Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wealden's Development Control South planning subcommittee email to protestors

There has been widespread public interest in the decision by Wealden's Development Control South planning subcommittee regarding an application for a bungalow for Royal Marine Joe Townsend, who was injured in Afghanistan. We would like to clarify the Council's position.

As a council we seek to support families who need to provide extended care facilities but the erection of a new bungalow out side of the development boundary would be intrusive and be in direct conflict with existing policies to restrain building in rural areas.

We have suggested an alternative which would involve building an annexe on to the existing dwelling belonging to a family member. Alternatively there is the possibility to convert an existing storage building at the rear of the existing dwelling to provide the required independent accommodation. The council has already indicated to the agent and family members that we are happy to discuss such a revised proposal.

Wealden District Council

I have seldom read a more insulting, bureaucrat piece dogma since Hitler declared a Reich for a thousand years. Do they not understand what they are saying? A hero can have whatever he wants as long as the Council dictate every brick in the building, where it will be built and by whom. It always remind me of the definition of a camel - a racehorse designed by a committee. Just about every intrusive method will be employed to insist that the family abide by ever dictate of the Council. Where were these heroes of Blair and Brown when this man was having his life endangered for their benefit? Sat in committee meeting upsetting every individual in the parishes, no doubt.

I have some history of trying to please a Council. I was deluded into accepting that Council workmen could do a proper job on a disabled veteran's wet room. The result was an insult to British tradesmen and eventually the head of the disabled section was wheel chaired into obscurity, but not before she had inflicted untold socialist misery through a PC council.

The shame is that both major political parties are identical, Conway, Mandelson, Hain, Alexander, Wintertons just to name a few. They may not be able to think for themselve but they can certainly fiddle the rules.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thanks of a grateful Nation

A Royal Marine whose legs were blown off in Afghanistan has been denied a home on his granddad’s land — in case it spoils the view.

Joe Townsend’s dream of building a specially-adapted bungalow was unopposed by neighbours. The 20-year-old even went to a council meeting to beg planners to approve the idea.

But they ruled his circumstances were “not considered sufficient” to allow the building in a paddock beside the home of 72-year-old David Carter and wife Lynda, 60.

Joe — who stepped on a Taliban mine in Helmand province 11 months ago — said: “I’m gutted, really disappointed. I grew up there.

“One female councillor said something like, ‘Sod the laws, give the lad the house he needs’.

“I thought that was brilliant. It’s a shame that everybody didn’t feel the same way.”

The bungalow, including a therapy room, would have been hidden from the road at Hankham, East Sussex. It would have enabled Joe to leave the Forces rehab centre at Headley Court, Surrey, and live independently.

But Wealden District Council called it “intrusive”.

Heartbroken gran Lynda said: “These are exceptional circumstances — our grandson almost gave his life for us so we can be free from terrorists.”

Taken from MoD Oracle with thanks.

Mistakes by debt collectors?

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The government is to hold talks after it emerged a growing number of people are being wrongly pursued by debt collectors, the BBC has learned.

The Credit Services Association says cases of mistaken identity will continue while it does not have access to the full electoral register.

Gareth Thomas
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Can the evidence of harassment by magistrates bailiffs be excused as mistakes. Although not in the same category, the untimely death of Mr Andy Miller in Accrington ought to be a wake-up call for this government to get its act in order.
Two weeks after Mr Jack Straw, the Lord Chief Justice, ordered an inquiry, not a single member of the Miller family has been interviewed.
That's how serious they are taking this legal murder.

Listen to me, boy...

It helps to listen, sometimes...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Longshanks wasting police time

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Speaker rebukes Tory MP for

reigniting police raid row

The Speaker insisted an officer acted in good faith when he visited the parliamentary offices of Daniel Kawczynski as part of an investigation into a series of letters containing white powder sent to the Commons, and he said the Shrewsbury and Atcham MP should have checked his facts before "rushing to judgment" over the matter.

The Metropolitan police confirmed that an officer did visit Kawczynski's Westminster office, but insisted it was "by appointment" and the MP had agreed to hand over a letter allegedly matching the handwriting of those under investigation.

