Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Trough

clipped from www.mirror.co.uk

MPs claiming £93m

in expenses

Jacqui Smith

The taxpayer-funded bonanza – £6million more than last year –

works out at an average £144,176 on top of an MP’s basic

£63,291 salary.

Yet even that is not enough for some and Labour backbencher

Eric Joyce topped the list with a mind-blowing £187,334.

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On the BBC news, one interviewee said that if you can claim then one should claim.
That is exactly the attitude that allows the proliferation of the Sharon Matthews of this world. I have kept off the subject, but it is the same idolatry of the types of Jade Goody - lest said on this subject the better.
Whilst over 4 million pensioners do not legally claim their entitlements because of the insidious and intrusive nature of 'means testing', all defence of MP's expensive is argumentative pigswill.

When the average decent man on the commuter run has to provide every single docket to provide evidence to Aunty Tax, then our servants should have some moral conscience with regards to the £93 million they deny our sick and old.
It is not their money, it is yours and mine and I think their salaries are
sufficient without expenses. If they cannot live on it, get another job.

So whatever happened to SERVICE? Expenses are not a means to property mogulship. From the Wintertons to the Home Secretary there has to be the 'disinfectant of sunlight' and an immediate criminal charge aganst every MP who has made a false claim, and that includes the ridiculous aspects of Sein Fein collecting salaries for non-attendance of Parliament.

Monday, 30 March 2009

MP's Expenses

MP's expenses

Parliament getting the jitters over expenses

Stung by the continuing scandal of MPs' expenses highlighted by the porn videos paid for by the public purse in the home secretary's entry, the speaker of the House of Commons has released ALL MPs' expenses for the last two years. We now know that the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed £22,948 in 2007/8, which even my abysmal maths tells me is just £135 short of the maximum £23,083 that MPs are allowed to claim in second home allowances per year.

We and others, I'm sure, are now trawling through the detail to see what others titbits await, though the kind of detail we've already seen for the home secretary is not yet available for all her parliamentary colleagues.

There's much talk tonight of who leaked the details of Ms Smith's expenses, prompting her to pay them back. But the PM is sticking by her, despite the attention this has drawn to her decision to claim a second home allowance on the place where her husband and family spend much of their time whilst she lodges with her sister in London in their "main home".

As if that wasn't enough, Ms Smith and other ministers will have their pay frozen this year. Opposition parties have followed suit.
This is the latest Snow blog from Channel 4

Littlejohn on the attack

Not even in the Augean sleaze of the Major years did we have a Home Secretary claiming porn on expenses.

This will not be read by the Labour lovers, true as it is. What is illuminating is that so few English foreign newspapers have given this thunderbolt a column. The looming disaster in North America is more important than the Home Secretaries manwife prefering his own hand to the dopehead!!!!

Jamie Oliveoil with EU Fudge

Is this what Mandelson was cooking up when he was at Brussels?
Or can MP's claim this on expenses.
I have just returned from the shops. Whoever says food prices are coming down must be a Martian or a Labour MP. Food is no longer cheap unless it's on you MP's expense sheet. No wonder Mr Slpiff has to relax with a good blue movie while his husband is sampling the ganja at the sister's.

Is this your friendly Labour MP?

Writ hits fan for Nigel Griffiths

He cheats on wife, cons his voters and is whitewashed by Commons watchdog..then goes to court to stop YOU finding out

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And they dare call other Parties?

Is Mr Spliff a private Wa*nk*er?

Smith’s fury over husband’s porn shame
She tells him: Say sorry or you’re fired

The outraged Home Secretary said she would fire shame-faced Richard Timney as her £24,000-ayear parliamentary assistant after he was caught watching blue movies at their home – and putting them on her expenses.

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The answer is no, you are, for allowing these parasites to dictate to you the depths of your misery whilst they PLUG their own shortcomings through their expense claims. Mr Spliff really has SUNK(sic) it to the electorate, at our expense.
I have seldom heard so much nonesense talked. To kill the expenses debate all there needs is for Westminster to have a travel officer, Black Rod or another, who can issue second class warrents to MP's. Afterall, if a second class warrent is good enough for a soldier, then it must be good enough for an MP.
And most soldiers have second homes for which they often have to pay out of their salaries, wages, incomes!!! They are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans.

The expression parasite seem too tame from a disabled former regular soldier whose pension was stolen by Labour.
For any MP to argue that these expenses are within the rules indictates a total moral implosion.

