adopt an English child' programme," Khumalo explained, showing journalists brochures featuring the faces of English kids. "If you donate a mere R50 a month, you can see to it that sweet little Johnny from Peckham receives a basic education, a pack of condoms and a pair of pimpin' Nikes."
The organisation also plans to air-drop care packages on major UK cities.
"Vegetables, mainly," Khumalo confirmed. "We're sending them vegetables, soap and toothpaste."
The AU's flagship event, however, will be a star-studded rock concert to be held in Johannesburg, with all proceeds going towards the establishment of mobile libraries around the UK. Artists ranging from Mafikizolo to Steve Hofmeyr have pledged to perform at the show.
"As a humanitarian, it's the least I can do," Hofmeyr said yesterday.
Meanwhile, the week's events has seen terrified South Africans in London and Manchester packing their bags for home.
"This country is going to the dogs, dude," said Werner du Preez, a gap-year student from Johannesburg. "I've been offered a nice little two-bed place in Hillbrow where I can feel safe again."

Court letting down the people

Police arrest looter with arms full of pilfered goods.

They take him before the Courts.

He was sentenced to 1 day in prison and was released immediately because he had been in police cells for 12 hours.

Is this Justice according to Judge Simon Newell?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Powells words coming home to roost.

The Met Police are now saying that the cells are full. This is not a swipe at the Fuzz but at their political masters.

When 41 Commando herded the rioters from the Shankill into Tennant Street police station during the initial riots as early as September 1969, they didn't count the numbers. When the cells were filled, they used the pits in the garage and loaded the mob onto the cold concrete, hands tied behind backs and watched over by superb RUC constables with machine carbines.
It is the politician who has created the situation where the Rule of Law is only applicable to the law abiding. Rubbing shoulders with corrupt political allies is no panacea for the woes of a new society, a society the majority of us never wanted and has proven not to work. There ought to have been a wholesale clear out of corrupt MP's, their agents and their masters, but it never happened. The thugs on the street are many things and not stupid. They are making a mockery of the hyper-intelligent police SERVICE. Never would that have happened in Layton when Tiny was the sole copper and his word and actions WERE law. But politicians destroyed the Tiny's and supplemented the crime stoppers for the politically correct crime watchers. Their stupidity is seditious.

Whilst the English are held to ransom by the politically correct like immigrant Jasmine Alibi Brown, homosexual MP's are now predominant with their own agenda over the needs of the nation, and the Liberal soft minded minority who can never see the fires for the massed gangs of immigrant hoodies whom they adore above indigenous Britons hold court, so subsequently nothing will or does improve.

Enoch Powell wisely said that the immigrant has two passports. It is time that we removed the one that allows them to destroy this once great nation.

Just in case you don't know, Belfast and Londonderry is as equal a part of Britain as Manchester and London.

And if you think this is a pure racist rant, read past blogs on what ought to be done with the feral white youths, not the thoroughly decent kids working towards their better futures. We have unpopulated islands perfect for habitation by those not willing to live sociably in mainland Britain. Stop cowering before the Wendy Lewis's and the dogs who breed feral children who get free education, medicine etcetera. No, I know it isn't free. It's paid for and instead of paying for the pensioners.

And to the young female on Sky News who has never as yet done a days word, the respect you think you ought to get has to be earned. The FREE education YOU abused was paid for by others lack of a just pension. If you think that YOUR ingratitude is presently not rewarded, continue supporting the feral elements of your generation and the wrath of the decent, hard working majority will so disenfranchise you, this near Utopia will evaporate forever because of YOUR arrogant stupidity and vandalism.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Death Penalty for Murderers?

I have been for many years anti the death penalty.

What changed my mind? The gang of white youths who murdered the ESN lassie and received derisory sentences for her MURDER.

Amplify’d from
Restore Justice UK
Let them be counted.

  1. Milly Dowler

  2. Soham murders

  3. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Restore the Deterrent: Murder Rate Has Doubled Since Abolition


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Real Old Soldiers at politicians throat

As Simon Blackburn, Blackpool Council leader, has declared his fullest support for the Feslc, it is about time he spent ten minutes and reads some of the evidence that the local police apparently are ignoring and comment on FACTS. Readers of this blog should recall that the full constitution of the FESLC was published on these pages. To aid memory part of the constitution is repeated below with some explanation.

For the FESLC to raise monies, according to their own constitution, they have to levy a fee on the Associations . Nowhere is there a mandate for the FESLC to make applications to Charitable Donors on its own behalf BUT is and was a conduit for charitable funds to be delivered from a donating authority to a legally entitled recipient. This was re-enforced when it took over the role – a role that Blackpool Service caseworkers questioned openly as it made the privacy of applications from cases almost impossible – as go-between or access route to the Blackpool’s Mayor Fund. As such The Fylde Ex Service Liaison Committee has NEVER been formally constituted club or society except to use its subsidiary organisations charitable statuses to increase the voice of smaller Associations such as the Small Boats Patrol units, a much savaged unit of former fishermen who were the minesweepers and channel clearers in dangerous waters.

From the Home Front Recall application there is a clear marker that Jim Houldsworth was making applications on behalf of the FESLC and using Julian Mineur in an official capacity as a pseudo committee member of the FESLC. This position was probably illegal as at that time Julian Mineur was an undeclared bankrupt and not a known representative of any legitimate service organisation and with no authority to act for on behalf of any known Association affiliated to FESLC.

If there is any doubt, where are the minutes with the three signatories to allow the FESLC to act on there behalf for this application believed to be in the region of £30.000? It would be easy to fabricate minutes now, but having spent many hours reading through archive material, something the local police seem remiss to do, it appears that NO such request can be found.

Philtheone did an excellent article on this matter 8 months ago and not a single question was answered. Just as the Government with the Westminster Expenses Scandal who promised the Disinfectant of Openness, the moaning MPs returned and quibbled over their plight, poor thieves. Just because the Local Rag is backing the FESLC it is not excuse for ignoring the plethora of evidence by the council and its new leaders. Afterall, see what a mess Westminster is in because it did not query the over zealous political antics of Murdoch and HIS illegitimate allies?

Since the Storm hit the Works on the Promenade, criminal investigations have resulted in one arrest and growing disquiet as the police appear to be treading water as they have not, as far as any of the protagonist are concerned, examined the mass of literature and minutes available to the investigating office. A letter to the Officer has NOT yet been acted on and, irrespective of whatever Cllr Simon Blackburn wishes to think or write, the matter HAS been raised with the Council Complaints department, CPS and local police. It appears that Yates of the back yard must be advising local detectives as the mass of evidence is still getting heavier, collecting dust. Come on Simon! Like it or lump it, you now have a legal obligation to act on concerns of constituents and if you do not it indicates a clear ambivalence towards matters outside your own agenda. At least Peter Callow acted and handed his correspondence on with the subsequent results.