Sunday, 21 February 2010

Labour liars strike against your rights

Harriet Harman gagged auditor in MPs’ expenses inquiry

Harriet Harman
Harriet Harman tried to stop more details of the expenses scandal coming out

Harriet Harman gagged the independent auditor of MPs' expenses to prevent further embarrassment over rejected claims, it emerged today.

The Commons Leader persuaded Sir Thomas Legg not to publish any references to expenses claims that were turned down by the Commons Fees Office.

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Freedom is a word they never context.
Now Joan Humble and Gordon Marsden, you have not once in all your years confronted the evil task masters of your party. In the name of democracy and truth, challenge this evil woman, or in the name of your honest constituents who are suffering under maladministration, usery and fraud. Or do you really not care?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

AFPG Letter

This is the response to the letter previously published below. It is for the reader to decide what is happening because I have not a clue.

Dear Member 16th FEBRUARY 2010

Dear Member,

Copied below is a note' from Colin Challen MP for Morley and Rothwell. Colin has been a sponsor in the House of Commons for AFPG's Campaign to gain recognition and payment in respect of the right to a pension for those who, prior to April 1975 served for less than 22 years.

I suggest that you read Colin's note carefully and draw your own conclusions. However, there are certain disparities in the content, which it is only right that I should bring to your attention. The reason for so doing is that there appears to be both an attempt at manipulation of AFPG Ltd. through the furtherance of the personal ambition of more than one person and the accolade accorded to David Langham, the latter being particularly misplaced.

It appears it was not the intention of the author of the note that it should be read by the current Directors or indeed by all members of AFPG Ltd. It only came to my notice by chance on the 9th February. I have doubts that the note was produced solely by Colin because he would be well aware of the many inaccuracies and the unwarranted hyperbole used.

Without more ado then, in the letter you will find reference to –

1. The Directors "pursuing a failed legal case' – rather than ‘a legal case constructed by professional advisers was pursued, and which ultimately failed.’

2. The Directors are accused of “being passive onlookers” whilst David and Colin “'went the length and breadth of the land in support of the cause'”. This hyperbole is grossly misleading and untrue about the considerable effort expended by the Directors, who supported all the events that the Campaign Manager made them aware of.

3. “David and I (that is Colin) encouraged new members to join and produced the newsletter "Equality". In addition we (David and I again) developed merchandise etc” The involvement of David, the acquisition and sale of merchandise was agreed at meetings of the Directors with David who was co-opted to be the Campaign Manager.

4. There is reference to the decline in membership and that such decline was only stalled by the efforts of David. In fact, following the debacle with Richmonds, membership fell to 1300. However, through the efforts, almost solely of Mike Steel and the national publicity he obtained, the membership grew to a then new high of 2600. Since the appointment of David it has grown by a further (that we know of) c.900 as a result of everyone’s efforts, many of whom are wives and friends and not therefore direct beneficiaries of the campaign. They are in fact 'donors' albeit doing a worthwhile job by giving support to the campaign.

5. The cost of having a Campaign Manager has been considerable. David is only remunerated for his actual costs but the campaign over the last two years has cost over £25,000 against an increase in membership over the period, including those joining through the efforts of David, Area Coordinators and the Directors, of some 900 which has given an inflow to funds of £13500 in membership fees plus income from the sale of goods yet to be finalised. The campaign, principally through the Morley and Rothwell Constituency Office has therefore been costly.

6. The current Directors recognise that there has been a breakdown in communications but not before some Members acting unconstitutionally started to try and take things into their own hands. They did this whilst the Directors were working to provide the Campaign with the management and organisation structure that both they and the Directors had agreed on 31st March 2009 as the way forward. Even now there are members of, for want of a better word, an ‘unconstitutional’ group, who are suggesting tactics regarding the forthcoming EGM/AGM which could stall the progress of AFPG Ltd yet again. If they are successful the decline in AFPG Ltd will be caused by them and not the current Directors who hold their posts legitimately and not through the sham election of last October.

7. In his penultimate paragraph Mr Challen claims that he understands “ that the previous Directors have refused to accept this way forward “. This is a total misrepresentation of the facts. Mr. Challen and David Langham were well aware of the Directors intentions and progress that has led to the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association to be considered by the Membership at the EGM on the 2nd March. These documents, if adopted by the Members, will provide the lawful and strong basis for the campaigning by AFPG Ltd we all want.