Labours good intentions going awry.

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

Pensioners left stranded as

new law means free bus pass

could no longer be valid


Senior citizens have been accused of free-loading by 'misusing' the services intended for local trips to go on holiday and regular outings to the seaside, with queues of pensioners forming on popular routes.

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I was informed that pensioners could not use their passes on National Express routes that were over 50 miles???
The confusion is not of the pensioner’s doing. It is another example of a government not thinking through or even debating fully what a great idea for the aged and disabled it is.
One of the most asked questions is - do I go to Fleetwood on the tram? I either reply, have you been on a tram? Or, have you ever pushed someone in a wheel-chair?
It is then that you are confirmed that you are talking to an idiot.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Internet

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

19,000 UK credit card details

posted on the Net...and

accessible on Google

The credit card details of up to 19,000 British shoppers were published on the internet - where they could be found using a simple search on Google.

The list, obtained by the Mail, includes the names, home addresses and full card details of thousands of Visa, Mastercard and American Express customers.

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Why do people open their lives up to the world through Facebook and others? Vanity.
If innocent people can have their identiies stolen by crooks, just imagine the problems terrorist can cause? No! Then just carry on in delightful ignorance until your passport is found on a suicide bomber.

Blackpool brainchild against organised crime

Criminals land to warning posters

CRIMELORDS travelling through Blackpool Airport will be met with taunting police posters.
The signs are part of a hard-hitting campaign warning Mr Big criminals that police are "hot on their heels".
It is the brainchild of Lancashire's Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) which seized almost £5m of criminal's assets in 2007/08.

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The howls of hysterical laughter are rolling across the Pennines. Pink flag over the Town Hall, paper George Dixons at the airport, first class railway for Councillors only. Hehehehe!!!!!
Streets in ruin. Dog muck everywhere. The only thing the police can make stick is the mass of gum on filthy pavements. Room for four, Sir? Welcome to stinkpool!!!

Headlines in The Australian

Obama says Afghanistan on the brink of disaster

MORE than seven years after the US declared war on the Taliban, Afghanistan still stands on the brink of disaster, Barack Obama has declared.

An additional 21,000 US troops will be sent to Afghanistan and civilian aid to neighbouring Pakistan will be trebled, Mr Obama said in a speech that showed his desire to take full US ownership of the deepening conflict.

He warned both governments that they had to take far greater responsibility in tackling their own corruption and the lethal insurgency that is threatening their survival.

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Armageddon for Westminster?

What a pair of beauties. Christine Hamilton and Dianne Abbott! Both singing from the same song sheet and talking a lot of sense?

Absolutely! And about time too!

When Dianne Abbott predicts a maelstrom once the expenses of sitting MP’s are made public, then it really means that Joe Public should shut up and read. If more thieving towrags join the Nuremburg choir and chant we are “only doing what we are allowed”, then it is time that we resurrect Guy Fawkes and start stock-piling gun powder under MP’s useless backsides.

Treating our own sick and injured

Did I hear correctly? The Government of the United Kingdom are going to rescind a reciprocal arrangement with a foreign government so that we shall no longer treat their people in our emergency units unless they pay for that service? I could be wrong.

The country involved is the independent nation of the Isle of Man. A nation that has supported without reservation the foreign games of successive British governments, that has supplied many a brave person to fight and protect this nation, who housed Prisoners of War so that our troops could be spared to get ready to defend our Freedoms against the Hun Hordes.

Come clean Labour- if that is possible – and let us know exactly what you are using our NH money for. Are you still giving succour to every foreigner who arrives on these shores with a cold, sore head and Aides? How much has the accounting department retrieved from foreign governments for treating their people with our medicine, doctors and nurses? Not a penny, European cent of Ghanaian shackle!

And for all the do-gooders out there who want my money to be spent on every foreigner with syphilis and TB at the expense of our soldiers fighting Labour’s wars abroad, not a penny from me. When there is no longer a need for Help for Heroes then we can start thinking about assisting others. Until then CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. This includes parts of the British Isle like the Isle of Man.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Lost Tribe of Afrika

This is not the first time I have published this picture, but for the lovely Lady with her reservations over the future of the Whites in Afrika add one addendum, this will be Britain in a few years time.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Isle of Man kids leading the way?

For all the detractors about UK youth, let us just for a moment watch British youngsters who are not tarnished with british dogma.
I am not commenting on their imput, but applaud the contribution to future politics by children from a part of these islands who are not subverted by the heavy pressure of mainland party politics.