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The Conservative have gone from the Corrupt Party to the Idiot Party. Instead of gloating as the envelopes get opened in Labour Lords, the tallest man in the Commons makes a complete idiot of himself.
Was the bar open?
Which reminds me. After the optician put the headgear on me and asked if I could read the bottom line of his chart.
"Read it said I. I know him. It's the idiot of Shrewsbury."

Monday, 26 January 2009

A Royal commentary

Am I right in thinking that PAKI is short for
Pakistani? Is it not just an abbreviation?
Prince Harry calls a mate "Our little Paki
friend" and is forced to apologise two years
later. This guy was a mate of his for heavens sake!
Am I right in thinking that "Brit" is short for
British? Should the Sun Newspaper be forced to
apologise every time it prints the word Brit or
The Brits are coming? Is the word Brit offensive?
Is "Scot" Offensive?  "The Scots are coming".
Another Sun Newspaper Football Clash Headline
What about Ozzie, Kiwi, Pommie, Limey?
Where or when will this lunacy end?
The Cornish call all holiday makers "Grockles",
anything wrong with that?
If a Pakistani called you "His Brit friend",
would you feel offended? Would you demand
an apology on National TV? Of course not!
Del Trotter refers to "The Paki Shop" in one
episode of Only Fools and Horses - now
overdubbed for UK Gold with the offending word
taken out;
the episode when they build a
nuclear fall out shelter. Should Sir David
Jason now apologise?
Should the writer John Sullivan apologise?
Should the BBC apologise?
What about the Fuzzywuzzies, "Dads Army"?
What about "You stupid Kraut", Fawlty Towers,
both still being broadcast regularly with no
The Idiots are at it again trying to stir up
racial hatred. It's just madness surely?
LIMEY, ENGELSMAN,SAUTE or whatever. I don't care
a fig. I only care when I'm called a racist.
AWARDS". Oh no indeed because all the Pakis will
be at The Brit Awards. And us Brits won't mind
at all, will we?
There's something rotten in the barrel and nobody
in government or local politics has the guts to
stand up and say


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Because your body can produce children...does that make you a parent?

+ Is three years old too young an age to get a child started on cigarettes? Or should the conscientious parent at least wait until the kid can form a coherent sentence? Kelly Marie Pocock was up in court last week for having allowed her toddler son to enjoy the occasional snout in his bedroom, but was commended for having attended parenting classes and got off with a suspended sentence. She is now going on another course to make herself “more mature”. I assume the course will involve having her brain sucked out through a straw and replaced with something more sentient, ie, Dairylea processed cheese triangles.

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Instead of sending this MOTHER off to classes, what is wrong with tying her knees together until she can comprehend the damage she will do? It will be in place for a very long time. If anyone tries to defend her actions, it will clearly indicate that the asylum gates have been left open.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Good News Day for constituents

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The vote on concealing MPs’ expenses has been cancelled by the government!

In other words - we won!

This is a huge victory not just for transparency, it’s a bellwether for a change in the way politics works. There’s no such thing as a good day to bury bad news any more, the Internet has seen to that.

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Too many people do nothing but complain to their partners. This goes to show what can be achieved when you shout at the culprits.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Another step towards totalitarianism

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Showdown looms over

MPs' expenses

Gordon Brown is to order Labour MPs to back a controversial plan to exempt details of MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said the move was "outrageous". Lib Dem and Tory MPs will be ordered to vote against it.

The move follows a long-running Freedom of Information case in which campaigners sought to get details of MPs' expenses, which totalled £87.6m in 2006-7, published.

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown has effectively shot the concerned electorate in the back of the head. Blackpool MP Gordon Marsden has voiced his support to deny the paying public a right to see exactly how our hard earned pennies, pounds are being wasted.

Who will answer for this? - the victims.

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A Jamaican man who was twice deported from the UK has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for raping an 18-year-old woman in Bristol.

At Bristol Crown Court, Judge Simon Darwall Smith told the 36-year-old he was a "detriment" to the UK.