Yours sincerely.

Nigel H Lodge Secretary AFPG Ltd.

AFPG Members letter

Dear Member 16th FEBRUARY 2010

Many members of the AFPG will be confused as to what is going on within the organization – who is running it and what its current objectives are. As one who supports the AFPG and its campaign for justice for veterans who haven’t got military pensions, I want to make clear what my position is, as I have been the principle parliamentary supporter of the campaign over the last four years.

I became involved with the AFPG when a constituent, Sid West approached me about his pension – he did 17 years in the army and had nothing to show for it. I decided to do what I could to help, and my Parliamentary Assistant, David Langham, also ex-services, in his own time helped considerably in the cause. After our initial contact with the AFPG, we recognized the need to raise the political profile of the campaign – up until then the AFPG’s main, if not sole activity had been to pursue a failed legal case through the courts, costing its members over £1million. A new start was clearly called for, hence we organized a petition (now close to quarter of a million signatures), marches, a regional organization, and many other activities. David and I travelled the length and breadth of the UK to speak at start-up meetings. Sadly, this activity was not matched by the existing directors of the AFPG, who remained generally passive onlookers, albeit happy to attend a few of the activities we or others had arranged.

In the course of this period, we – and David especially – helped encourage new members to join, and well over a thousand joined, showing that there is a huge potential to build the organisation. We produced the newsletter “Equality” and merchandise was developed so that the AFPG had another way of making money.

For some reason, for which I still have no explanation, all this seemed to become a matter of concern to the existing directors, leading to a breakdown in communications. I was pleased therefore that some members, acting within their rights, set about arranging a process which would lead to the creation of a new management structure for the AFPG. This seemed to me to be about the best way of getting the AFPG onto a full, campaigning model, recognizing that the past failures, which had cost members so much for so little effect should be consigned to history.

I understand that the previous directors have refused to accept this way forward. It is my view that the previous directors should seriously reconsider their position, if the AFPG is to become a campaigning organization. I therefore fully endorse the actions of the group of members who have made preparations for a general meeting later this year, at which new directors can be democratically elected. Of course, the previous directors will be entitled to offer themselves as candidates in that election.

In conclusion I must say that the AFPG has a difficult campaign ahead, but if it can develop its membership – and we know the cause is popular – then it stands a far better chance of success. If it is run by people who recognize that, and are prepared to work at it, the AFPG will go from strength to strength. The alternative is a continuation of the steady decline it was in a few years ago.

Colin Challen MP

I have published this letter without comment. I shall later publish the response by the AFPG committee to this letter.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Defending wrong

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First-class fool! Veteran Tory Sir Nicholas

Winterton blasts new rule that says MPs must

travel with the rest of us in economy

Fool: Sir Nicholas Winterton is outraged MPs have to travel with members of the public

Fool: Sir Nicholas Winterton is outraged MPs have to travel with the public

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As a lifetime Conservative, I find the Winterton’s attitude indefensible. Like many, I was seduced by what they said rather than the truth of their position. Albert Speer lied to his death about his involvement in the murder of millions and was accepted into society after a 20 year stretch for his War Record.
The Winterton's have got away Scot Free for their theft from the public purse.
Defend that, Mr Politician.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A foot soldiers song

A Blue Job, for those who think dirty, is Air Force. A Brown Job is not a pile of sh*t, that's your MPs. A BJ is the foot soldier, the RLI, RAR, RR and others.

If you think that the war in Afghanistan is unique, then remember the Russians tried it with disastrous consequences. Every mistake being made today we experienced in Rhodesia in the 70s. The exception being there was no pot of young men able to fill the void as our casualties escalated. That dour, foul country now called Zimbabwe was the finest country on Earth, made great by the hard work of selfless expats from Britain. Do you understand or even care of the calibre of those that Labour import to give credibility to the calumny of their deceitful intentions?

If everyone is so phased with the heroin and terrorism why do they not deport the likely perpetrators back to their Valhalla in the mountains and arrest all the celebrity dope users for complicity in the killing of our young soldiers and airmen? Why not parade the drug users on November 11th each year before the Cenotaphs of this country and allow the veterans their say in their outcome? Some of the beautiful people would not be so worshipped then.