Internecine warfare breaks out on the Left

clipped from www.spectator.co.uk

A shameful lead

James Forsyth 9:23am

The Guardian’s editorial on the government’s decision to break off relations with the Muslim Council of Britain over the views of Daud Abdullah, its deputy secretary-general, contains this quite remarkable passage:

“the government's chief quarrel is with the hypothetical suggestion that resistance would be appropriate if UK forces were ever used to intercept arms destined for Gaza. Very many Muslims, and indeed many non-Muslims, would agree with that”

So, The Guardian believes that there is nothing inherently wrong or unreasonable with believing that it is justified to use violence against British forces attempting to prevent the shipment of arms to a genocidal terrorist organisation. This is as incredible as it is shameful.
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The Guardian is simply following the Labour mandate of saying one thing and doing another. The political masters are eulogising over our armed services but in reality they are undermining the soldiers capability and moral through inaction and deviation.
As a young family man you too can live in dank, rat infested accommodation, spend years away from your family, have no say in the inequities you see and be prepared to die for a politician who knowingly lies to you and the nation. This is the truth about the left and all its supporters.
First put the soldier in harms way and let their heroism be sufficient to bale them out. In Napoleonic days the soldier would be rewarded with death or a share of the bounty. Not today. No hospitals, no decent services for the mentally drained, no compassion for the destraught man who has lost his home, his family and his future because he gave his youth for our benefit.

The Devalued Prime Minister

Americans recognise Britains responsible for terrorism.

U.S. feared UK-Pak attacks early as '03

The U.S. began picking up intelligence that Pakistan-trained terrorists were plotting to attack Britain and the U.S. as early as 2003, internal U.S. intelligence reports obtained by WorldNetDaily reveal.

"Unconfirmed information indicates that a number of Pakistani-based young men in their 20s may be traveling to the U.S. with altered United Kingdom passports in order to engage in terrorist-related activity," one advisory warned.

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When I wrote on a BBC blog that we, not the immigrant Briton but we indigenous British, were liaise faire in our attitude towards terrorism because it would affect the sensibility of immigrant populations, I was told I was being offensive.
What is offensive is that mass murder can be perpetrated on
Britain’s streets and we are not allowed to identify the culprits.
If the American press wants me to believe their writings, they ought to give more cogent authority to their missives. Using speculative articles is not sufficient as they cannot be challenged. Although the plethora of disinformation leads to some conclusions, the underlying reality is that a decent legal mind will drive coach and horses through this material.
I am not being defensive but demand a higher degree of evidence to what people write. For example, it is without doubt that it was British immigrants who murdered people on the tubes and streets of
London, immigrants who tried to commit mass murder at Glasgow airport. Saying other is a lie. For the BBC to not allow this truth to be placed on their blogs is a travesty of natural justice.

Jackee Spliff reads the Oracle.

clipped from www.channel4.com

The home secretary warns MPs that the threat of terrorism remains severe, saying an attack is "highly likely and could happen without warning at any time".

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I have been telling Labour this for nearly thirty years...But there again, some people really are slow, just like the electorate.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sleaze or not?

clipped from www.channel4.com
McNulty, who is facing pressure to repay taxpayers money he claimed for a second home, insists he did not break any rules by claiming £60,000 for the house in Harrow where his parents live, even though his own home is just nine miles away.
He says he no longer claims money for the house in his constituency where his parents live and that he had always felt discomfort about doing so.
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The excuses are now sickening. Mandelson, Hain, Alexander Uncle Tom Cobbly and just about every politician at Westminster. Enough is enough. Donate to Guy Fawkes and I'll light the fuse.

Getting ready to run?

clipped from www.nytimes.com

Obama Says a Way Out of Afghanistan Is Needed

WASHINGTON — The United States must look for a way out of the war in Afghanistan, President Obama said, in a signal that the military build-up in Afghanistan will not be open-ended and will lead to the eventual withdrawal of American and NATO troops from the country.

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200 years of misadventure in the Himalayan Mountains and politicians suddenly knew better. Why do we trust them? Because we are still lions led by donkeys.

Monday morning

Chief Whip orders 'idle' MPs to pull their weight. Chief Whip Nick Brown set out plans for a quota system to prevent hard-working MPs from shouldering the workload of colleagues. Well done Nick Brown, but for the inept former Minister of Agriculture (remember his dismal performance during the Foot and Mouth epidemic?) this is too little too late.