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In a week when politicians and the courts appear to be doing everything to salvage their poor reputations, this passes into the BNP told you so files.
Without strong border services this cannot be an isolated incident, or will not be an isolated incident. It is bad enough that media mania drooled over the visit of a convicted rapist - Mike Tyson - but to turn a blind eye to a multiple offender is stupid.
For all the critics of strong immigration policies please explain your reasons to the victim and to the interested public.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Walter Mitty - alive and kicking

At a time when completely decent young people are risking their lives FOR US, there is a slithering of sewage that permeates through our society, whether they are corrupt journalist, politicians, so-called bailiffs, scammers or just humanoids unfit for fresh air. Thanks to Gunga Din we have discovered and help expose just such a worthless piece of garbage.

Three medals for not making the soccer team, two for masturbation, several for eating unfrozen ice-cream, the rest to impress the Blackpool Ex Services dance team.

Through the Gunga Din website you can read the most appalling lack of respect for a Nobel profession, that of soldering. It is bad that the Walter Mitty characters get the kudos of heroes, it is even worse that people believe them. It’s like applauding Gordon Brown when he abolished BOOM AND BUST then trying to defend the natural cycle of economics that is gently referred to as a downturn. No wonder Labour has been able to outlaw free speech with the tacit co-operation of the monsters in Blue – not to be mistake with the Blau Boekjes of the Afrikaner nation of Southern Afrika.

This little piece of dog dirt has so many pseudonyms that it is impossible to keep apace with them. Sit back and click through the world of make-believe in a thoroughly dangerous mind. The story would be hilarious except that he thinks he is this character. This is what happens when you put the NUTTERS in the community.

Aussie SAS hero wins VC

VC winner Mark Donaldson

drew enemy fire, saved a

mate, and fought on

SAS trooper Mark Donaldson exposed himself so much to enemy fire that when Australia's last VC winner heard about his award he assumed it would be posthumous.

Deliberate exposure to draw enemy fire away from the wounded would have been enough for a Victoria Cross recommendation, but Trooper Donaldson then sprinted 80m over the same killing ground to save the life of a seriously wounded Afghan interpreter.

One of the last to leave, Trooper Donaldson, spotted the Afghan interpreter lying wounded in open ground more than 80m away. "His movement, once identified by the enemy, drew intense and accurate machine gun fire from entrenched positions," the citation says.

"Upon reaching the wounded coalition force interpreter, Trooper Donaldson picked him up and carried him back to the relative safety of the vehicles and then provided immediate first aid before returning to the fight."

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When all the hype is over, the facts remain. This is a wonderful example of the British spirit being inherited in OUR youth. Whatever the political correct crowd want us to think, this magnificent young man is a result of his inheritance, his breeding and his family.

But because he is not an illegal immigrant, someone from the Third World with a dubious past, a liar a cheat and a thief, HE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY GAIN ACCESS TO THE LAND OF HIS ANCESTORS.
Taliban backers only here folks.

Bailiff distresses pensioner to death

Probe into Accrington pensioner's death after bailiff visit over speeding fine

PROBE: An investigation has been ordered into the death of Andy Miller

A PENSIONER collapsed and died from a heart attack after being taken to a cashpoint by a bailiff to pay an overdue speeding fine.

The family of Mr Miller, 78, of Accrington, have told of their anger that a bailiff was sent to his house, saying it would have put him under ‘incredible duress’.

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Come on Jack Straw, tell the world why this is allowed to happen!!! See what the Beeb reporter uncovered

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Father-in-law accused of honour murder

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Murder suspect Kamikar Singh Dhillon is escorted into a Brampton police station last night. (Special to Sun Media)

A Mississauga man is facing first-degree murder charges in what sources say could be the "honour murder" of his daughter-in-law who was killed in a Malton grocery store on New Year's Day.

As part of the investigation police were looking into the possibility of the killing falling under the category of a "cultural honour murder" involving a Sikh family conflict.