Monday, 15 February 2010

None of the above

Sick to death of the dross the major parties place before you on election day? Then do something about it. Sign this petition and tell the lying, thieving bastards you don't want them.
Or just continue to vote for the Lib=Lab=Con Pact.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Afghanistan - closer to the truth

The Afghan debate is being stifled because of the casualty rate. If you are or have family involved, please read this account then challenge the disinformation coming out of Westminster.

Friday, 12 February 2010

MP's insulting soldiers, again

MP's are being AWARDED (yhuk) medals for visiting Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop this insult now. Sign the petition and write to your MP telling them exactly where to put this ill deserved gain.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Public servants and the Law

When is a thief not a thief?
When he/she claims Parliamentary privilege.
What fatuous dross. No man is above the law and it was Parliament - the sole maker of modern law - that introduced the Theft Act 1968 with its wording, for once, quite clear. Unless you reinvent- redefine nemo est supra legis (no-one is above the law), you must accept proportionality within all modern legislation, its' construction and each factor that evolved from Common Law and which has resulted in this idiocy of codified law.
As Lord Carswell was trying to explain to the Nobles and Greater Minds in his maiden speech to the Lords, the more you write down legislation, especially that forced upon us over the past decade, badly drafted and feebly scrutinised, all you will do is sow the seeds of an industry of wordsmiths who will unpick the desire and intention of Parliament.
The fact that the man on the Blackpool promenade cannot understand this profound premise leaves me cold and fearful of the future.
Ignorance and stupidity will reign, even more than it does now.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The comments deleted from the Gazette

The question has to be answered. When are Councillors not Councillors? When they are ten yards, sorry metres, from the Council Offices? When, like Councillor Sue Fowler, they watch children climbing all over the public loo in Highfield Road Park and do nothing? Brilliant example of citizenship. Or when they are on expenses paid jaunts reaping the rewards of poor turnouts in elections?

And how, as a privileged member of a political cabal, does patronage not amount to interest? A strange and erudite misinterpretation of the English language. Not even the Minister of (In)Justice, Jack Straw, could get away with that within that inept chambers of accountability; just because local MP's will not hold what is apparantly a corrupt administration (executive) to task. Just check the voting records of Mssrs Humble and Marsden; not very inspirational. But there again, they both did exceedingly well with their expenses, did they not?

Blackpool Council

1, 05/02/2010 11:30:57

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2, 05/02/2010 12:16:00

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

3, 05/02/2010 12:31:42

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

11, 06/02/2010 11:51:41

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

12, 06/02/2010 12:41:42

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

13, 06/02/2010 15:07:39

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

14, 06/02/2010 19:56:17

Comment Reported Unsuitable By User

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Free speech in the Blackpool Gazette. This is how they react to any form of criticism.
Luckily some of the comments have been recorded and will be published here.

Norman Grosart, former Royal Marine

Norman Alexander Grosart, former Royal Marine and Liverpool policeman, aged 79. Norman was a really good egg and it is with great sadness that I will not be able to attend his 'crossing the bar'.
His funeral service and committal will take place at Lytham Crematorium on Tuesday, 9th February 2010 at 14.30 hours.

Blackpool Conservatives accused, more

notyetavet, Blackpool 06/02/2010 12:41:42
The apparent standard of scrutiny, or more appropriately the lack of them, has walked – very quickly - up the M6 from Westminster and now seems to reside in Blackpool Council Chambers. When the whole world could see the Committee (?) on Standards in Public Life is now nothing more than a nodding shop for MP’s duplicity, a miniature version appears to have taken residence in the North West.
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Hang Ron Bell by all means, but hang him fairly. Is he being hung out to dry because the local Con… (sorry I cannot bring myself to write it because they have emasculated the metaphor) the Blue Party anticipate the gay and lesbian vote to be so mobilised that the majority will have to settle for whomever they vote for? Put up multiple scaffolds for the rest of the miscreants who abuse privilege. And abuse privilege they do. From whomever thinks they have the right to delete public opinion, to those who misappropriate public funds by excessive claims for First Class travel etcetera, they demean the fight for civil rights that continues even after four hundred years of struggle. From members of Parliament down to and including local councillors, all forget that they are public servants, are not above the law as the Westminster 4 now claim, and have a moral duty to act and perform accordingly. If this means they have to develop integrity, so be it.

So should reporting and criticism. The only comment I have on that knickers thieving Mayor –Preesall Bubbles - is that it was a shame that my cousins’ boys were not a home when you were out on patrol.