Monday, 28 September 2009

MEP's on the MAKE

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ONLY six of Britain’s 72 Euro MPs turned down this summer’s £20,000 pay rise, a Sunday Express survey found.

Those not to taking the cash are Gerard Batten, Godfrey Bloom and Derek Clark of Ukip, Tory Philip Bradbourn and the SNP’s Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton.
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Westminster to Europe. Get elected and lose your morals. Enough is enough.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Petition to get rid of Baroness Scotland

Sign the petition to get Prime Minister Brown to do the decent thing and sack his friend in the dock, sorry, who should be back in the dock, the one who was fined half the maximum for illegally employing an illegal immigrant-oh, her!
Yes. Do something useful for once and tell PM Brown that you too have had enough of his corrupt regime dictating to you, with dual standards and false promises and illegal actions. It will only take a few moments but should get through to the Ice Minister.

Glaswegian taking on the Gang Masters

Already the machinery have the knives out for an ordinary, and what appears to be, a really good man. The apologists for politicians have started to insult John Smeaton on YouTube. It only shows the depths of their depravity and not the integrity of a decent man.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Good Labour parentalship

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THE son of former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt was yesterday charged with
possessing cocaine.

Nicholas Hewitt Birtles, 21 - whose dad is a JUDGE - was held
close to his parents' £1million home.

Respected . . . MP Ms Hewitt and husband, Judge Birtles

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Preachers beware. Having listened to the sanctimonious rants from Madam Hewitt for all these years, and having hoped it was good riddance when she resigned...

To all Labour supporters, if you cannot tell your friends, and I mean the lying, thieving shits who stole handsomely from the Public Purse whilst lesser mortals were being convicted of petty cash crimes and criminalised for not being able to afford decent advocacy, how can you moralise to a basically moral public. Your corrupt seedlings have really sprouted. Just look at what YOU, and I mean You Labour supporters, have fostered on decent British people. The list of criminal activity in your ranks reads – Mandelson, three times removed from office, Hazel Blears who cannot see corruption from her cell in Salford. Who is that woman whose husband is on trial for corruption in Italy? My memory cannot retain all these names of Labour crooks. I’d like to list the decent Labour MP’s but as the only one I know is resigning at the next election, Greg Pope, it is of little consequence.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Britains continual strife

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Violence As Police Step

Up N Ireland Patrols

A police checkpoint in Belfast city centre

Violence has broken out in Northern Ireland for a third night after police launched an operation against dissident republicans.

Armed men hijacked a vehicle at a railway crossing in Lurgan, County Armagh, told a woman motorist they had strapped an explosive device to her car and ordered her to drive to the nearest police station.

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They do not accept the Rule of Law, the Queens mandate, but take British monies along with all the drugs, illicit fuel, prostitution and all the other third world crimes they commit.
All the sympathy I once felt for their cause and the injustice they suffered, has long since been expunged through their single-minded aim of unification.

Loves Labour's Lost

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Sunday Sleaze

Patricia Scotland, who was at the Home Office before becoming Attorney-General, has wrongly claimed some £170,000 since 2004. The £38,280 a year over-claim is only for ministers who have a primary residence outside the capital. Patricia has a £2 million home in Chiswick, West London.

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Aren't they just the most dishonest bunch of liars since the last Conservative government?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Brown's treachery

Brown’s treachery…

So it appears that the MOD, for the last 10 years, can’t manage to buy anything for the armed forces without spending almost half as much again as it should and taking nearly twice as long as it should to do it. Furthermore – and as a result – the MOD is running out of money to do its job.

Apparently the MOD has been failing since 1999.

Brown (and Blair before him) have utterly betrayed the armed forces. And we should all be disgusted by that, for the misery that such a failure causes in lost lives and shattered families.

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Twelve years I have been writing this. Personal experience means nothing to a government that is wholly interested in self preservation, greed and envy. Had the military the courage of the troopie, the Brass would have stuffed Health & Safety up the politicos arsehole. All too often we are witnessing the legacy of politicians enforcing political correctness on a way of life that not a one has the faintest clue about.

Only recently I have witnessed young officers doing a single tour of the battle zones, to come home and resign, yet The Brass does nothing. What have these honourable and courageous young people witnessed that has marked them so badly?

Every piece of video news from The Front fills me with anger as I witness my life’s work being destroyed with the needless waste of all these young lives. Young Brits who ought to have gaining from my generations knowledge, but they have not. Whilst I salute the valour and contribution of the women on the front line, I cannot help but be reminded of a lowering of expectation which GAVE the legendary Green Beret to an Army lass purely for political expedience, the purchase of the ill-conceived SA80 Assault Weapon, the litany of diabolically inept procurement for the RAF, the Navy and the Army whilst the costs are hidden from the purchaser – the tax payer, all symptomatic of the laissez faire attitude of the electorate and the government.

Stolen Valour

There is a growing cacophony of those who would want to sing in the choir of platitudes, ably led by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His sickening references and eulogies to soldiers of today hold little water with injured and sick former soldiers who have been brutally introduced to the realities of false promises.
This video is dedicated to those, like Baron Shortarse or whatever he calls himself, and the ignorant host who actually give their like some form of credablity yet ignore the plight of the faceless who gave much and receive little.