Exclusive: Sex scandal MP Nigel Griffiths in battle to save marriage. SEX scandal MP Nigel Griffiths was last night desperately trying to save his 30-year marriage. In 2002, a Commons standards committee found he had been claiming £10,000 a year expenses, since 1997, for rent on an Edinburgh office that he owned outright. Griffiths also failed to disclose a £227,000 fortune left to him by his late father. A stout Labour man!!!!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sicko No 2

clipped from www.thesun.co.uk
Fleeced ... Mark Bennett took money meant for soldier

A DRIVING instructor has been dubbed the sickest man in Britain after he disappeared
with a blind soldier’s charity cash.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The truth in Ulster

After the murders in Ulster and the disgraceful display of irreverence to the Anglican Regiment I am pointing all readers into the path of an excellent article by the Telegraph journalist Simon Heffer. I have taken one passage to whet your appetite and sit back in inglorious satisfaction of knowing that I have been saying precisely this since I last visited the Province in 1989.

Because of the humiliation to moderate Unionists of the endless stream of concessions – which amounted to the de-Britannicising of the province, and the inclusion of supposedly retired gangsters in local government – the Official Unionists were all but wiped out. So too were the SDLP, the constitutional nationalists, because they could not match Sinn Fein's success in extracting these concessions from a Chamberlainite government. This left politics polarised between the bigots of the Democratic Unionists and the terrorists of IRA/Sinn Fein. That, too, was a massive achievement of this Government. Then, unlike in any other part of the Kingdom, there is local administration by power-sharing. If it is so good, why isn't it tried at Westminster? Why isn't Mr Cameron deputy prime minister? Why isn't Mr Clegg in the Cabinet?

The real face of British Muslims

The hate mongers are out to greet the Anglicans.
Only a day after Hazel Blears announced new incitement charges, the inept police in Luton allowed disgraceful demonstations against the brave and loyal Anglican Regiment. The only arrests made seem to be with those spectators who took offence at this shameful disregard of a brave body of soldiers.
The BBC seem not to want to cover the story.
Only recently they would not publish ablog on the Daily Politics programme because this author reminded the nation that it were Muslims who were committing mass murder in London and 3200 known incidents have been reported of plans to create more devastation and mayhem.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

New IRA, new atrocity

Brown condemns N Ireland killings

Gordon Brown: "The whole country is shocked and outraged"

Gordon Brown has condemned an attack on an army base in Northern Ireland which killed two soldiers.

Four other people were also injured when gunmen struck at Massereene army base in County Antrim, 16 miles north of Belfast, on Saturday night.

The prime minister described the attack as "evil" and said "no murderer" would derail the peace process.

The IRA murders again. For all those who have lived and served in that wonderful part of this once great nation, this is not surprising.

Having listened to the utterances of McGuiness and Adams since September 1969 I have only one question for all those who think the troubles are over, what did you expect?

The validity of IRA republicanism lost all credibility when the Free State President, Éamon de Valera, executed IRA henchmen as they were perceived then as a threat to Irish sovereignty. They have practise and rehearsed their slant on the truths so that in Republican papers this murderous attack will soon be a British suicide gone hopelessly correct. As long as Adams and McGuiness draw unearned monies from Westminster and subsequently from the 300.000 plus men and women who served in the Province, then there is little chance of any good happening in Ulster.

On the morning after another atrocity I will make this pronouncement. Tomorrow, those murdering cowards of this new IRA will be standing in queues waiting for handouts from the British public in the guise of dole money. Your and my taxes are being used to subsidise terrorism whether it is from the 8th century Muslim community or the anti-establishment Catholic bigots. In a Democracy the majority has the right to say no to these outrages. If McGuiness and Adams want my money then they should do something to earn it. Being elected on pure dogma is not enough. Not accepting democratic principles is sufficient to have themselves debarred from politic because their method of political indoctrination should be buried along with the murderous antics of Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Moa Tse Tung and the mad Mullahs of the Middle East.

While much is being said, there is much that is being avoided. The Kennedy Knighthood is a slap for all loyalists and again those who stood on the barricades in warring Ulster. Shahid Malek still holds the competence of this corrupt Government, even when his words are seen as seditious and insulting to those of us who were actually involved in the historical events; woe betide any Englishman who dare public castigate this rotten dilution of a once great tribe.