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The suspect, head swathed in bandages after the brutality of local police, will plead political asylum and demand to be sent back to Blackburn, Lancashire.
His other plea is that he was only administering divorce Indian style. Police caught him as he was boarding a magic carpet near Toronto. They became suspicious when he said his name was Bull Shitting of the Never Sued tribe.

Spelman to be cleared

TORY chairman Caroline Spelman will not be sacked from the shadow cabinet after a long-awaited inquiry into the "nannygate" affair cleared her of serious wrongdoing, party sources say.

Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon has spent more than six months investigating the case and the controversy has prevented David Cameron from shaking up his frontbench team.

But Conservative sources now say the Lyon inquiry, which is due to report in the next few weeks, has found no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing or a breach of Commons rules. As a result, Mrs Spelman will retain a post within the shadow cabinet.

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Conservative, Labour, Liberal. God how they all stink.

Will someone write and tell me why they are worth the most valuable thing I have----my vote?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Op Red Dagger Strikes in Helmand

The units supporting 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines (currently providing command of Task Force Helmand), on the operation were:

42 Commando Royal Marines
C Company 2 Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (2PWRR),
A Squadron and 1 Troop C Sqn Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG)
B Company 1 RIFLES
United Kingdom Land Forces Command Support Group (UKLF CSG)
29 Commando Royal Artillery
24 Commando Engineer Regiment
Estonian Company (Including Mortar Troop)
Danish Troops - Jutland Dragoons Regiment (B Coy (Armoured Personnel Carriers, A troop (Leopard tanks, Medical Section); Royal Danish Engineers Regiment; Combat Engineers Section
Afghan National Security Forces.

To all the doubters, look at the make-up of this Force and say thank you to our Allies.

MI5 talking nonesense

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Terror Trials 'Reduce

Threat to UK'

The terrorist threat against Britain has reduced following a series of high-profile successes by the security services, the head of MI5 has said.
But, in rare public comments on the centenary of MI5's establishment, Mr Evans cautioned that al-Qaida is still determined to carry out major attacks in the UK and has the capacity to do so.

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Read the headlines and slap yourself on the back. Read on and slap yourself round the face. On a day when Liberal leader Caution Clegg proved he can be counted on to shag you rather than protect you, meaningless releases like this should be exposed for the gobbledegook it is, rather than an intelligent message.
The only way to deal with Muslim extremism is to send the lot back to the third world to the Sharia Laws they want for this nation. Also, all those Christian clerics who believe that 5th century laws have any relevance in a modern world. Bye Bye Charlie, Bish of Canterbury...

Monday, 5 January 2009

Bootnecks in Helmand

Royal Marines from Lima Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines Group wait for orders to proceed during operations in the Helmand province of Southern Afghanistan to bring security to the surrounding areas.

Picture: Sgt James Elmer ABIPP RLC

I had to shake my head when I saw this photograph. I sincerely hope it is on the wall of the PW Office at Lympstone with an enormous question mark. For the none soldiers amongst you, all I will say is that whoever the NCO is, had I been there, he would have been putting his stripes into a bin.

It's bad enough that the MoD send these magnificent young men into action with one of the worst infantry weapons on sale, weighed down with so much armour that fire and movement is impossible and unsustainable, fighting without the close support last seen at Arnhem with it's dour consequence, but to be grouped like the Americans????

All I will add is that I hope the tilled ground is soft.

Another brave Digger killed in Afghanistan

Taliban rocket attack kills

Digger in Afghanistan

ANOTHER Australian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan after a rocket exploded in a defence compound.
He is the eighth Australian soldier to die in the conflict zone.
"At this stage I am unable to share any of the soldier's personal details. In time I want every Australian to know this fine soldier's name. However, until such time as we are able we are not releasing his name.

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Contrary to this report, this in the ninth Aussie killed in action in Afghanistan.
When we think of this brave nation, we have to remember that they are our kin, our family, not Greeks, Latvian, Vietnamese, Russian or Chinese. Apart from the Aboriginals, the first settlers were British. They have altered the language to Strein, bastardised the humour with wonderfully free effect, argued over the Queen as Head of State; but they still remain our cousins, uncles, aunts and family.
Bless you all.
Our thoughts to the families and friends of those fighting for our way of life.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Disabled rights delay criticised

The government has been criticised for failing to ratify new rights for disabled people into British law.
Ministers failed to ratify a UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities by the set deadline of the end of 2008.
A committee of both Houses of Parliament said this was "extremely disappointing" and risked "alienating" disabled people.
We are particularly disappointed at the trouble we and disability organisations have had getting information about the large number of legal exceptions the government wishes to make to this convention
Andrew Dismore MP

When you are wheel-chair bound, restricted to public transport, life can and is often miserable.
The public perception of every disabled person having a rip-off disability car is far from accurate. The worst times are in the pouring rain when the bus stops are filled with young parents with prams, it is nearly always the disabled adult who gets left in the wet even though there are laws in place to give them priority. After all, it is not difficult to fold a child's carriage away and hold a child in your arms. My 18 stone oppo, one of the best and bravest gunners ever to serve, is another matter. Invariably people talk over his head even though it is only his legs that are useless, not his brain, but that is debatable. Often it is the elderly who have no idea of what a disabled person has to tolerate. Recently an elderly woman demanded my friend’s seat and was seemingly unabashed when oppo started to un-harness himself and climb out of the coffin.
It is equally bad for the 'fit' disabled, the person with heart disease or cancer, who looks reasonably fit. We've all seen instances where even public servants scoff at them with their disability bus pass. They get short shrift from some of us who are victims as well as carers.
My Labour MP thinks I am too truculent and regard him with disdain. I have news for Gay Gordon, you don't even measure that high, even if you were within 200 yards of a bomb in London.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year debate

When Hazel Blears opens her mouth, everyone listens. You really have no choice. If you have never experienced her idea of communication then it is Hazel shouts, rants and burbles and you can’t get a word in edgeways, witness her last appearance on Question Time. What she has done though, is allow cynics like me to have my pennyworth.

Four years ago Blackpool Council, then a Labour shambles, put out a consultation document regarding housing. No matter how they answered challenges or clarification, that document clearly made out as if former service personnel would come after immigrants on the proposed housing list because of the points system proposed. To add insult to injury, Housing Associations in Blackpool were canvassing their tenants with a survey that was intrusive if not illegal. The categories included (a) Sexual Orientation (b) Religion (c) Ethnicity (d) Disability (e) Communication. I have recently received another circular which has every language under the sun except Klingon and Fanegalore – why should the non terrestrial aliens be left out?

I am not a supporter of the Human Rights Act as it was possibly unnecessary as the UK was already a signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights in the 1954 Agreement. But as it has been enacted the articles on Freedom of Family and Religion appear to make such a survey illegal. As it is, as I was never asked anything like these insidious questions when I joined the Royal Marines as a 16 year old, I feel morally indignant and refuse to take part in any such frivolous and costly nosey parkering. Had they asked the simple question, are you a legal resident? I would have forwarded them my service papers, my father’s navy records, my mother’s work document from her time in the aircraft factories, my grandfathers WW1 history of the Lancashire Fusiliers and the Highland Regiment, and my gt, gt, gt, gt, grandmothers record of being the only woman Marine to serve the navy – sorry, in the navy in battle. How damned insulting these people are!!! Why? Because they dare not ask an illegal immigrant such a basic question because it infringes with their Human Rights.

If I want to have a passionate night in with my latex mistress, that is no concern of Queen, god or the bloody Council or it’s surrogate emanations. What I want to know is that my neighbour is not planning to blow me to pieces, that their privileges do not exceed mine, that my family has to do without because monies is being sidelined for future swathes of immigration. My service was for my people, not those who have spent my entire working life trying to murder me and my own. Explaining this to those who have never served their country is like trying to discuss the virtues of good wine to an alcoholic.

One simple question to politicians. If the troops are fighting in Afghanistan to prevent the Britain becoming awash with Heroin, why are not the recipients of this insidious drug being charge with accessory to murder?